Yoga International’s Immersive Online Yoga Teacher Training Is Open for Enrollment!

Yoga International's online yoga teacher training

You can now become a yoga instructor online with Yoga International

If you're anything like us you were beyond intrigued after hearing about Yoga International's new online yoga teacher training which promises to be a fascinating, deep, and multi-sensorial online yoga teacher training experience. If you've been curious to learn more about this incredible online yoga certification course designed and led by Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron, you're in the right place to discover all of the details! Keep reading and dive into this groundbreaking online yoga teacher training course with us. This opportunity to train under the guidance of Noah and Rocky for a fraction of the cost of in-person training isn't being offered everywhere!

Attend this yoga certification online program and open the doors to endless possibilities

There are more opportunities than ever in the yoga space ever since yoga has gone digital. Online yoga platforms and online yoga teacher training becoming mainstream actually opens the doors to the world for yoga instructors. Imagine becoming a yoga teacher yourself on Yoga International – leading classes in a global classroom. Or maybe you have already considered creating your own yoga membership platform after completing your online yoga certification course? Again being able to reach and change the lives of people far beyond your local town or city via the internet. Find out 5 surprising reasons why a career as a yoga teacher might be more lucrative than you ever thought! The time is now to get in on the online yoga revolution! Discover why this is one the best yoga teacher trainings online below!

Online yoga training with Yoga International

If you've read any of our other articles about online yoga instructor training, you may have already read that 2020 was the year that some of the most acclaimed yoga teachers and well-known yoga studios began offering yoga teacher training online and online YTT became the new norm. Yoga International was one of those acclaimed studios to unveil their own 200 hour online yoga teacher training course with highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers at the helm. Yoga International has been setting the bar in the online yoga class space for years, and now they are doing the same with online yoga teacher training.

This Yoga Alliance approved online teacher training is for those of us who want an opportunity to observe the skills and techniques and absorb the knowledge that Noah Maze, Rocky Heron and Nichol Chase have amassed over their decades of leading yoga retreats, yoga classes, and yoga teacher trainings worldwide. This RYT 200 online follows the Mazé Method, developed by Noah Mazé – discover more about the Mazé Method below. If you're currently in your research phase, a couple of other great choices to consider are Santosha Yoga Institute and DoYogaWithMe. Both of those online YTT's are also Yoga Alliance approved and around the same price point.

Earn your Yoga Alliance certification online with Yoga International

As mentioned above, online yoga teacher training emerged as the industry standard for yoga teacher training in 2020. Also in 2020, Yoga Alliance began recognizing some online yoga certification programs as an approved method for yoga students to graduate from with the option to register into their yoga alliance following graduation from an approved school. Upon graduating from Yoga International's RYT 200 online course, you have the option to register with Yoga Alliance should you choose. However, it is not necessary to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga online or in-person. Brett Larkin was one of the firsts to offer Yoga Alliance approved online training, setting the bar high for all who followed!

Yoga International's online yoga teacher training course features:

Cost:$1,899 sale
Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes, 3 month
payment option
Teaching Certification:200 hour
Style of Yoga:Vinyasa
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:Yes
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:12 weeks

Best online yoga teacher training – Yoga International leading the way

Yoga International's Awaken the Spirit Within RYT 200 online is actually a technically a 235 hour program that begins February 1, 2021 . The experience ends with graduation ceremony on June 4th. This challenging and comprehensive online YTT actually includes 235 hours of required teacher training attendance to graduate versus the standard 200 hour certification, so you will in fact be overly qualified after completing this program! Consider the extra 35 hours of education a free bonus! The minimum standard required completed certification hours to teach yoga is a 200 hour teaching certification.

What is the cost of Yoga International's online yoga training

This online yoga teacher certification course is currently on sale and offers two payment options – pay in full or pay over a 3 month period. This exact training attended in-person would cost significaly over $3,000 without factoring in travel, accommodation, and all of the other costs that are incurred when attending in-person destination yoga teacher training retreats.

What is the Mazé Method

The Maze Method was founded by Noah Maze, a yoga practitioner since the age of 14. Noah's life work has been immersing himself in the study of the ancient lineages of yoga. His calling is to share his deep knowledge of the physical practice, the mythology that yoga is bathed in, and its ancient traditions by over time developing into a teachers teacher while always remaining a student, too.

This involved online yoga certification course will ask from you a high level of committment to your studies and physical practice. It is recommended that a person has 20 hours/week to fully absorb and master the materials. By joining Yoga International's rigorous online yoga teacher training program you are investing in yourself and your future, you will be able to reap the rewards of your dedication to your education for years to come in the future. Joining this structured training will set you up for success!

What is required to graduate from the Yoga International teacher training program

Be prepared to be held to the highest standards and to enter into your teaching career with knowledge that you have absorbed deeply into your being and your brain that that has truly been put to the test. To present yourself to the world with a Mazé Method Yoga International yoga teaching certification you must: have completed and submitted 3 required assignments, attended and participated in 2 live practicum sessions, watched all minutes of the video lessons, and passed the mid0term and final exam. Are you ready?!

Yoga International's online yoga teacher training outline:

Your daily learning journey is structured into 7 categories:

  • Open: Set your intention, center yourself, review the materials to be covered in the day.
  • Contemplate: Explore pranayama, mudra, mantra. Learn to nurture your inner-self with self-inquiry and examine the symbology and mysticism surrounding yoga.
  • Anatomy: Deepen your understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and applied biomechanics.
  • Asana: Explore different perspectives of styles and yoga practices.
  • Teach: Discover how to be a steward of the yoga traditions with integrity, skill, and accuracy.
  • Philosophy: An enormous topic that dives into the mythology, symbolism, and mythic narratives of yoga.
  • Close: Reflect on the day's learning and your yoga teacher training journey overall.

The curriculum also expounds upon:

  • Verbal instruction
  • Observational strategies
  • How to give and receive effective feedback
  • Pose knowledge
  • Pose modifications/regression strategies
  • Pose improvement strategies
  • Pose variations/progression strategies
  • Adjusting class level for “who shows up”
  • Class planning and sequencing strategies
  • How to each an alignment class
  • How to each a Vinyasa flow class
  • Alignment vs Vinyasa styles
  • Classroom setup and organization
  • Using props
  • Postural demonstrations
  • Holding the seat of the teacher
  • If/how to (and when not to) use touch in teaching
  • Ethics and scope of practice

If you're ready to embark on this transformational journey and Awaken the Teacher Within reserve your spot today and take advantage of the special launch price that won't last forever!

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Interested in learning more about other online yoga teacher training options? YogaRenew has a very affordable online yoga teacher training program, and Patrick Beach and Carling Harps have created a new online YTT that is also an awesome opportunity.


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