Best Online Yoga Therapy Certification 2024: Top IAYT Accredited Trainings To Join Today

Are you ready to discover the online yoga therapy training program that checks all of the boxes, dots all of the i’s, crosses all of the t’s, and offers IAYT certification? If so, you’re in the right place!

I’ve done the investigating, qualifying, and researching, and compiled the best online yoga therapy certification courses into this article to help you with your research.

The intention of this article is to help you find the ideal online yoga therapy certification course for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you are ready to take that first step of becoming a certified Yoga Therapist by enrolling in a yoga therapy course online, keep reading.

We’ll get into what is included in an online yoga therapy teacher training program and the process of becoming a C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists).

I will also detail what exactly is required of you to earn your yoga therapy certification online, including the required educational and practical hours for each area of study as designated by the IAYT.

As yoga teacher training has primarily moved to an online format, so has yoga therapy training. And as we know, yoga therapy training is very specialized. 

Currently, there are only a handful of online yoga schools that offer IAYT certification. But the good news is that the online yoga therapy training programs that are accepting new students and are registered with the IAYT are outstanding options. They are highly esteemed programs created by world-class educators with long histories of certifying Yoga Therapists.

If you have any hesitation about the integrity and quality of online yoga therapy training, don’t!

Sophisticated and advanced online learning platforms, scheduled video conferencing with lead teachers, and online learning communities make distance learning as equally effective as in-person training. And online yoga therapy training is much more affordable and flexible than in-person training.

You’ve got the world’s best yoga therapy educators at your fingertips online.

Did you know that there are only 66 locations in the entire United States offering IAYT certified yoga therapy training?! That said, online is really the only way to pursue your IAYT certification for most people, unless relocation is on the table.

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How long does it take to complete an online yoga therapy certification program?

IAYT certified yoga therapy training is 800 hours of training plus 100 hours of clinical client interface, and it is most often offered as a 3 or 4 year program.

If you are just beginning to research online yoga therapy training requirements, you may not know that per IAYT guidelines, aspiring online yoga therapy trainees are required to be certified yoga teachers at the 200-hr level (at minimum) before they can begin yoga therapy training.

Some yoga therapy courses will also require that students have taught yoga for a minimum of one year before applying to their yoga therapy training course. This is not true for all yoga therapy trainings though, so always read the fine print.

How to choose an online yoga therapy certification course

Here are a few ways that you can qualify online yoga therapy training programs:

  • Does the school highlight the accessibility students have to the lead educators?
  • Is the curriculum available online to see?
  • Is the school registered with IAYT – check here.
  • When did the school register with IAYT?
  • What are the certifications and qualifications of the lead educators?
  • Does the school offer other online trainings? It is a good sign if they do as they have likely refined their online teaching processes.
  • Do they have testimonials from past students?

And of course, most importantly, go with your instincts ultimately.

Yoga therapy training is a process and one in which you will be interacting with your lead educators frequently. So in my opinion, it’s important to feel a connection with your mentors.

The Best Online Yoga Therapy Certification Enrolling Now

My Vinyasa Practice

Choosing to enroll as a student in this established yoga therapy certification training by My Vinyasa Practice promises to be a transformative experience that deepens your personal yoga practice, heightens your understanding of yogic philosophy and concepts, allows you to teach yoga at an advanced level, and serve patients in clinical settings.

My Vinyasa Practice has an excellent reputation with a Yoga Alliance overall school rating of 4.79 out of 5 and hundreds of excellent review ratings on Google. MVP is one of the leading online yoga teacher training schools with a very robust online course catalog that currently includes over 30 online yoga teacher training certification courses and advanced stand-alone certifications.

My Vinyasa Practice has perfected the online educational format. Aside from this, when considering the all-in cost, this yoga therapy training is considerably more affordable than others.

This outlines module 1 of their Clinical Yoga Therapy training online. The complete Clinical Yoga Therapy Training consists of 2 modules plus an in-person internship.

Module 1 serves as the foundation for the My Vinyasa Practice accredited Yoga Therapy Certification.

Module 1 includes all 300 hour yoga teacher training lessons and materials plus 200 hours of clinical application content. Including 100 hours of case studies, Yoga Therapy for Anxiety course, and a Pranayama course. 

Upon completion, students receive their 300 hour yoga teacher certification (and can register as RYT-500), and graduates are eligible to work in clinical settings using the therapeutic applications of yoga.

Then, upon completing modules 1 and 2, you can move on to your practicum internship, where you will be placed in a clinical setting to complete your practicum hours.

The entire online yoga therapy course is led by Michelle Young, C-IAYT E-RYT 500. Michelle is the founder and owner of My Vinyasa Practice, which also has physical locations in Austin, Texas.

A sample of what you'll learn from the My Vinyasa Practice Clinical Yoga Therapy training curriculum:

Subtle bodies, Adaptive yoga, Trauma informed yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Yoga therapy for anxiety, General mentorship. 

A sample of what you'll learn from the My Vinyasa Practice 300-hr online yoga teacher training curriculum:

History & foundations of Vinyasa yoga, Living your karma through your dharma, Understanding the panchamaya kosha system, Anatomy, mechanics & sequencing, Integrating mind & body, Chakras & specializing sequences, Introduction to specialized practices, and more!

My Vinyasa Practice takeaway:

Access to course materialsLifetime
Course includesPre-recorded video lectures, reading materials, video modules with flawless video production, recorded yoga classes with Michelle, access to MVP yoga teacher training App.
Course style (self-paced or cohort)Self-paced
Duration of courseSelf-paced
Max time allowance to finish courseLifetime
Payment plan optionsPay in full OR over 3 months
Style of yogaYoga Therapy
Yoga teaching certifications offeredYoga Therapist, 200-hour, 300-hour, 500-hr, +
Yoga Alliance Registered SchoolYes
Next start dateRolling start (start anytime)
My Vinyasa Practice

IAYT certified ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Start course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

Breathing Deeply

Breathing Deeply’s teachings blend Structural Yoga Therapy, an Ayurvedic healing model, and a Koshic healing model. Founder, Brandt Passalacqua, has created a formula that infuses those lineages with the framework of yoga to create yoga therapy educational curriculums and yoga therapy protocols that actually work to help people heal in the real world.

Breathing Deeply is one of the most recognized names in the yoga therapy educational space. Breathing Deeply’s founder, director, and lead educator, Brandt Passalacqua, began studying yoga therapy over fifteen years ago, becoming certified as a Yoga Therapist himself after studying for 2.5 years under his teacher, Mukunda Stiles. Brandt is a C-IAYT and E-500 RYT and holds multiple specialty yoga certifications.

Breathing Deeply's entire yoga therapy certification can be completed online and remotely.

The Foundational Yoga Therapy Program offered by Breathing Deeply can be completed in as little as 1 year if following the suggested course outline. The Foundational Program includes 50 modules, three remote retreats, required live sessions, two papers outlining case studies, and an oral and written exam. 

Completing the foundational program prepares students to move on to the Advanced Yoga Therapy Course and Certification which offers C-IYAT certification upon successful completion.

The Advanced Yoga Therapy Course and Certification, which is the next step to becoming IAYT certified with Breathing Deeply, is an 8 week live online course.

A sample of what you'll learn from the Breathing Deeply Online Yoga Therapy Program curriculum:

The Koshas, Pathology from a yoga perspective, The role of ayurvedic ideas, How pain works, Breath anatomy and how to use it, How to balance the doshas, Understanding prana flow, Using chakra model, Practices for opening the spiritual heart, Bhakti yoga for healing, Advanced anatomy, and more!

Breathing Deeply takeaway:

Access to course materialsLifetime
Course includes
Recorded lectures, live interactive sessions offered multiple times per week, 3 remote retreats, 3 Q&A calls each week with Brandt (Breathing Deeply’s director), access to discussion forum.
Course style (self-paced or cohort)Self-paced
Duration of courseSelf-paced
Max time allowance to finish courseLifetime
Payment plan optionsPay in full OR over 11 months, 21 months
Style of yogaYoga Therapy
Yoga teaching certifications offeredYoga Therapist, 200-hour, Meditation Mentor
Yoga Alliance Registered SchoolYes
Next start dateCheck next start date
Breathing Deeply

IAYT certified ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Check website for next training start date ✔️

Can you practice as a Yoga Therapist with an online yoga therapy certification?

Yes, you can become a certified Yoga Therapist after successfully completing online yoga therapy training. All required learning and practicum hours can be completed online, thanks to modern technology!

You may be wondering how that is possible being that there is an in-person component to the IAYT certification process – it is because the clinical client interface and the overseeing of it can also be done online as well.

Because yoga therapy trainees are not starting from the basic foundational principles of yoga, the basics of yoga postures, etc, have already been learned. So really, it’s a lot of theory that can be taught and learned online.

Is IAYT allowing online yoga therapy certification training?

IAYT is allowing online yoga therapy training, but there is a limited number of schools offering yoga therapy certification online. This is very niche!

The International Association of Yoga Therapists is a self-governing body, much like Yoga Alliance. IAYT has created their own scope of practice and standards (see competencies below) that schools must meet in order to register with IAYT.

International Association of Yoga Therapists competencies:

  • Yoga Foundations
  • Yoga Teachings and Philosophy
  • Yoga and the Mind
  • Framework for Health and Disease
  • Biomedical and Psychological Foundations
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Additional Biomedical Knowledge
  • Psychology and Mental Health
  • Additional Knowledge
  • Body and Mind Integration
  • Yoga Therapy Tools and Therapeutic Skills
  • . Yoga Therapy Tools
  • Basic Principles of the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Principles and Skills for Educating Clients/Students
  • Principles and Skills for Working with Groups
  • (Mentored) Practicum
  • Providing Yoga Therapy
  • Professional Practice
  • Ethical Principles
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Business Issues Pertaining to Yoga Therapy
  • Relationships with Peers, Mentors, Clinicians, and Organizations
  • Personal and Professional Development and Continuing Education

Scope of Practice International Association of Yoga Therapists:

Scope of practice yoga therapists PDF
Scope of practice yoga therapists PDF
Scope of practice yoga therapists PDF
Scope of practice yoga therapists PDF

What is the highest level of yoga therapy training?

The highest level of Yoga Therapy training recognized by the IAYT is 875 hours. Completing this training certifies Yoga Therapists at the advanced level.

What is the cost of becoming a Yoga Therapist online?

Foundational online yoga therapy training starts at about $3,500 USD.

How to become IAYT certified online

Completing all required hours and coursework is the first step, the application process to IAYT is the second step.

IAYT will require multiple exams of their own for certification beyond any and all exams and practicums that may have been completed in training.

IAYT required quizzes for certification:

  • The Ethics and Scope of Practice quiz
  • Code of ethics quiz
  • Scope of practice quiz

Career options for Yoga Therapists

C-IAYT Yoga Therapists find employment opportunities in private and public hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, private practices, and outreach organizations. C-IAYT Yoga Therapists can offer yoga therapy sessions, therapeutic yoga, and can support clinical staff.

Takeaway on yoga therapy training

Yoga therapy training is very specialized with only a limited number of schools offering online IAYT certification programs. But as more of the general population leans into more holistic approaches to healing that integrate complete mind and body wellness protocols, Yoga Therapists are becoming increasingly in demand. The first step to becoming a Yoga Therapist is fulfilling the Yoga Therapist certificate training requirements. Check out the best yoga therapy trainings and begin your certification journey today!

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!


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