4 Cheapest Online Yoga Teacher Training 2023| Affordable Online YTTC’s Under $500

Affordable online yoga teacher training certification courses

So you want to become a yoga instructor but you’re on a budget? I get it, and I got you! With the rise in popularity of online yoga teacher training, there are now online YTT’s that you can enroll in that don’t break the bank. In this article I’ll recommend a few established and less pricey online yoga teacher training programs that are definitely worth considering and exploring if you’re wanting to pursue a career as a yoga teacher or just further your yoga knowledge without needing to take out a loan to do so. How does becoming an accredited yoga instructor for under $500 sound? Pretty good, right?! Keep reading to discover affordable online yoga teacher training courses that you can begin today – like right now!

Yes that’s right, you can attend an online yoga teacher training course for under $500 and graduate fully qualified to teach yoga in any setting. After finishing one of the Yoga Alliance approved online YTT’s detailed below you will be qualified to teach private yoga sessions, corporate yoga classes, in-studio classes, and online yoga classes. 

Some online yoga instructor trainings can cost an upwards of $3,000 while other, more economical online yoga teacher training options are priced at under one-fourth of that cost. And even better yet, most of these affordable online yoga teacher training courses below also offer payment plan options.

Let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider when contemplating which online yoga training to enroll in and answer some questions that you may have about becoming a yoga instructor online.

Affordable 200-Hr Online Yoga Teacher Training Under $500

School Name:Cost 200-hr YTT:Yoga Teacher Certifications Offered:
YogaRenew$425 (on sale)200-hr, 300-hr, 500-hr
My Vinyasa Practice$425 (on sale)200-hr, 300-hr, 500-hr, Yoga Therapy
Siddhi Yoga International$397200-hr, 300-hr, 500-hr
Vinyasa Yogashala$390 (on sale)200-hr, 300-hr

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Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

For many of us, online yoga teacher training makes more sense for a myriad of reasons. Besides being much more cost-effective than in-person yoga teacher training, an online yoga certification course offers flexibility and a format that completely allows for full immersion.

Online modules can be watched as many times as you need or desire until you feel you’ve really mastered the materials, and online courses can be completed on your time schedule and you’re never in the back of the class struggling to hear! And you’re never distracted, either.

Online training can actually be very intense, it’s amazing how much pressure we may find that we put on ourselves in a solitary learning environment.

4 Affordable 200-Hr Online YTT's Under $500


200-hr Certification

YogaRenew has certified thousands of professional yoga teachers from their accredited yoga teacher training online. YogaRenew has been an industry leader in the online yoga space for many years and for good reason – a great price point and an online course that has been refined over time.

By enrolling to learn to teach yoga online with YogaRenew you will become a part of a huge international private yoga network with an active Facebook support group and you'll also have the opportunity to engage with and get feedback directly from your teachers and mentors online, too.

What really sets YogaRenew apart is how long they have been in existence offering online trainings – in fact, that's all they do! And they do it well.

Over the years YogaRenew has not only graduated over 16,000 yoga teachers, but they have also turned their course into an exact science over the years. YogaRenew is undoubtedly a great affordable online yoga teacher training to consider.

YogaRenew's 200 hour yoga certification online training curriculum includes:

Yoga business & marketing
Teaching tips
Sequencing & structure
Beyond the mat – yogic lifestyle
Chakra therapy
Different styles of yoga

Other online yoga certifications offered by YogaRenew

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Program Type:
(Click on each course to learn more about it on YogaRenew)
Basic Trainings:
200 hour yoga teacher training$437 (on sale)
300 hour yoga teacher training$547 (on sale)
500 hour yoga teacher training$900 (on sale)
Additional CE Courses & Certifications:
30 hour children's yoga teacher training$199
20 hour mindfulness certification$237
20 hour prenatal certification$249
20 hour Yin yoga certification$237
Ayurveda + asana$69
Ayurveda + self-care$69
Ayurveda + women's health$69
Ayurveda: food, cooking + digestion$69
Breathing 101$69
Introduction to essential oils$89
Journey to handstand$99
Philosophy, history & science of Ayurveda$69
Sound healing$99
Yoga for athletes$99

YogaRenew payment plan options:

Pay in full – save 10%
3 month & 6-month payment plan options depending on course

YogaRenew allowances:

Duration of course:Completely self-paced. Lifetime allowance to finish the course.
Access to course materials:Lifetime.

My Vinyasa Practice

200-hr Certification

Impassioned and experienced yogi Michelle Young took her well-established yoga teacher training online in 2020 and it quickly became one of the most sought after and popular courses to enroll in.

What makes this training different is authenticity. Michelle studied and practiced yoga for an entire decade before pursuing it as a career.

This 200-hour course is comprehensive and deep and covers all of the philosophy, history, anatomy and physiology, subtle bodies, sequencing, and business topics you have come to expect in yoga teacher training.

Upon enrollment, you are invited to join optional live Zoom components to the training that connects you directly to your mentors and peers who are also on the teacher training journey and who are located all over the world.

My Vinyasa Practice also offers a private Facebook group, personalized support, one on one mentor calls, and individualized feedback. If you're seeking affordable online yoga teacher training, then certainly take a look at My Vinyasa Practice in your research phase.

My Vinyasa Practice 200 hour yoga certification online training curriculum includes:

History & foundations of Vinyasa yoga
Living your karma through your dharma
Understanding the Panchamaya kosha system
Anatomy, mechanics & sequencing
Integrating mind & body
The veils that blind us
Chakras and specialized sequencing
Introduction to specialized practices

Other online yoga certifications offered by My Vinyasa Practice

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Program Type:
(Click on each course to learn more about it on My Vinyasa Practice)
Basic Trainings:
200-hour yoga teacher training$425 (on sale)
300-hour yoga teacher training$627 (on sale)
500-hour yoga teacher training$1150 (on sale)
200-hour tantra yoga teacher training$850 (on sale)
Training Bundles:
200-hour yoga teacher+meditation training$522
200-hour yoga teacher+coach training$522
200-hour yoga teacher trauma informed+yoga nidra$425
300-hour yoga teacher+self coaching$510
300-hour yoga teacher+Ayurveda$510
500-hour yoga teacher+mindfulness coaching$935
Additional CE Courses & Certifications:
Advanced meditation certification$556
Applied yoga training (300hr YTT+ module 1 clinical yoga therapy)$2800
Applied yoga training (module 1 clinical yoga therapy)$1870
Awakening psychic abilities$571
Ayurvedic nutrition certification$516
Ayurvedic nutrition, mindfulness coaching & entrepreneurship bundle$1295
Empowerment bundle (foundations of meditation, self-coaching, Antaranga yoga)$775
Entrepreneurship training$553
Foundations in meditation$553
Mindfulness coaching$522
Restorative yoga certification$209
Self coaching$399
Trauma-informed yoga certification$209
Yin yoga certification$209
Yoga coaching certification$1075
Yoga nidra certification$209

My Vinyasa Practice payment plan options:

Pay in full – save 50%
3-month payment plan

My Vinyasa Practice allowances:

Duration of course:Completely self-paced. Lifetime allowance to finish the course.
Access to course materials:Lifetime.

Siddhi Yoga International

200-hr Certification

Siddhi Yoga International is based out of India where they have been running authentic in-person yoga teacher training for nearly two decades. By joining the Siddhi Yoga International online yoga teacher training you'll be studying under accomplished Indian teachers who are masters in their respective areas of expertise.

Since 2013 Siddhi Yoga International has graduated thousands of students from their in-person trainings in Dharamsala India. Siddhi Yoga International also offers live Zoom learning, teacher mentorship support, and a private Facebook group.

This low-cost and comprehensive online YTT program has been thoughtfully laid out and constructed. Each module is packed full of the same in-depth material that countless Siddhi students have studied in the past in their in-person teacher trainings.

For affordable and credible online yoga teacher training, Siddhi Yoga International is definitely one to look into.

Siddhi Yoga Institute 200 hour yoga certification online training curriculum includes:

Asana practice
Yoga anatomy
Yoga philosophy
Bhakti yoga
Teaching methodology

Other online yoga certifications offered by Siddhi Yoga

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Program Type:
(Click on each course to learn more about it on Siddhi Yoga)
(If paid in full)
200-hour online yoga teacher training$397
300-hour online yoga teacher training$497
Advanced Ayurveda certification$197
Restorative yoga teacher training certification$147
Basic Ayurveda certification$197

Siddhi Yoga payment plan options:

Pay in full save 25%
3-month payment plan

Siddhi Yoga allowances:

Duration of course:Completely self-paced. Lifetime allowance to finish the course.
Access to course materials:Lifetime.

Vinyasa Yogashala

200-hr Certification

Based out of Rishikesh India and founded by an all-star team of highly accredited Master Yogis, Vinyasa Yogashala is a great contender for students seeking an authentic and affordable yoga training experience.

Yogi Ashish, Yogi Vikas, Tanushree Rawat, and Shivam lead the team at Vinyasa Yogashala and it's hard to find an organization that is more qualified than this. With over 10 years of experience, 2,500+ graduates, and an average 4.8 star rating, this is undoubtedly a life-changing YTT experience to embark on.

This Yoga Alliance approved teacher training covers Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin as well as meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and much more. With carefully curated modules, suggested reading to augment the lessons, and live Zoom sessions, this comprehensive self-paced online training will provide you with all of the required skills and knowledge to deepen your understanding of the theory and asanas of yoga.

This is no question that this is a great opportunity to learn from teachers who live the yogic lifestyle that they teach.

Vinyasa Yogashala 200 hour yoga certification online training curriculum includes:

Yoga philosophy
Teaching methodology
Anatomy and physiology
Meditation and yoga Nidra
Kundalini tantra
Kundalini meditation

Other online yoga certifications offered by Vinyasa Yogashala

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Program Type:
(Click on each course to learn more about it on Vinyasa Yogashala)
(If paid in full)
200-hour yoga teacher training$390
300-hour yoga teacher training$599

Vinyasa Yogashala payment plan options:

Pay in full

Vinyasa Yogashala allowances:

Duration of course:Completely self-paced. Lifetime allowance to finish the course.
Access to course materials:6 months.

What’s covered in online 200hr yoga teacher training?

Generally speaking, a 200-hour online yoga teacher training will all broadly cover the same topics, but what each course expounds upon may be very different depending on the course curriculum.

In order to feel comfortable and become truly qualified to teach you need to have a good understanding of the foundations of yoga including yoga anatomy & physiology, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, asana, and teaching methodology – in the very least.

All of the affordable online yoga certification courses detailed in this article have submitted their curriculums for approval to Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance has approved their courses – they are Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour yoga teacher training certification courses. This means that they meet Yoga Alliance standards and that after graduating you can choose to register with Yoga Alliance should you choose to. It is not mandatory to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga, but many graduates like to have the option of registering with Yoga Alliance.

The image below represents the core curriculum requirements that RYS's (Registered Yoga Schools) must meet to be in compliance with Yoga Alliance standards.

Yoga Alliance 200 RYS yoga teacher training requirements infographic. 200 hour online yoga teacher training course requirements.
Yoga Alliance RYS 200 requirements

How much should yoga teacher training cost?

There’s really no right answer to how much yoga teacher training should cost, but as with anything, it’s nice to have options. The price point of online yoga teacher training varies dramatically.

Accredited and established trainings start at about $375 (see above) and can go all the way up to about $2,700, and you can find every price point in between. Yoga has become slightly branded in the sense that some “yogalebrities” have created their own unique style and training methods, and those trainings will be priced higher than the courses we’re discussing here.

Some yogis may have a famous yoga teacher that they love and want to study under; to attend such trainings will be more of an investment. Deciding which online yoga school to enroll in is a very personal decision based on what you value. The affordable 200 hr RYT online courses in this article fulfill all of the required criteria for you to begin teaching upon completion. So if $2,000 is out of your budget, consider one of these which are just as good and a fraction of the cost.

Why is yoga teacher training so expensive?

The truth is, yoga teacher training doesn't have to be so expensive if you enroll in an affordable online yoga teacher training certification. There's a wide range of pricing when it comes to yoga teacher training. It is totally doable to become a yoga teacher for under $500.

It is a big undertaking and financial investment to create online courses which is why free online yoga teacher training doesn't exist.

Can you do yoga teacher training online?

Yes, you can do yoga teacher training online and become a certified yoga instructor by completing an online yoga teacher training program. Brett Larkin was essentially the pioneer of online yoga teacher training and she launched her online training in 2015.

Then, in 2020 as online course platforms became more robust and sophisticated many yoga schools and teachers adapted their in-person training into online formats. You can expect a very personal, experiential, and high-quality experience with the online YTT’s of today. You can even do Yin, and other specialty trainings online.

Which online yoga teacher training is best?

Honestly, there is no “best” when it comes to online yoga teacher training, there is only what is best for you.

Does the instructor and their style and teaching method resonate with you? Do you connect with them? Is their style your style? Do you want to learn to teach the style that they are teaching? Are you curious to learn more contemporary ways of teaching or are you craving a deeper connection with the ancient teachings from the roots of yoga in India? Those are all things to consider when choosing your teacher training.

Because the training you embark upon is an investment in your future, the most important person that the training should be the best for is you. There’s only what is best for you.

Who offers Vinyasa yoga teacher training online?

All of the courses mentioned above are Vinyasa-based online yoga teacher trainings. You will also learn about other styles of yoga in these trainings, but the focus will lie in Vinyasa-based teaching methods.

What other types of online yoga classes exist?

If you're not ready for yoga teacher training, or you are looking for the best online yoga platforms with premium online yoga classes you've got more options than you ever may have realized!

There are even a number of online studios offering LIVE online yoga classes daily so that you can keep your practice fresh with new flows every day! Check out some of our other articles for screaming deals like 25% off Alo Moves, the famed fitness platform, and more. Something else of interest for aspiring yoga teachers in online Yin yoga teacher training. Extra teacher certification training hours can be logged with Yoga Alliance and of course, make you a more dynamic yoga instructor.

What equipment is required for yoga teacher training?

For teacher training you will need all of the yoga basics – a yoga mat, a strap, yoga blocks, and that should do it. Many courses will also include required reading, so you may need to purchase some books, depending on the training.

What is the deal with advanced 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher certifications?

As you may know, there are yoga teaching certification levels that surpass the 200-hour standard training. Without getting too deep into it, there are also 300-hour and 500-hour advanced certifications as well as an entire spectrum of specialty yoga certifications too. Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Children's Yoga to name a few.

You cannot enroll in a 300-hour yoga teacher training if you do not already hold a 200-hour certification. You can enroll in a 300-hour course if you'd like to achieve your 500-hour teaching credential and you already have your 200-hour credential (200 hours + 300 hours = 500 hours).

If you'd like to become an advanced yoga teacher right out the gate you can enroll in a 500-hour course. A 500-hour yoga teacher training program will cost you more in both time and money. However, if you know what you want, why not go after it?!

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

Why becoming a yoga teacher in now is a great career choice

We hope that this article has inspired you to go for that yoga teacher training you've been long considering! As well as enriching your life on both a physical and a personal level, becoming a yoga teacher now is a great career choice.

With the popularity of online yoga courses, communities, and platforms your opportunities are limitless if you're ready to get creative and become an online yogipreneur!

The statistics below from a 2019 poll of 2,000 yogis courtesy of Eventbrite proves that more yogis than ever want to practice more (they need a yoga teacher), are new to yoga (they also need a yoga teacher), or are also practicing yoga online or using a yoga app (still need a yoga teacher). T

here are big opportunities in the yoga industry, and I wish you the ultimate success in your yoga teacher career!

Yoga teacher career opportunities

FAQ about online yoga teacher training

What does RYT 200 mean?

RYT 200 is the acronym for Registered Yoga Teacher 200. This title indicates that a person has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with a Yoga Alliance affiliated RYS (Registered Yoga School). By completing a qualified program that complies with Yoga Alliance standards, having the title of RYT 200 will open up virtually all doors to teach yoga at any yoga studio or yoga website., assuming it's the right fit!

How do I become an online yoga instructor?

The best way to become an online yoga instructor is to study under a yoga teacher who has successfully done it themselves! Online yoga teacher training certification courses offer a lot in the way of mentorship on how to become an online yoga instructor, specifically. The opportunities are limitless as an online yoga instructor but you will want to learn some basics about internet marketing and social media marketing or have someone on your team who with those skills.



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