2021’s Top Courses to Earn Your Yoga Certification Online!

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training 1
Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

Our round-up of 2021's best options to enroll in to achieve your yoga certification online

Have you been wanting to take that step of developing your teacher within to help enrich the lives of others by being their yogic guide, teacher, and mentor? What has been holding you back from becoming a yoga teacher yet? Is it the cost of yoga teacher training? Is it the time away from work, family, school or other commitments you thought would be required when enrolling in traditional yoga teacher training? Well guess what…everything has changed! Enroll in yoga certification online!

Everything has changed – You can become a certified yoga instructor online!

There are so many reasons why 2021 is your year. Yes YOUR year to pursue your passion and take that next step in personal development by becoming a certified yoga teacher. Lets dive into why enrolling in an online yoga teacher training program is the perfect reset on life for 2021.

Get to know yourself better…

Are you curious to know yourself better and you know that yoga teacher training will connect you more with your physical body by learning more about anatomy and the mechanics of movement while gaining a deeper understanding of the various asanas? 

Create the future of your dreams…

Have you envisioned your future as a yoga teacher traveling the world, leading retreats and certifying other aspiring teachers? Or maybe you see yourself teaching yoga online, living wherever your heart so desires and having the ultimate freedom of not being tied to a particular place?

Online yoga teacher training, the new normal…

Everything has changed in your favor with online yoga teacher training becoming the new standard for how to become a certified yoga instructor! Yes, YOU can now become a yoga teacher online! You do not need to spend $10,000 on an exotic yoga teacher training retreat. You do not need to take weeks away from work or family. You can do it all at your own pace in your own space for a fraction of the cost of in-person yoga teacher training. Keep reading to discover an affordable online yoga teacher training that you can join now!

Are you excited yet?! Keep reading as it only gets better! Discover the best online yoga teacher training programs below.

Table of Contents:

Is online yoga teacher training legit?
Who teaches online yoga teacher training?
The evolution of online yoga teacher training
Is online yoga teacher training challenging?
What about Yoga Alliance?
The cost of becoming a yoga teacher online
The time commitment & testing required to earn your yoga teaching certification online
Choosing the right online yoga school
The best online yoga teacher training certification programs

Best Yoga Certifications Online – Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Lets look at some of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about online yoga training and deciding which online yoga teacher certification program is best for you. Perhaps you've had some hesitations or questions about enrolling in an online yoga certification course? Perhaps we've got some answers for you!

Is online yoga teacher training legit?

If you’ve been wondering if online yoga teacher training is legit, the answer to that is yes! 

In 2020 online yoga teacher training became the new norm. Prior to 2020 there were a couple of online yoga schools one could enroll in, such as YogaRenew, but now there are literally dozens of different online yoga instructor training options. And as with any investment, this investment in your future is one worth taking time to research.

There are now multiple yoga schools, teachers, and programs that offer 200 hour yoga teacher training online. Some of the most acclaimed yoga teachers and most lauded yoga studios around the world have adapted their in-person YTT formats to online formats. Being that The Yogatique is deeply entrenched in the online yoga world, we have carefully selected the online yoga training courses outlined below to ensure we are recommending what we consider to be the best online yoga instructor training courses available now. And we are very familiar with all of the teachers and courses that we have chosen.

Who teaches online yoga teacher training?

Do you have a favorite yoga teacher – like Briohny Smyth perhaps? Well now, regardless of where you live in the world or what time zone you’re in, you can be under the tutelage of some of the most experienced and sought after yoga teachers in the world. You might recognize some of the names below in our list of famous yogis who have recently launched their own online yoga certification course. We have practiced with many of the yoga teachers listed below on various online yoga platforms long before they launched their online yoga teacher training – perhaps you have too. Well now, you have the chance like never before to absorb all of their knowledge for a fraction of the cost by joining their newly launched online yoga teacher certification courses. This. Is. Very. Exciting.

The evolution of online yoga teacher training

As with everything, yoga has gone digital. Online yoga school can be very interactive and engaging by leveraging current technology – if you are attending the right program. In fact, you’re no longer ever sitting in the back of a circle trying to see the whiteboard above other people’s heads! You’re no longer not able to hear the teacher.  Zoom in. Rewind. Pause. Watch it again. Absorb the teachings more deeply in your own quiet space without distraction at your own pace.

Is online yoga teacher training challenging?

Yes. Online yoga teacher training is just as rigorous as in-person yoga teacher training. You will be required to demonstrate your aptitude and understanding of the course materials to graduate as a yoga teacher from any of the programs listed below. And this is important! The goal is to learn, right? Some courses will require more frequent testing to move through the course levels than others. When choosing an online YTT, you want to choose a school that has a well-procured and thoughtfully constructed curriculum. There are many online YTT’s that have popped up that are all held over Zoom – you do not want this. Make sure the school you choose has modules and materials for you to study. You do not want to be sitting in front of your computer for haphazardly led Zoom classes. Choose a school that is working with technology to give you an engaging, enriching, and highly educational learning experience. You want to get your money’s worth and be set-up for success.

What about Yoga Alliance?

Being Yoga Alliance certified is not required to teach yoga. You do not need to enroll in a Yoga Alliance affiliated school to get a job teaching yoga or to become an insured yoga teacher. Yoga Alliance does not issue yoga teaching certifications – they simply offer schools and yoga teachers the chance to register with them in their Yoga Alliance database. Currently, and through 2021, online yoga schools that have registered with Yoga Alliance can graduate their teacher trainees with the option available to them to register as part of the Yoga Alliance database. Prior to 2020 Yoga Alliance did not recognize online yoga teacher training schools or programs as a Yoga Alliance approved method for becoming a yoga instructor that they would allow to register in their database. That said, online yoga programs were in the development and launch phase anyway, because as mentioned above – it is not required to be affiliated with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga. Many of the online yoga schools below have their own special certificate that you will be awarded upon graduation. And then, you can also register with Yoga Alliance should you choose.

Best online yoga teacher training programs – reserve your spot and begin your teacher training journey today!

The cost of becoming a yoga teacher online

The flexibility and price point of online yoga teacher training certification programs have made the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher accessible to virtually everyone! Gone are the days when pursuing the path to becoming a yoga teacher would set a person back $10,000USD. You can now attend yoga teacher training for as little as $437 with YogaRenew – see below. That is the base starting point for 200 hour online yoga teacher training. There is no such thing as free yoga certification online schools, but most programs allow students to make payments with NO ADDED COST TO TUITION! 

See below where we summarize the best online yoga teacher training options of the moment, their costs, and their payment options. 

The time commitment & testing required to earn your yoga teaching certification online

Different programs each have their own guidelines in terms of how much time you are allowed to take to complete moving through the educational materials and take the test to become certified. Some programs require you to stay on a certain pace and finish the program within a designated time frame – DoYogaWithMe, for example, must be completed within 6 weeks. Other programs are much more flexible and you can literally take as much time as you want, even a lifetime! Below we also list how long you have access to the course materials. We suggest taking online yoga teacher training just as seriously as you would take any other college classes or continuing educational studies that you might enroll in in life. This is an investment in your future. Move through the course in a timely manner so that you won’t forget what you’ve learned by the time you take your required test to graduate from the program. And yes, they will ALL require a test to become certified!

Choosing the right online yoga school

You have a lot of options to consider as an aspiring yoga teacher! Which yoga certification is best is different for everyone. We suggest to simply visit the websites of each of the suggested and vetted online yoga trainings that we've outlined below and then make your choice. Tip – be sure to signup for the newsletters or email lists while looking at the various yoga teacher training websites – some may offer special discounts, flash sales, and promo prices that they will email you about!

If you have been pondering whether online yoga teacher training is worth it – we believe that the future of yoga teacher training will be largely online. So our answer to that is yes! As with many other educational fields that have moved to online and distant learning formats, yoga has too. And in fact, after you've completed your online YTT, you can teach yoga classes online, too.

Please note, you will want to take a look at the start dates, enrollment dates, and training dates closely on each of these online YTT's.

The best online yoga certification courses – what makes these courses better than the rest

The online YTT's discussed in this article are the best online yoga schools to consider because they are either A. Long-running and well-established online YTT's, or B. Newer online YTT programs, but created by experts in the field.

Best yoga certification online course of 2021

Santosha Yoga Institute
My Vinyasa Practice
Siddhi Yoga
Yoga International
Aligned Yoga

Best Yoga Certifications Online Courses – Our Top Recommendations

Cost 200 hr
Online YTT:
Cost 300 hr
Online YTT:
Installment Payment Options:
Santosha Yoga Institute$2207 SaleN/AYes
YogaRenew$437 Sale$547 SaleYes
My Vinyasa Practice$375$465Yes
Siddhi Yoga $397 SaleN/AYes
Yoga International$1,899 SaleN/AYes
Aligned Yoga$1,750$2,550Yes

Best Online Yoga Certifications 2021

1. Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Teacher Training

Sanotsha Yoga Institute online yoga teacher training

Santosha Yoga Institute is an established and Yoga Alliance approved online yoga teacher training certification program with over 12+ years of experience certifying yoga teachers.
Santosha Yoga Institute is a sought-after in-person yoga teacher training school that holds multiple YTT's every year all over the world. And in 2020, Santosha Yoga Institute began offering their outstanding yoga teacher training certification program online, also.
Santosha Yoga Institute's transformational online yoga teacher training course is rooted in authenticity with an emphasis on studying the lineage of yoga by diving deep into the ancient texts of India.
By joining Santosha Yoga Institute's Online YTT you have an opportunity to interact with the program instructors every day AND there are two live Zoom practice classes every day to accommodate different time zones. This way, no matter where you are you are in the world, you'll never have to miss a moment of the training or experience. BUt not to worry – the classes are all recorded, as well.
Santosha Yoga Institute's training program takes a dynamic approach to cover the in-depth course curriculum. Learning methods and materials include: video modules & specialist manuals created by their team of Master Teachers, live Zoom yoga classes, mentoring & feedback.
And saving the best for last, Santosha Yoga Institute invites all graduates to attend in-person YTT for free in one of their exotic retreat locations in Bali, Sri Lanka or Costa Rica after graduating!

Santosha Yoga Institute Course Features:

  • Opportunity to interact and connect with the program's Master Teachers and your classmates during daily Zoom classes & weekly mentoring from Master Teachers.
  • Complete the course at your own pace or with a group of students.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Payment installment options available.
  • Invitation to attend in-person YTT for free in one of their exotic retreat locations in Bali, Sri Lanka, or Costa Rica following your graduation from the online YTT!
  • 50% off! Special launch price of just $1098 available now until January of 2021! (Please note, Santosha's prices in AUD so the exchange rate may fluctuate slightly depending on the day).

2. DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training

Best Online Yoga Teacher Certification 5

An exciting addition in the online yoga teacher training space is DoYogaWithMe. DoYogaWithMe is a well established online yoga platform and community that was founded in 2008 and began recently offering their unique hybrid yoga teacher training program.

After two years in the making, DoYogaWithMe has recently rolled out their online YTT which is a highly structured course and well thought out program that ends with an in-person or online retreat to complete the 200-hour certification course. This online YTT was thoughtfully constructed over a two-year period by Rachel Scott of DYWM who holds a Masters Degree in Online Education and has helped develop countless 200-hour YTT's. Rachel has also led more than 4,000 hours of in-person yoga teacher training programs herself. Classes are also led by David Procyshyn, Fiji McAlpine, and Tracey Noseworthy.

Earning your 200-hour online yoga teaching certification from DoYogaWithMe will give you all the tools you need, and then some to become a successful and knowledgable yoga teacher.

DoYogaWithMe Course Features:

  • Rigorous and robust curriculum developed over two years.
  • Course materials include a thorough and in-depth training syllabus, quizzes and monthly zoom calls with your classmates, 2 live stream yoga classes with faculty per month, live video practical assessments.
  • Access to course materials for 18 months.
  • Payment installment options available.

3. YogaRenew Online Yoga Teacher Training

Best Online Yoga Teacher Certification 4

Of all of the online yoga teacher training programs we cover in this article, YogaRenew is by far the most affordable! For aspiring yoga teachers on a budget, YogaRenew may be perfect for you.

As with other online yoga teacher training programs detailed above, graduates of the YogaRenew online yoga teacher training program will receive two yoga teacher training certifications, one from YogaRenew and one from Yoga Alliance.

This online yoga teacher training course is completely self-paced and students will have lifetime access to the entire program and course materials, which doesn’t hold true for all other online yoga teacher training programs.

As a student of YogaRenew's 200-hour yoga teacher training course, you will learn about the 8 limbs of yoga including the Niyamas and Yamas, the history of yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, the principles of yoga alignment, yoga sequencing, teaching cues, and more.

YogaRenew Course Features:

  • Learn the course material on-demand on your schedule.
  •  Course material includes videos, readings, workbooks, handouts, and lectures.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Payment installment options available.
  • Discover our special pricing discount with YogaRenew below!

4. My Vinyasa Practice Online Yoga Teacher Training

Best Online Yoga Teacher Certification 8

Join My Vinyasa Practice’s newly launched online yoga teacher training to be a part of an in-depth and comprehensive program created by a passionate yogi, Michelle Young, who is also a yoga studio owner herself, and multi-decade practitioner of the practice. By enrolling in My Vinyasa’s online YTT you are under the guidance of Michelle, a 500 RYT who specializes in alignment based vinyasa yoga and who has also studied yoga therapy, metaphysics, and tantra yoga.

My Vinyasa Practice offers 200 hour RYT, 300 hour RYT, and 500 hour RYT.

When constructing the My Vinyasa Practice online yoga certification programs, integrity remained of top priority as well as creating courses that give students as close to an in-person YTT experience as possible. Staying true to that mission, Saturday’s and Sunday’s offer live Zoom classes for students to join with the My Vinyasa Practice faculty.  

My Vinyasa Practice’s online in-depth training modules delve into history & foundations of yoga, living your karma through your dharma, understanding the panchamaya kosha system, anatomy mechanics and sequencing, integrating mind & body, the veils that blind us, chakras & specializing sequences, introduction to specialized practices, and more. You can expect engaging video formats with flawless production.

The My Vinyasa Practice curriculum is designed to be  an 8 week program, but students are given lifetime access so there is no required time frame in which to complete the training.

It has always been Michelle’s mission to keep yoga accessible to all by offering affordable in-person and online trainings, and at $375 to become a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, she’s achieving her goal!

My Vinyasa Practice Course Features:

  • Self-paced learning.
  • Course materials include reading materials, video lectures, video modules, recorded yoga classes with Michelle, and mentoring by staff.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Payment installment options available.

5. Siddhi Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Siddhi Yoga online yoga teacher training

If you have been hoping and planning to one day attend yoga teacher training in India you may have come across the famed Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training Institute while in the research phase of choosing an ideal YTT. Siddhi yoga has taken their same authentic approach to in-person yoga teacher training to the internet. You can now study under their acclaimed yoga teachers who live, eat, and breathe yoga in the birthplace of yoga – India. And priced at just $397 to attend a Yoga Alliance approved online yoga teacher training, Siddhi Yoga is another affordable online yoga certification course that must be considered by anyone who is budget-conscious.

Look forward to studying a rich and expansive curriculum that covers anatomy and physiology, asana alignment and modifications, assisting, chakras, multiple styles of yoga, postural adjustments, pranayama, sequencing, the yoga sutras, and more.

By being one of the first to enroll in Siddhi Yoga's newly launched online yoga teacher training program you not only get to attend the online 200 hour RYT course at a significantly discounted price, but you're also invited to enroll in Siddhi Yoga's Restorative Online Yoga Teacher Training Course as well as their Ayurveda Certification Course for free.

Siddhi Yoga Course Features:

  • 250+ video lessons & quizzes to test your knowledge after completion of each of the 6 learning modules.
  • Course material includes 300 page world-class yoga manual.
  • Weekly live Zoom classes and webinars.
  • Completely self-paced learning with a minimum time commitment of 21 days.
  • Access to private Facebook group and lifetime support from Siddhi Yoga.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Payments installment options available.
  • Discover our special pricing discount with Siddhi Yoga below!

6. Yoga International Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga International online yoga teacher training

Awaken the teacher within with Yoga International's new highly anticipated 200 hour online yoga teacher training! Under the guidance of Rocky Heron, Noah Mazé, and teaching mentor Nichol Chase you will be taken through Yoga International's brand new interactive online yoga certification journey.

This training method follows the Maze Method which will immerse you in the study of intelligent sequencing, alignment knowledge, and vinyasa theory. You will graduate a skilled and confident teacher after having had the privilege to study under these world-renowned yoga instructors.

Take a deep dive into the study of asanas, breathwork, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, meditation, therapeutic, and ethics. Learn about anatomy and biomechanics and how to create and choreograph the ultimate flow series.

Yoga International Course Features:

  • Live support and weekly support calls with Rocky, Noah, and Nichol.
  • Course material includes comprehensive digital manual, worksheets, templates, articles, learning resources.
  • A community platform to join and engage with your fellow teachers in training and mentors.
  • Payment installment options available.

7. Aligned Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training

Best Online Yoga Teacher Certification 7

The famed yogini Briohny Smyth, affectionately known as Bri, launched her premiere online yoga teacher training program in 2020. Yay! Bri’s first program graduates will receive a dual certification upon completion of the course which includes both her own signature Aligned Yoga teaching certificate as well as a Yoga Alliance teaching certificate.

Briohny is a veteran teacher and boss business babe who has been leading yoga teacher trainings around the globe for over a decade. You are unquestionably in good hands as a student of her new online yoga teacher training program. By joining the Aligned 200-hour online yoga teacher training program you will learn about the foundations of a Vinyasa practice and how to sequence and teach Vinyasa based flow classes. After earning your 200-hour Aligned yoga teaching certificate you can also continue on to become a 300-hour Aligned certified yoga teacher.

Be one of the first to learn from Bri online! Learn the full details of this online yoga teacher training program on the Aligned Yoga website and secure your spot at a discount! Bri is even offering a pre-sale discount to celebrate the launch!

Aligned Yoga Course Features:

  • Self-paced learning.
  • Course material includes written materials, video lectures, live sessions, and a 1-year free subscription to Alo Moves.
  • Personalized mentorship available as an add on.
  • Payment installment option available.

Online Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

Yes, online yoga teacher training is totally worth it! Online yoga teacher training is the modern way of becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training too has gone digital and gone are the days of spending $10,000 and taking weeks away from work to attain your yoga teaching credential. You can now attend highly engaging and educational yoga teacher training for a fraction of the cost - in your own home.

What is the best online yoga teacher training?

The best online yoga teacher training depends on the individual. Yoga teacher training styles, costs, and commitment requirements vary significantly. That is why we suggest researching different online YTT programs on our website to find the one the suits you perfectly!

How long does it take to complete 200 hour yoga teacher training?

200 hour online yoga teacher training can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 year to complete depending on how you take the course. We recommend moving through your teacher training at a dedicated pace as you would any further educational classes or courses as to keep your momentum going and the knowledge fresh in your mind.

Please note – as of the October 2020 Yoga Alliance COVID provision announcement, yoga teacher training programs that are registered with Yoga Alliance and offering online YTT will be able to graduate their students as Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers through 2021!

Some online yoga studios and online yoga teacher training programs that are reviewed by The Yogatique may offer us affiliate commission should you decide to sign up via our site. The Yogatique’s mission is to be your comprehensive online yoga resource – we write reviews regardless of whether we receive an affiliate commission or not.

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