10 Examples Of Yoga Tattoos – Mandalas & More To Connect With Yourself & Your Practice

Perhaps you’re wondering why so many yogis have tattoos, as yoga tattoos have indeed become popular in the yoga community.

The reasons yogis choose to get tattoos are many. Some may just like what they do aesthetically for their bodies – after all, it’s a beautiful form of body art. Others use them as a way to express themselves to the world. 

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How yoga tattoos help you connect deeper with yoga

Yogis use tattoos to connect deeply with themselves and their yoga practice. Others may paint certain yoga poses or symbols on their bodies that have a special meaning to them.

If you get a tattoo, every time you think of your yoga tattoo or remember you have it, you will feel the sensations attached to the intention behind the tattoo. And as we all know, the power of intention is huge. I think there’s at least one great book about it that many of us are familiar with.

Tattoos can also serve as a reminder of a yogi’s intention to achieve the highest level of awareness through yoga. Or, it can serve as a reminder of other life lessons to be learned. Perhaps the artwork seen on yogis is actually of a quality that a person wishes to develop or a principle they wish to embrace. 

If you’re toying with the idea of getting a yoga tattoo because practicing yoga has made such an impact on your life, take a look at the most popular yoga tattoos below for inspo. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of yoga tattoo ideas; it’s meant to serve as an inspiration for your own personal creation. 

10 yoga tattoos to inspire you to get inked!

1. Om symbol tattoo

Om symbol tattoo on forearm.

Of all the tattoos, I like this one the most. So subtle, yet it’s there. 

The Om sound is the sound that created the universe. It is said that all of creation began with that sound. Om can also mean unity with the highest, the perfect merge of the physical and spiritual. Being whole. 

2. Mandala tattoo

Mandala symbol arm sleeve tattoo.

I’ve seen many beautiful mandala tattoos.

The term “mandala” comes from Sanskrit and means “circle.” A mandala is a geometric combination of powerful symbols, typically placed in a circle. It is typically considered a symbol of balance, eternity, symmetry, and perfection. 

It may also represent non-attachment, as when the Tibetan Buddhist monks spend weeks making a sand mandala, only to then simply destroy it. 

In Hinduism, mandalas symbolize the universe and the divine energy within it. While in Buddhism, it is a representation of the path to enlightenment. It may serve as an aid for meditation. Such types of meditation where you focus on one point serve to awaken your third eye.

Mandala tattoos are replete with symbols that reflect a person’s journey and beliefs. 

Its central point is the self or the universe, while the geometric patterns around it show how it’s all connected. It can include different elements, such as flowers, petals, animals, or sacred symbols. Mandalas can also stand for many powerful values, such as love, rebirth, or harmony.

3. Hamsa hand tattoo 

Hamsa hand tattoo on upper arm.

Hamsa yoga tattoos represent the “Hand of God”. They date back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. They are believed to bring good fortune, happiness, luck, protection, and health. It is often worn as a form of spiritual devotion. They may also represent ‘maternal love’ or ‘purity.’

Before tattooing a hamsa hand symbol on your body, choose which way you want it to go. If turned downward, the hamsa hand represents openness to the universe and to receive its blessings. If facing up, it acts as a protection symbol. 

4. Lotus flower tattoo 

Lotus flower tattoo on the back of calf.

Lotus flowers can represent so many different things, and that’s why, although common, they are so unique and personal. 

In different cultures, lotus flowers have different meanings. In general, they represent spirituality, personal transformation, and self-regeneration. 

One interpretation is that they stand for rising above worldly temptations and achieving your fullest potential. The lotus grows deep in the muddy waters, away from the sun. In time, it reaches light and becomes a beautiful flower. It reminds me of the story Beautiful Swan. This symbolism gives me hope that all the bumps on the road and hurt were for a reason. And the reason is yet to come. So, I wait.

In Hinduism, lotus flowers represent beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening. In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes the path from ignorance to enlightenment.

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5. Buddha tattoo

Buddha tattoo on forearm.

A tattoo of Buddha signifies mindfulness, inner peace, serenity, and/or purity of life. It represents your values in life to live by, a sense of compassion for all mankind. Buddha is a symbol of love and compassion for all sentient beings. Someone who tattoos a Buddha is, I assume, a person who strongly wishes to live by these values or is already living by them. 

6. Chakra tattoo

Chakra system tattoo on the back of a woman.

A common and beautiful example is the tattoo of seven chakras.

I read a blog while researching about a woman who tattooed her muladhara chakra where it’s located, and when it happened, she felt a strong, energetic release. She finally felt grounded.

Other sources I checked also claim that tattoos can alter the energy flow in your body and affect your chakras. So this idea could be something to explore if you feel you have a certain weak chakra. 

I’ve seen tattoos of solar plexus chakra, and they looked beautiful. These can also be energetically powerful.

7. Moon phases tattoo 

Moon phases tattoo on the upper back of a woman.

The moon phase tattoo stands for magic, purity, dreams, mystery, and shadows. Since the Moon is always changing, many people resonate with it. It reminds me of the transcience of everything. So, why get attached to anything? 

The moon may also be a symbol of feminine energy. Someone who believes in a more-Yin-softer approach to things may like to get this tattoo. It can be a powerful symbol of your emotional side or your intuition.

Perhaps you’ve seen the 3 phase moon tattoo somewhere. It has the young, the full, and the waning moon. It’s a representation of the totality of our lives. 

8. Sanskrit tattoo

Sanskrit tattoo on man's inner forearm.

Sanskrit is the original language that ancient Hindu texts, and the Vedas are written. It is known as the mother of many other languages. It is commonly used as a tattoo to write a powerful word, or mantra, for example, a word that triggers a certain emotion in you. 

What I’ve seen many yogis do is find a word in Sanskrit that has deep meaning for them and tattoo it on their bodies. 

What I find cool and powerful about this tattoo concept is that almost no one will know its meaning except for you.

Make sure when picking one, you remain true to yourself and what you really want and need.

9. Unalome tattoo

Unalome symbol tattoo on woman's wrist.

In short, the Unalome symbol’s spiritual meaning is the path to freedom and enlightenment. The path to getting out of your miseries. The journey is never linear but full of twists and turns, thus reminding us of how it will be for all of us as well on our path to enlightenment. Still, we must remain focused on the goal!

Sometimes Unalome is accompanied by a lotus. This stands for the road you need to take from the mud to the beautiful full-blossom lotus flower. 

The sign is rather mystical and dates back to ancient Eastern cultures. In Buddhism, the Unalome represents the spiritual path to enlightenment. 

10. Ganesha tattoo

Ganesha tattoo on a woman's shoulder.

Ganesh is often represented with an elephant head and a human body. It is a powerful symbol of strength, success, and wisdom. The large head stands for impeccable intellectual faculties. The wide mouth stands for the natural human desire to enjoy this short life. 

Lord Ganesh is known to bring luck and success and clear out all obstacles. Some may get this yoga tattoo to call for his blessings. 

If you are a yogi looking for a way to deepen and connect with yourself and your practice, yoga tattoos might be the way to go. Just make sure it’s something you feel will resonate with you for long into the future.

Personally, I do not have any tattoos. I’m keeping my body as it is, for now.

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Tatjana is a Certified Yoga Teacher, content writer, and trainer in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, learning, and self-development. She is especially interested in how yoga can help with mental health challenges, such as anxiety, stress, depression, excessive worrying, overthinking, and other ailments of the modern man. In her free time, she is either doing her sudoku, cuddling with her dog, or out somewhere dancing. Tatjana can be reached at tatjanag@theyogatique.com, or you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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