The 7 Healing Frequencies For The Body Explained + Healing Frequencies List

Healing frequencies for the body

Did you know that sound can actually be healing and that certain frequencies can alter the chemistry in your body and your brain? 

For as long as civilization has existed and before humans had words to eloquently describe sounds, instruments, chanting, and vibrational frequencies have been used in ceremonies, treatments, and healing sessions to stimulate positive chemical changes in the minds, bodies, and souls of people.

Research has uncovered that even in ancient times, Greek physicians used flutes to heal sick patients and vibration to aid in digestion and induce sleep. And the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia used the ‘yidaki' (modern name, didgeridoo) as a healing tool 40,000 years ago. 

Keep reading for an introduction into healing frequencies for the body, also known as the Solfeggio frequencies, and discover this powerful healing method that can change how you are feeling almost instantly.

We’ll cover some of the modalities used for sound healing, what the seven healing frequencies are, and whether healing frequencies actually work. This will help you understand the topic as a whole better.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in a sound bath; even if you’re not familiar with the term, the mere concept alone might have you awash in an emotional state of bliss!

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What are the seven healing frequencies for the body?

7 healing frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies and chakra system infographic.

The seven healing frequencies for the body are believed to correspond to different aspects of physical and emotional well-being, each resonating with specific energy centers or chakras within the body.

These frequencies include 396 Hz, which is said to help liberate one from fear and guilt; 417 Hz, which facilitates change and helps in undoing situations; 528 Hz, known as the “Love Frequency,” for its association with DNA repair and miracles; 639 Hz, enhancing communication and harmonious relationships; 741 Hz, aiding in problem-solving and stimulating the immune system; 852 Hz, promoting spiritual awakening and intuition; and 963 Hz, also known as the “Frequency of the Gods,” which is said to reconnect with the divine and enhance universal consciousness. These frequencies are often used in sound therapy, meditation, and holistic healing practices to promote overall health and balance.

Healing Frequencies List

  • 963 Hz
  • 852 Hz
  • 741 Hz
  • 639 Hz
  • 528 Hz  
  • 417 Hz  
  • 396 Hz

963 Hz Frequency 

This frequency offers the feeling of being ‘one’ with your mind, body, and soul. This frequency will guide you if you’re ever feeling disconnected from the world.

852 Hz Frequency

 This frequency uses the balancing Third Eye Chakra and will open you up for spiritual and physical communication. 

741 Hz Frequency 

This frequency will make you feel at one with yourself again. Boost your intuition and trust your gut feeling by using the 741 Hz frequency. 

639 Hz Frequency 

Focusing on building relationships and interaction between loved ones, this is an important frequency to tune into when you feel misunderstood. If you feel like you need to enhance communication and tolerance within your family or friendship group, you may need the help of the 639 Hz frequency. 

528 Hz Sound Frequency 

Love tone, miracle tone, and frequency of transformation are all names for this frequency. Being exposed to 528 Hz sound waves for a long period of time has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress and create a more harmonious state of being. It is the ultimate healing frequency and what makes it so special is the power it has to connect our spirit with our hearts and the divine.

417 Hz Sound Frequency 

The 417 Hz frequency will help you welcome positive thoughts and balance the Sacral Chakra. 

396 Hz Sound Frequency 

It has been said to help turn the feeling of guilt into joy. Ridding yourself of guilty feelings is cleansing and focuses you on your main goals and achievements in life. 

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Sound healing tools

Sound healing tools encompass a variety of instruments and devices used to harness the therapeutic power of sound vibrations to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Some common tools used in sound healing sessions are

  • Tuning forks are a popular tool that emit precise frequencies that can help balance the body's energy and stimulate healing processes.
  • Tibetan singing bowls have harmonic overtones when struck or circled with a mallet, creating calming and meditative sound waves
  • Crystal bowls made from quartz crystal generate pure, resonant tones that are believed to align and clear the chakras.
  • Gongs with deep and resonant tones are often used in sound baths to facilitate deep relaxation and release of stress.

Drums, chimes, and vocal toning are frequently used in sound healing sessions to create rhythmic and soothing vibrations that support the body's natural healing abilities.

If you’re feeling ready to hack your brain waves after reading this post, I personally love starting my day with a Yoga International sound bath officiated by Shawn Moore. Shawn brings in Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Quartz bowls for his hypnotic online sound explorations, and he offers four body-balancing auditory treatments which are intertwined into the meditative journeys.

The healing power of music

Music has always had an effect on the human body; it is something that just makes us feel everything very deeply.

Music triggers feelings, memories, emotions, and even our senses like smell and taste, so the idea of healing sound frequencies doesn’t sound unrealistic.

Interestingly, many musicians, including John Lennon, compose music in healing tones, such as the legendary song, Imagine. 

But beyond the music, there’s the science. According to Sonya Joseph, who wrote her thesis on the matter of healing frequencies and published it in Research Gate, “Sound healing is effective in healing physical, generational, and emotional trauma in our DNA using vibrations and frequencies.”

Do healing frequencies actually work?

Gongs, singing bowls, and other healing instruments are known to actually alter the state of your brain waves and clear blockages that have been holding you back from realizing true happiness and/or optimal health.

If you want to incorporate sound healing sessions into your life using any of the aforementioned instruments or sessions, it is recommended to integrate them into your day a few times per week for 4 weeks to reap the benefits of this transformational therapy.

FAQ about healing frequencies

Can sound vibrations heal?

Sound and music can be effective healing methods for various emotional and mental obstacles that people face. Sound therapy treats conditions such as depression, autism, anxiety, PTSD, and psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Discover more about the fascinating field of healing frequencies and sound therapy here!

What is the miracle frequency?

The 528hz frequency which is also called the Miracle Frequency or the Love Frequency is known for its powerful ability to repair DNA. This is the most well-known Solfeggio frequency because of its powerful healing effects. Discover more about the instruments that can create this sound here!

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