Third Eye Meditation Techniques + Script For How To Open Your Third-Eye

Are negative or repetitive thoughts constantly clouding your mind? Or do you struggle to concentrate and stay focused on what matters the most? Maybe you feel out of touch and unable to see the bigger picture, and you want to know how you can fix this? Or perhaps, you're simply curious to learn about third eye meditation techniques? As a yoga and meditation teacher who has spent years studying the chakras and practicing chakra healing, I’ve uncovered the best third-eye meditation techniques that I’m excited to share with you.

A third eye chakra blockage could be preventing you from accessing your mind and soul’s full potential. So let’s change that!

While these techniques won’t open your third eye overnight, if you regularly practice the techniques I suggest in this article, you WILL begin to tap into your intuition, enhance your imagination, and feel connected with the universe.  

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Best meditation for third eye opening

Like with all the chakras, there are various techniques you can use to remove energetic blockages, including practicing specific yoga poses, repeating affirmations, or even eating certain foods.

So what is the best way to open the third eye chakra? The most potent chakra-opening technique I have found is meditation

Third-eye chakra meditation is not like your standard mindfulness meditation, where you focus on your breath or body sensation. You can do various meditations for the third eye, but I have found two meditation techniques to be the most beneficial. These are:

  1. Visualization – With this meditation technique, you envision an energy flow between the eyebrows. You can visualize a white light entering your head from the universe and clearing any blockages in the third eye. You can do this chakra meditation seated or lying down. 
  2. Trataka (candle gazing) – With this meditation technique, you fix your gaze on a lit candle rather than closing your eyes. This strengthens the physical eyes as well as the inner eye.

To enhance the meditation's effects further, you can incorporate other chakra opening techniques, like:

  • Practicing a third eye chakra mudra (hand gesture)
  • Chanting a related affirmation or Sanskrit mantra
  • Diffusing essential oils associated with this energy center
  • Holding a third eye chakra healing crystal
  • Listening to sound healing music tuned to the frequency of the third eye chakra 

If you're new to meditation and feeling a little overwhelmed, don't worry. In the next sections, I'll explain how to do these two third eye chakra meditation techniques with step-by-step instructions and a guided script to follow. If you're considering meditation teacher training, this is a style of meditation you will learn more about.

The 8 steps to perform Trataka third eye meditation

Trataka is an ancient hatha yoga purification technique (kriya) used to improve eye health, clear the mind, and increase energy in the third eye chakra. It is also sometimes called candle meditation.

Here are the 8 steps to perform Tratka: 

  1. Set up a comfortable meditation space with a lit candle about two feet in front of you at eye level. To do this, place the candle on a bedside or coffee table and find a comfortable position on the floor, sitting or kneeling on a cushion or meditation pillow.
  2. Make the room as dark as possible by turning off the lights and drawing the curtains. 
  3. Sit comfortably and rest your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. Alternatively, bring your hands into the third eye mudra (Kaleshwar mudra).
    To do the third eye chakra mudra, bring the middle fingertips together and touch the tips of the thumbs. Bend all the other fingers inwards so they join at the second knuckle. Hold this mudra in front of you with the middle fingers pointing up.
  4. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, exhaling through the nose. Then breathe slowly for ten breaths, making the exhale longer than the inhale. 
  5. Open your eyes and fix your gaze on the lit candle before you, focusing on the base of the flame.
  6. Keep your gaze fixed for as long as possible without blinking. You might notice your eyes start to tire or water but try to resist blinking for as long as possible. 
  7. When you need to, close your eyes and relax the eye muscles completely. Keep the image of the candle in your mind's eye until it starts to fade from your imagination.
  8. Reopen your eyes and repeat steps 6 to 8 for up to four more rounds.  

What is the third eye?

Now let’s talk about what the third eye is and why we should seek to open it.

The third eye is one of the seven energy centers in the body, known as the chakra system. In Sanskrit, the third eye is called the Ajna chakra, which loosely translates as “to perceive.” 

The third eye is in the sixth chakra in the energetic system, located between the eyebrows and is associated with intuition, wisdom, spiritual awareness, and imagination.

While there is no scientific proof to support the existence of the seven chakras (nor can we see this energy), ancient yogis taught that each chakra is associated with a specific body part, organ, or gland. 

The third eye is believed to link to the pineal and pituitary glands; these are located in the brain and are responsible for melatonin production and mood regulation, among other things.

Third eye opening symptoms

As the sixth chakra, the third eye is the second most spiritual energy center and, thus, one of the most frequently blocked. Most people in the modern world lack spiritual connection as we focus mainly (or solely) on the physical world in our day-to-day life. 

If you’re seeking to reawaken your innate connection with a higher consciousness or deepen an existing spiritual practice, opening the third eye through meditation is one of the best ways. 

But once you embark on this journey to the inner self, how can you tell when your third eye has opened up?

When you start to activate your third eye, you might notice some of the following symptoms:

  • A dull sensation or pressure between your brows – This is often the first sign of third eye activation and is due to the increased energy flow there. 
  • Headaches – Rather than a constant dull sensation, you might notice you get more headaches than before. While you may think this is worrying, it just means your pineal gland is developing. However, it could be growing too fast, resulting in an energy overload. So if you get frequent headaches, practice some grounding activities like walking barefoot in nature.
  • Increased light sensitivity – Another early sign of third eye awakening is becoming more sensitive to light. Everything may appear brighter, or you might notice colors are more vivid than before. 
  • Stronger intuition – You may start to “sense” answers to decisions you need to make or feel more clarity around what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Increased imagination – The Ajna chakra is the center of our vision, so as you release blockages at this center, you’ll likely notice your imagination grows. You might find yourself thinking up big ideas, having a clearer vision of your future, or having more vivid dreams.  
  • Seeing signs and omens – The universe always sends signals to guide us down the right path. However, when our upper chakras are blocked, we are blind to these signs and walk right past them. So once you open the third eye, you’ll tap into that “sixth sense” and notice all those synchronicities and omens. Seeing how the higher power conspires to make things happen for me was one of the most mesmerizing parts of my spiritual journey.
  • Enhanced mental clarity – Your mind will likely feel calmer and clearer with less cognitive activity. This will allow you to focus better and stay more present.
  • Personality shifts – As a third eye-opening result in spiritual growth, you may start thinking and feeling differently. This is because an open third eye and crown chakra allow you to see things from different perspectives. You may now prefer to spend your time differently, seek out different types of people, or naturally adopt healthier habits.  

Third-eye meditation script 

Third eye chakra visualization meditation is another fab technique to improve concentration and imagination and enhance energy flow in the pituitary gland.

This is a script and guideline you can follow:

“Find a comfortable seated position with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed, either cross-legged or on your heels. Place a cushion or pillow under your sitting bones to elevate the hips and release tension in the lower body and spine. 

Rest your hands on your knees with the palms facing up and join the thumb and index finger. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to slow. Inhale for a count of 3 and exhale for a count of 6 up to 10 times.

Once you feel calm and centered, set an intention for this practice related to the third eye-opening. For example, this could be to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection, enhance your intuition, reduce anxiety, or gain more mental clarity.

With your eyes still closed, shift your awareness to the center of the forehead. Visualize an indigo-colored energy ball in between the eyebrows. See this ball spinning and radiating, infusing your brain with fresh prana (life force). Maintain this visualization for a few minutes.

Next, envision a bright white light coming down from the universe and entering the top of your head. See it flood your brain, removing all blocked and stagnated energy and clearing all clutter from your mind.

See this high vibrational light cleansing the brain and the third eye for as long as needed until you feel a sense of calm, lightness, and clarity. 

Then, keeping your awareness on your third eye, chant the third eye chakra mantra Om three times. 

Slowly come back to your physical body by moving down the chakra system. Shift your awareness to the throat chakra, take a few breaths here, then move down to the heart chakra and pause for another few breaths. Do the same with the solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra until you reach the root chakra at the base of the spine. 

After spending a few moments grounding yourself here, slowly open your eyes.” 

Takeaway on third eye meditation techniques

Opening your third eye is an essential part of personal and spiritual growth. It can improve mental clarity, increase inner knowing, and enhance your innate but suppressed intuitive power. Start incorporating these third eye meditation techniques into your daily life today, and you'll soon notice a difference in your mind, energy, and well-being. 

FAQ about third eye meditation

How do you meditate with the third eye?

There are two main ways to practice third eye meditation, Tratka, or candle gazing, and visualization meditation.

Does meditation open 3rd eye?

Yes, meditation can open your 3rd eye by activating your third eye and allowing you to connect with your sixth sense.

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