5 Reasons To Get Certified To Teach Yoga Online Today

5 reasons to consider becoming a yoga teacher online

Why Enrolling In An Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Is The Best Way To Get Certified To Teach Yoga

Aspiring yoga teachers, this is for you! 2020 exploded with online yoga teacher training courses (also referred to as online YTT’s), and becoming an RYT 200 online has never been easier!  If you’ve been contemplating becoming a yoga teacher in this new digital era, here I'm discussing five reasons to consider getting certified to teach yoga online. Let's look at why becoming a certified yoga instructor online makes the most sense and how to find the yoga teacher training program that is perfect for you.

As someone who is enrolled in a 200 hour online YTT myself, and an online yoga practitioner for 8 years, I think I can offer some good tips and tricks for successfully choosing and getting through yoga teacher training online.

How to get certified to teach yoga online to become a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher

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Is yoga teacher training on your radar?

Online Yoga Teacher Training Offers

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Accreditation
  • Lifetime access

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What to expect in an online yoga instructor course

If you decide to get certified to teach yoga online, you can expect high-quality yoga videos, lustrous yoga pose images, and rich and expansive reading material and training manuals that give you the breadth and depth you need to graduate from the program with the confidence and skills to begin your yoga teaching career.

After you’ve enrolled in your yoga teacher training you will be given login credentials to access the course materials. The course will be split up into segments called learning modules. Oftentimes each section or module will end with quizzes to test your aptitude. Don’t stress about the tests! What I love about the online learning format is that you can zoom in, rewind and pause, and practice the poses over and over with the manual right there in front of you until you feel like you’ve perfected each yoga posture.

Most online Yoga Alliance Registered Schools (YA RYS) have created private Facebook groups for students to join. Here you can interact with your peers and ask questions about yoga poses or get study tips or post about anything related to your yoga teacher training or future yoga teaching career. Joining a yoga teacher training social media group is a fantastic opportunity to connect with a new global yogi community. You will learn that once you become a yoga teacher, your first task will be to build a community!

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher online?

The question of how long does it take to become a yoga teacher often pops up. How long it takes to complete a 200 hr online yoga teacher training is determined by you, the student. An online YTT is your learning journey. You can complete an online yoga certification course in as few as three weeks if you have the time and determination.

Yoga teacher training is typically completed within 6 weeks to about 6 months. So you can see that there's quite a variance here! But that's why the flexibility of online yoga training is so appealing to so many.

Attend online yoga teacher training and study under world-famous yogis

The opportunity to study under world-famous yogis might be one of the biggest reasons why people choose to get certified to teach yoga online. Briohny Smyth, Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, Janet Stone, Paul Grilley, Rocky Heron, Noah Maze, and many other world-famous yoga teachers are now offering everything from the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training online to advanced yoga teacher training online.

After you’ve completed your basic 200 hour training you’ve then met the requirements to move onto special yoga training such as Yin, Kids, Special Needs, etc. The options are literally limitless! 

Get certified to teach yoga online and save money

Ok, so in case you didn’t know, online yoga teacher training is way less expensive than a traditional yoga training course. You can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by opting for economical online yoga teacher training. The lowest cost you’ll find for online teacher training is about $400. And on the high-end, like Brett Larkin’s training, that will set you back about $2,700 (last we checked). And you can find every price point in-between. Even better yet, virtually all virtual online yoga teacher training courses offer payment plan options, too.

↓Great Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher trainings you should look into↓

Lifetime access to yoga teacher training course materials

Most online yoga teacher training courses offer a minimum of 12 months access to the materials while others offer lifetime access to course materials. You’ll want to read all of the fine print and look at the terms and conditions before enrolling to discover how long you will have access to the YTT materials of each training.

I recommend that you move through the course at a dedicated pace so that you give yourself an intense learning experience that will imprint your brain with knowledge that will really stick with you for years to come. Challenge yourself to complete the course in a reasonable time frame.

Yogi study tip – download a flashcard app to your phone, and as you’re moving through your online yoga certificate course create flashcards so that you can study yoga anatomy anywhere and everywhere!

Complete an online yoga teacher training course at your own pace in your own space

As mentioned above, depending on the YTT that you choose, you will have anywhere from 1 year to a lifetime to complete your online yoga teacher training. Create a Zen learning environment at home and dive into your studies in a quiet, uncluttered space that is conducive to learning and focusing on your yoga studies. Now you’re not in the back of the class, you’re right there in the front! This is one of the greatest and least talked about benefits of online yoga instructor training; your front-row seat to it all.

Learn how to create a global community in an online YTT

Yoga teachers like the ones mentioned above have perfected the aspect of creating an online global community, and many of them actually teach online too. Briohny Smyth, for example, is an Alo Moves instructor as well as an online yoga teacher training course creator. By studying under these yogis who have mastered how to create an online yoga community you will learn how to create your own community in the business portion of the teacher training.

In this digital era that we’re living in, don’t overlook the online teaching opportunities that await you once you’ve successfully graduated from your online yoga course with a teaching certificate. Imagine having the ultimate freedom as an online yoga instructor to live where you want, travel where you want, and work on your own schedule. How does that sound?!

After you are a certified yoga teacher, you too can teach online or become an online course creator if you really want to make the big bucks as a yoga teacher. Brett Larkin has declared that her online yoga membership platform and online YTT courses have created a seven-figure business. You read that right! So if you've been wondering “how much money does a yoga instructor make”, in some cases yoga teachers make a lot!

If you still have more questions about online YTT check out this post that answers common questions about yoga teacher training – it might surprise you!

Are you ready to take that next step in life towards ultimate success as a yoga teacher?! Join an online YTT to begin your yoga teacher training journey today for far less than you might expect!

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