6 Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training For Certification In 2024

Have you noticed the rising interest of Yin yoga in recent years? Or have your students been inquiring about Yin yoga and asking for Yin classes from you? It’s almost as if humanity is realizing the importance of the fascia and deep slow stretching more and more. In this article, we explore the online Yin yoga teacher training certification courses that you should know about. These online courses just might be the perfect next step in your yoga teacher training journey.

If you are ready to be the facilitator who helps your students restore, repair, and strengthen their bodies in Yin yoga postures, then according to Google trends, you are right on trend!

Becoming a certified Yin yoga teacher is a brilliant way to make yourself more dynamic as a yoga instructor, and a smart decision if you want to add a complementary yoga certification to your name and build out your yoga teacher toolkit.

You can add more credibility to your name and become more well-rounded in the styles of yoga you are qualified to teach by completing an online Yin yoga teacher training from an accredited and experienced online yoga school.

In this article, I'll elaborate much more on yoga teacher training online and why an online YTT just might offer you a better educational experience than you ever might have imagined.

Now let's find an online Yin yoga teacher training course for you.

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• 80 hours of CE credits
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• 50 hours of CE credits
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6 Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses That Are Yoga Alliance Approved

Akasha Yoga Academy80 hours
Pranamaya50 hours
Santosha Yoga Institute50 hours
YogaRenew20 hours
Yoga Medicine55 hours
Loka Yoga School50 hours
Online Yin yoga teacher training

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What you will learn in Yin yoga teacher training

Each Yin yoga teacher training has a unique syllabus, but you can look forward to diving deep into the following topics:

  • In-depth study of the fascia & connective tissue
  • The mechanics of Yin yoga
  • Functional Yin anatomy
  • How to teach Yin yoga
  • Sequencing Yin classes
  • Yin poses & modifications
  • Energetic meridians

How long is Yin yoga teacher training?

As you may have noticed in the table above, the hours for Yin yoga teacher training range from 20 hours to 80 hours. While there are no specified requirements for Yin yoga teacher training, your training hours can be applied towards your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements, assuming that you are a RYT.

If you are not a Registered Yoga Teacher, but you are a dedicated yoga student, you can also take any of these courses for your own personal development.

Do you need to be certified to teach Yin yoga?

Most yoga studios will require a Yin yoga teaching certificate on top of a 200-hour yoga teaching credential to teach the Yin style of yoga in their space.

Yoga regulations differ from country to country and for the most part, yoga is unregulated. However, most yoga studios and online yoga platforms will want to see that prospective yoga teachers have completed Yin yoga teacher training as confirmation that their teachers are knowledgeable about how to teach Yin yoga safely and effectively.

So although it may not be required by law to have a Yin yoga teaching certificate, it will be essentially required to be employable as a Yin yoga teacher. And of course, as a yoga teacher, you want to learn and understand the history of the Yin style and the technique, so completing a Yin teacher training course is as personally fulfilling as it is needed.

Who is Yin training for?

Anyone can enroll in any of these online Yin trainings. There are no requirements that you must be a Registered Yoga Teacher or have any other credentials to enroll in these Yin courses.

40 hour Yin yoga teacher training online

If you’ve been wondering if online Yin yoga teacher training is typically a 40-hour course, there are some options for 40 hour Yin yoga teacher training online, but a Yin YTT doesn't have a specific set amount of training hours. For example, YogaRenew, offers a Yin yoga express training which is only 20 hours while other trainings mentioned below are 80 hours.

Assuming you attend Yin yoga teacher training at a Yoga Alliance affiliated RYS (Registered Yoga School), your hours can count towards your required Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

All of the Yin courses outlined below are registered with Yoga Alliance.

6 Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses For 2024

Akasha Yoga Academy

80-hr Yin Certification

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The 80-Hour Yin Yoga TTC of the Akasha Yoga Academy is a unique program that will certainly take your yoga mastery journey to the next level. 

This Yoga Alliance certified online course doesn't only focus on target areas in the physical body. It also delves deep into the energetic, emotional & spiritual depths of this heart-opening practice. 

Akasha combines Yin Yoga with self-inquiry: This profound method gives you a heightened sense of curiosity, assisting you in gaining a different perception of your inner world.

The combination of Yin yoga & self-inquiry will help you to overcome obsessive thoughts & emotions, and you will be able to guide your future Yin students in doing the same.

Akasha’s profound approach to Yin Yoga invites you to hold hands with your own stillness. This training gently guides you home to your authentic essence, helps you transcend the struggles of the ego, and find out who you really are.

Akasha Yoga Academy school ratings:

Yoga Alliance Overall School Rating4.92/5
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter Score9.6/10
Google Reviews4.9/5

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Akasha Yoga Academy

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Yoga Alliance certified – 80 Continuing Education credits ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Start course immediately upon enrollment ✔️
Free bonuses include: Done for you Yin sequences, Yin/Yang Pranayama masterclass, Breathbaased alignment workshop, Ayurveda program bundle ✔️


50-hr Yin Certification

Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar, Paul Grilley is your guide through the Pranamaya online Yin yoga teacher training and his paradigm-shifting teachings will have you understanding anatomy like you never thought possible. Paul is the perfect teacher for all levels. Whether you're a seasoned yoga teacher or a curious practitioner, you will finish this illuminating course with a head filled with new knowledge. Paul Grilley's online course is one of the most sought-after Yin courses and one to certainly consider. Paul's teachings are even mentioned on Wikipedia's Yin yoga page.

In Paul's “Functional Approach” to Yin yoga you will learn about the 24 target areas of the body, the 7 archetypal pose families, and other insight that you can apply to all different styles of yoga, not just Yin. Immerse yourself in Paul's 12-hour online workshop and join the eight practices led by Paul himself. Download and keep the 100+ page illustrated study guide with all key images, anatomical illustrations, self-quizzes, and every major point in the program for you to reference back to anytime.

Graduate with a certificate of completion and 20 hours to apply towards your Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

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Yoga Alliance certified – 20 Continuing Education credits ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Access the course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

Santosha Yoga Institute

50-hr Yin Certification

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Embody mindfulness, release blockages and improve energy flow and teach your students how to do the same after graduating from the renowned Santosha Yoga Institute’s online Yin yoga teacher training course. This Yoga Alliance approved online training is a self-paced course offered by Santosha Yoga Institute, one of the most popular yoga teacher training schools.

This Yin teacher training covers the modern lineage of Yin as well as the ancient scriptures.  As with everything that Santosha creates, you will be a student in a very comprehensive and well-procured course. Santosha online Yin TT is extremely detailed and world-class. Prepare to deeply explore Yin intentions and principles, bio-mechanics of Yin yoga on the body, Yin sequencing, how to incorporate props into Yin yoga classes, using Yin yoga to affect certain organs and meridians, and more. 

Santosha's online Yin yoga teacher training is led by Andrea, a Yoga Therapist, Physiotherapist, and dedicated yogi of over a decade, and Piera Maria, who is a RYT 500 and certified Exercise Educator. The Yin yoga teaching tips you will absorb in this training will enable you to become a successful and sought-after Yin yoga teacher.

Santosha Yoga Institute school ratings:

Yoga Alliance Overall School Rating4.34/5
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter ScoreN/A
Facebook Reviews5/5
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Santosha Yoga institute

Yoga Alliance certified – 50 hours of Continuing Education credits ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Access the course immediately upon enrollment ✔️


20-hr Yin Certification

YogaRenew’s online Yin YTT will teach you how to bring your class into stillness. This 20 hour online Yin yoga teacher training offered by YogaRenew is completely self-paced and will enlighten you on the philosophy, practice, and history of Yin yoga. The curriculum of YogaRenew’s popular Yin training delves into anatomy and the unique practice of Yin yoga and its benefits. Holding a Yin teacher training certification from YogaRenew will enable you to guide your students in a peaceful and deep practice.

Be taken through your Yin learning journey odyssey by Kate Lombardo who is an E-RYT500 certified teacher, certified Yin Yoga teacher, and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (YACEP) Instructor. Besides being an experienced yoga teacher, Kate also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology. 

You may be familiar with YogaRenew as they are one of the most well-known online yoga schools. They are known for their low-cost courses and for having graduated thousands of students over the years. YogaRenew is one of the pioneers in the online yoga space and they’ve created exceptional online yoga courses since 2015.

YogaRenew school ratings:

Yoga Alliance Overall School Rating4.81/5
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter Score8.9/10
Google Reviews5/5
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Yoga Alliance certified – 20 Continuing Education credits ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Access the course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

Yoga Medicine

55-hr Yin Certification

Yoga Medicine’s online Yin/Meditation yoga teacher training is like no other Yin teacher training. This course is co-taught by Tiffany Cruikshank and Rashmi Bismark, MD, MPH. Rashmi brings over 15 years of study and practice of alternative healing modalities, including ayurveda, energy healing, yoga, and meditation and Tiffany Cruikshank is an international yoga teacher, author and health and wellness expert who holds a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

This course takes a deep dive into the fascia and its relationship with Yin yoga, and Chinese Medicine principles such as using the meridians to support the energetic body.

Yoga Medicine’s in-depth certification program also analyzes scientific literature and papers about meditation’s effect on neurotransmitters, the endocrine system, the immune system, epigenetics, aging, and cognitive effects. You can look forward to studying advanced concepts like neuroplasticity and how it relates to meditation, and more.

The training is composed of 6 parts that include pre-recorded lectures, asana practice, homework, and review. The main topics covered in this comprehensive training are:

  • YIN: TCM foundations & Yin/Yang Theory, Fascia Anatomy & Function in a Yin Practice, Stretching Research & Implications, Joint Anatomy, How to Use a Yin Practice Therapeutically, Anatomy of a Yin Practice: the What, Why, When & How, Detailed Dissection of Yin Poses & Uses, Chinese Medicine Meridians, 5 Elements & Uses, Myofascial Chains, Yin Yoga Sequencing
  • MEDITATION: Mindfulness: A Primer, Meditation: The Evidence Base, Meditation as a Neurocognitive Exercise, Approaching Obstacles in Meditation Practice, Spiritual Path of Meditation, Guiding Meditation: the What, Why, When & How, Focused Attention vs. Open Monitoring, Still vs. Movement, Guided vs. Unguided.

Yoga Medicine school ratings:

Yoga Alliance Overall School Rating4.94/5
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter ScoreN/A
Facebook Reviews5/5
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Yoga Medicine

Yoga Alliance certified – 55 hours Continuing Education credits ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Access the course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

Loka Yoga School

50-hr Yin Certification

Learn the secrets of Yin yoga with the Internationally certified Loka Yoga School and get ready to fall in love with this Bali-based yoga school right from the start! This online Yin YTT designed by experts Taryn, a E-RYT 500, and Yann who holds a BA in Nursing offers a deep and meaningful teacher training. This dynamic duo has been working in the field for more than 20 years and they have taught Yin yoga to  Olympic athletes, circus performers, corporate employees, and more. 

Join this 50 hour online Yin yoga teacher training with Loka Yoga School and look forward to a deep immersion into anatomy and physiology. This fascinating and educational journey will teach you about the theory, history, and science of the Yin practice as well as how to properly sequence a Yin yoga class, proper alignment for Yin yoga poses, and how to adjust your students.

Loka Yoga School's online learning opportunity offers you full-length pre-sequenced Yin yoga classes to bring to your studio or to your online community so that you can start teaching Yin yoga just as soon as you’ve completed the program. Also included is a Yin yoga teaching manual with in-depth instruction and guidance for 64 Yin yoga poses.

Whether you want to learn how to teach Yin yoga or you are curious to learn more about the healing qualities of this style of yoga, Loka Yoga School's training will provide deep enrichment that will help you understand the fundamentals of Yin better and set you up for success as a Yin yoga teacher. This is certainly a Yin yoga online course to put at the top of your list!

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Loka Yoga School
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Yoga Alliance certified – 50 hours Continuing Education credits ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Access the course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

What is Yin yoga and why we need it now more than ever

This may not be new information to some readers, but for others, let's start with what Yin yoga is! Yin yoga targets fascia, ligaments, deep connective tissue, joints, and bones. Whereas Yang styles of yoga target the muscles.

Yin yoga is the opposite of Yang, the invigorating style of yoga that many of us practice regularly, like Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Yin being the opposite of Yang styles, with Yin being more meditative and gentle.

The practice of yin yoga is based on Taoist philosophy and the concept of Qi (energy) that runs through our bodies. By holding Yin postures for say 3-5 minutes as is typical in the Yin practice, you can release blockages and help the Qi, or the energy, flow more freely.

Yin yoga also has physical benefits, like the lengthening of connective tissues and, of course, the ability to achieve deeper flexibility from the long holds in the postures.

The seven archetype Yin yoga poses

Infographic that shows the seven Yin archetype postures: 1. Shoelace 2. Saddle 3. Caterpillar 4. Dragonfly 5. Dragon 6. dog 7. Twist

Takeaway on online Yin yoga teacher training

Yin yoga is one of the most in-demand styles of yoga being requested today. Join a Yin yoga teacher training today to deepen your understanding of anatomy and the facia. Enrolling in a Yin yoga teaching certification course is an ideal way to build out your yoga teaching toolkit.

For further Yin reading check out our detailed post about the Yin yoga props you'll need to embark upon your Yin journey as a teacher or a student. And to discover how to create that perfect Zen space for your Yin practice, check out our tips!

FAQ about Yin yoga

How long does it take to become a Yin yoga teacher?

Yin yoga teacher training ranges from 20 hours to 80 hours. There are no specific requirements for how long a Yin yoga teacher training needs to be.

How hard is Yin yoga?

I personally find Yin yoga to be very challenging. This is likely due to my nature of being more in a Yang state of constant movement. In some ways, Yin requires more patience than other styles of yoga, and patience and stillness can be a pretty big challenge for some!

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