If you're passionate and curious about yoga and want to deepen your practice to prepare to teach others or better understand its ancient science and wisdom, it could be time to take that yoga teacher training (YTT) you've been daydreaming about!

I chose to do yoga teacher training because, at the time, I really only knew about the yoga pose (asana) aspect of yoga. I was literally clueless about the philosophy of yoga. Sure, I could flow through a hardcore Vinyasa class two or three times a week, but I had a feeling I was still missing out on something big, and my intuition was right!

There are literally thousands of yoga teacher trainings you could take. 7,000 of them are registered with Yoga Alliance, and there are more.

Our content is here to help you make an informed choice on a yoga teacher training that satisfies all of your yoga teacher training hopes and dreams! Even though many yogis take multiple certification courses, they're expensive. So ideally, you'll only take each core level course (200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour) just once.

Although traditional yoga teacher training has been done in person, there has been a shift to online yoga teacher training.

Now, core level YTTs (200-hr, 300-hr, and 500-hr) and Continuing Education courses can all be done online.

Choosing to do your yoga teacher training online is the most flexible and low-cost way to go.

This is our ultimate guide to finding a yoga teacher training online in 2024. It includes everything you need to know about 10 of the most highly-rated Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools offering online certification.

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