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Brett Larkin online YTT review

Brett Larkin Yoga Teacher Training – Discover All Of The Details Here

Brett Larkin teaches yoga for the modern world. Join her and go beyond the normal physical asana teachings in her interactive Yoga Alliance approved 200-hr online yoga teacher training program. You will get to learn the time refined strategies she’s used to develop her own online yoga business empire, and more. Read this review of Brett Larkin's online yoga teacher training program and be ready to feel inspired!

Brett Larkin's UpLifted online YTT – join the online yoga teacher training revolution

Brett Larkin is one of the pioneers to offer an online yoga teacher training course. The business-savvy yogi has proven that with technology today it’s totally possible to develop that same in-classroom connection and experience with your teacher and classmates in an online learning environment. Using her proprietary interactive platform Brett connects students with each other from all over the world for weekly online gatherings to interact with one another, ask questions, share tips, and refine each other’s techniques. Sounds awesome, right?!

This mogul has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more and she's certainly one of the most successful online yoga teachers that exists today. By joining her online yoga teacher training you will be given a successful blueprint for success that actually works!

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Brett Larkin Uplifted yoga teacher training online – a unique interactive learning experience
How much does Brett Larkin online yoga teacher training cost

Uplifted online yoga teacher training course certification features
Uplifted online yoga teacher training course costs
Is Brett Larkin registered with Yoga Alliance
Brett Larkin's unique UpLifted approach to learning
What is the duration of the Uplifted 200 hour online YTT
Lifetime online YTT access
Make your yoga teacher calling your career as a registered yoga teacher

Brett Larkin Uplifted yoga teacher training online – a unique interactive learning experience

Brett’s Uplifted online yoga teacher training is a 4 month program that includes over 3 hours of live video conferencing options per week to attend with fellow classmates as well as Brett herself, moderating the group discussions.

Besides sharing her own knowledge she’s amassed from her own education and years of experience, Brett has recruited experts to add even more depth and value to the curriculum. The Uplifted online yoga teacher training includes classes taught by Tom Myers, fascia system expert and author of Anatomy Trains, and to break down anatomy into easily comprehendible classes, Kristin Keal author of MetaAnatomy co-teaches this portion of the course alongside Brett.

How much does Brett Larkin's online yoga teacher training cost

Brett's Uplifted 200 hour online yoga teacher training is priced at $2850 but don't worry, there are multiple payment options to help break the tuition up over up to 6 months with no added cost to the course price. There's no doubt that Brett has built a name for herself and her training, so honestly – this price is justifiable.

Visit Uplifted Yoga Below For:

  • Discount code.
  • 3 free yoga teacher training classes.
  • Sneak peek at the syllabus.

Uplifted online yoga teacher training course certification features:

Cost:$159-$4897 depending on certification
Monthly Payment Plan Option:3 months, 4 months, 5 months
Teaching Certifications:200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour+
Style of Yoga:Hatha
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:Yes
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:18 months

Uplifted course costs:

200 hour yoga teacher training$2850
300 hour yoga teacher training$4897
Pregnant and powerful (for certified yoga teachers – earn CE credits)$159
Pregnant and powerful (for students)$137
Kundalini demystified (for certified yoga teachers – earn CE credits)$595
Kundalini demystified (for students)$395

Uplifted payment plan options:

Pay in full
3 months, 4 months, 5 months (no added cost to tuition)

Is Brett Larkin registered with Yoga Alliance

Brett's Uplifted online yoga teacher training is Yoga Alliance approved. This training meets and in fact exceeds all of the requirements and standards set by Yoga Alliance for graduates to qualify and register with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

This means that after you complete the Uplifted course you will be eligible to have two yoga teaching certificates – one from Uplifted and one from Yoga Alliance should you choose to register with Yoga Alliance.

And let's not forget that Brett was the first to offer online yoga teacher training!

Brett Larkin's unique Uplifted approach to learning

How can you possibly perfect your poses without having your instructor adjusting your poses in person, you ask? As you can imagine, the Uplifted online yoga teacher training has an innovative solution to that too.

Each week students upload images of their poses for feedback from their peers and teachers, and this is a requirement. During your Uplifted teacher training you will be getting constant feedback from the Uplifted educators as well as your classmates. This is really what makes Uplifted different from other yoga teacher trainings.

What is the duration of the Uplifted 200 hour online YTT

This course offers quite a bit of flexibility in terms of how long you have to fully complete the training. From the time you enroll you are granted immediate access to your course materials. Then, you must complete 100 hours of learning online before the live classes begin.

The live class portion are the 4 months when your weekly live Zoom calls with your classmates and educators take place. All live calls are also recorded.

If you are feeling that the Uplifted training is the one for you, I suggest you enroll sooner rather than later to ensure that you can take advantage of the payment plan options and complete your 100 hours of online learning before live classes begin.

An Uplifted online yoga teacher trainee is allowed a maximum time frame 18 months to complete the program. Upon passing exams and completing the curriculum, students receive an Uplifted teacher training certification and can register with Yoga Alliance should they choose.

Lifetime online YTT course access

Although students are given 18 months to complete the course, access to the course is “lifetime access”. I love that with this course you are able to revisit the content as the months and years pass and refresh your knowledge. This is super valuable!

Uplifted 200 hour Online YTT

The modules in the Uplifted online teacher training are expansive. The material covered expounds upon everything from growing a social media audience to studying the sutras, to learning about sanskrit and the science of Ayurveda.

200 hour training includes:

Cardiovascular & nervous system
Chakras and the subtle body
Effective cueing
Fascia system & body reading
Grounding & energy management
Injury management & modifications
Meditation techniques & teaching
Online gameplan & technical training
Pranayama techniques & teaching
Restorative yoga
Sequencing finding your voice
Social media marketing for Facebook & Instagram
Studio classes vs private clients
Tantra Nadis & the Gunas
The yoga sutras
Uplifted™ Alignment
Uplifted™ Body Reading – A 3D approach
Waivers, taxes & getting insured
Yoga, money, business
Yin yoga


Make your yoga teacher calling your career as a registered yoga teacher

I can think of so many people this online yoga teacher training program is perfect for. Someone who lives in a rural area, a globetrotter who never settles down, or a person who needs to learn on their time to be able to balance all of life’s commitments. My reason to opt for an online yoga teacher training myself was for exactly one of those stated reasons!

This online YTT is as rigorous as can be expected from any yoga teacher training, but by joining Uplifted you get to learn on your terms. This is innovation and imagination at work.

If you are ready to turn your passion into your profession or simply dive way deeper into your yogic studies, Uplifted may be the perfect teacher training to begin that journey!

Save your spot in the next Uplifted 200 hour online yoga teacher training today and get started on your 100 hours of required pre-live-class lectures. The next 200 hour course begins in September, 2022. Enroll now to secure your place and get immediate access to all course materials.

Download the syllabus on Uplifted Yoga below to get a discount code plus 3 free YTT classes.

Interested in reading more in-depth online yoga teacher training reviews? Be sure to learn about The Yoga Collective's online yoga teacher training program and YogaRenew's affordable online yoga certification training and DoYogaWithMe's revolutionary online yoga instructor training, too. And if you are really budget-conscious, there are even less expensive yoga teacher training course options that won't even cost you $400 all in.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

Online yoga teacher training is absolutely worth it and it's the new norm. With the sophistication of online platforms you are able to get a very personal and in-depth yoga teacher training experience online. Online yoga teacher training is also, generally speaking, much more affordable than in-person yoga teacher training. And, by attending online YTT you can fit your schooling into your schedule and you get lifetime access to the course materials, in most cases! There are countless premium online yoga teacher training course to seriously consider if you're planning to pursue your yoga teacher training. Be sure to check out all of the various online teacher training options out on The Yogatique.

Is it illegal to teach yoga without a certification?

No, it is not illegal but it would be very hard to become employed as a yoga teacher without a 200 hour yoga teaching certificate. Yoga itself is not a regulated industry, but most studios will require proof of completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training. To find the best and most affordable yoga teacher training options take a look at all of our online yoga course reviews on The Yogatique.



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