Barre Eclipse Online Barre Teacher Training With Adrienne Kimberley Rabena Is Open For Enrollment!

Best online barre teacher training – get in the know about this incredible new opportunity with Barre Eclipse!

We're letting the cat out of the bag about Adrienne Kimberley Rabena (yes the Adrienne Kimberley) and Eric Rabena's (that's right that Eric) new online BARRE teacher training – Barre Eclipse! We thought that you needed to know about this ASAP, and we have the honor of sharing this awesome new training with you! If you've been looking for the best online barre teacher training, we got you!

Let us introduce you to the best online barre teacher training – Barre Eclipse!

We are ecstatic to partner with Barre Eclipse and give you the inside scoop on this one of a kind online barre teacher training! We have truly been fans of Adrienne and Eric for years, so we were elated to discover that they launched a new online barre teacher training course, and we knew that this should not be kept a secret!

Anyone who is familiar with Alo Moves or Adrienne and Eric knows that they come from yoga roots having owned a yoga studio and being yoga teachers themselves for many years. They've recently moved out of the yoga space and into the online barre dimension, raising the bar in the online barre world! This dynamic duo has created successful teacher training blueprints countless times in the past, and now, you're invited to be one of the first to join them in their exciting new venture.

Barre Eclipse online barre training course features:

Cost:$1,495 Sale
Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes, 3 month
payment option
Teaching Certification:5 week Barre Eclipse certification
Style of Teaching: Barre Eclipse Method
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:No
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:4 months

Stand out as a barre teacher by becoming a Barre Eclipse licensed instructor

Adrienne and Eric are the founders of Bohemian Studio in Seattle, WA where, until recently, they had been conducting yoga teacher trainings and yoga classes for years. They are by no means new to creating teaching methodologies that stick, and programs that graduate students who go on to become wildly successful. And this is another one of their co-creations where their creativity comes together in a training that leaves a lasting impression on their students and their students students! Together, with one person behind the lens, Eric, and one in front of the camera, Adrienne, they have created this life-changing training that will catapult your barre teaching career!

Who teaches Barre Eclipse

Adrienne Kimberley Rabena will be guiding you on your barre teacher training journey. Adrienne is also an instructor on Alo Moves, and her whimsical and rhythmical teaching style will have your body burning to the beat while absorbing her heart wisdom and awesome vibes! Learn more about Adrienne on Alo Moves. The authenticity literally pours out of her and she is truly magnetic. By becoming a student of Adrienne's, you will get to soak up her tips, tricks, and secrets that have enabled her to become a highly sought after teacher and successful business owner. She will be your enabler dedicated to your success!

How to get certified to teach barre with Barre Eclipse

The Barre Eclipse online barre training is designed to be a fiery, fresh, and hard 5-week intensive training. By completing this training and transformation you will become that teacher who is known to deliver results while making people feel amazing!

Learn how to teach the Barre Eclipse exclusive stretch sequences, understand the history of barre, and get the inside scoop on the cue counting sequencing strategy that Adrienne uses so that she never miss a beat. As a student of Barre Eclipse, Adrienne will teach you her core philosophy and perspectives on barre and much more to help you master the Barre Eclipse barre methodology. This includes perfecting the foundational method sequencing all while absorbing the empowering language strategies she'll teach you that she personally uses to keep her students hooked on her, and Barre Eclipse. If you've ever taken a class by Adrienne, you know how great she makes you feel!

The Barre Eclipse online barre teacher training includes monthly live mentorship meetings with Adrienne, weekly lectures and workouts, and weekly assessments to ensure you're absorbing it all.

How much does it cost to become a barre instructor with Barre Eclipse

The Barre Eclipse online barre teacher training is currently offered at $1,495 which includes the entire 5-week training course and a 1-month free membership to Alo Moves. They are also offering a 3-month payment plan option should you like to pay for your training in thirds.

How long is the Barre Eclipse online barre teacher training

This online barre TT is designed to be a 5-week intensive training, however, you will have access to the course materials for 4 months, should you need more time to complete the training.

Are. You. Ready?

Pop on over to the Barre Eclipse website below and signup for the free sneak peek to get a behind the scenes look and exclusive access to some of the Barre Eclipse sample teaching courses and check out the vibe!

This new Barre Eclipse online barre teacher training is a one of a kind opportunity. There is no other online barre teacher training on this level. Get into it nowwhile it's on mega sale!

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