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My Vinyasa Practice review, become a yoga teacher online with My Vinyasa Practice & start living your dream!

Updated April 26, 2021

My Vinyasa Practice was created with a mission in mind, and that is to create authentic online yoga teacher training programs at a price that is affordable and accessible to all. Since their inception, My Vinyasa Practice has become a leader in the online yoga teacher training space, creating online YTT curriculums that are thoughtfully procured, well-executed, and priced far below what some other online yoga teacher training programs are priced at. Discover all of the details of this online yoga teacher training opportunity in this in-depth My Vinyasa Practice review.

My Vinyasa Practice is not an online yoga school that popped up overnight. This Austin Texas based yoga studio has been open and operating for years offering yoga classes and yoga teacher training in their space.

In 2020 Michelle Young, the studio owner and multi-decade yoga practitioner, took her well-established yoga teacher training global by offering the training in an online format so that yogis all over the world could enroll in and graduate from her training. And ever since then, this online yoga certification course has turned into one of the best yoga teacher trainings online.

My Vinyasa Practice review – pursue Vinyasa yoga teacher training online My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice offers three levels of yoga teacher training certifications. As a student, you can achieve a 200 hour RYT credential, 300 hour RYT credential, or 500 hour RYT credential. So whether you want to fulfill the basic educational hours to begin your career as a yoga teacher by enrolling in the RYT 200 online course, or you want to go deep and fulfill advanced teacher training requirements, you’ve got all of the options at your fingertips with My Vinyasa Practice's three cheap online yoga certification course options.

Yoga Alliance approved online teacher training with My Vinyasa Practice

The three levels of online yoga instructor courses offered by My Vinyasa practice are all Yoga Alliance approved courses. So what does that mean, exactly? That means that upon graduating from any of the three programs you have the choice to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT or ‘Registered Yoga Teacher'. It is not required for a yoga teacher to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga either online or in-person. But many aspiring yoga teachers prefer to attend training with an RYS or ‘Registered Yoga School' because of the vast network of Yoga Alliance affiliated studios. It is not required that you register with Yoga Alliance, but should you desire to – you have the option to do so upon graduation from this school.

Is My Vinyasa Practice legit

If you've been wondering if My Vinyasa Practice is legit, the answer is absolutely yes! My Vinyasa Practice is legit. By now you've likely gathered that Michelle is a very experienced and highly qualified yoga instructor who holds the highest yoga certification level as well as certificates in many other styles of yoga. My Vinyasa Practice has been in operation for many years and has online YTT reviews about their yoga teacher training on their website that illustrate just how much their former students have loved the yoga teacher training experience with My Vinyasa Practice.

Where can I teach after graduation

This is an exciting time for aspiring yoga teachers as online yoga becomes more popular. There are so many avenues one can pursue as after completing an online yoga certification course. Of course teaching in a studio is an option, but so is creating your own course and community, teaching in the corporate space, or even going on to become a teachers teacher! My Vinyasa Practice also offers online Yin yoga teacher training, should you like to be able to offer more specialized type classes also.

My Vinyasa Practice 200 hour online yoga teacher training course certification features:

Cost:$375 – $840 (depending on certification)
Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes, 3 month
payment option
Teaching Certification:200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour
Style of Yoga:Vinyasa
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:Yes
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:Lifetime
Program Type:Cost:
(if paid in full)
200 hour$375
300 hour$465
500 hour$840

My Vinyasa Practice Payment Plan Options:

Pay in full – save 50%
3-month payment plan

Time commitment required to become a yoga teacher online with My Vinyasa Practice

These trainings offered by My Vinyasa Practice are completely self-paced and can be completed in as little as 8 weeks if a person has a good amount of time each week to dedicate to study and self-practice. But students are encouraged to go at their own pace, and with lifetime access to the course materials, for teacher trainees with busy lives, this is one of the many great benefit of joining this particular school.

The cost of this affordable online yoga teacher training

There are two payment options for you to consider with My Vinyasa Practice – one of which saves you 50% off of tuition! By paying upfront for your course you save 50%. You're also given the option to pay over a 3 month period, which brings the total course cost up (see My Vinyasa Practice for more details). For this similar price point you also have YogaRenew and Siddhi Yoga, both of which offer budget online yoga teacher training.

My Vinyasa Practice 200-hour Online YTT – $375

Join the My Vinyasa Practice 200 hour online yoga teacher training certification program to master the basics! This is an ideal course for anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of the asanas and principles of yoga to enrich their own practice, or for those whose goal it is to become a practicing teacher and pursue teaching as a career.

Learn the foundations you need to guide students through engaging and meaningful yoga classes that change minds, bodies, souls, and spirits!

Your materials will include pre-recorded lectures and the 200 hour YTT manual. Access hundreds of pre-recorded classes and pre-planned sequences for you to incorporate into your teaching. The course also includes an e-copy of The Yoga Sutras and access to an active MVP community made up of other My Vinyasa Practice students, graduates, teachers, and mentors.

Course Curriculum:

History & Foundations of Vinyasa Yoga:
Yoga Sutras & Human Psychology
Cultivating & Nurturing Your Practice
Living Your Karma Through Your Dharma:
Yoga Sutras & Personal Practice
Accessing Our Story & Integrating The Subtle Bodies
Understanding the Panchamaya Kosha System:
Asana Postures & Energetics
Releasing Energetic Blockages Physically & Mentally
Anatomy, Mechanics, & Sequencing:
Alignment As Load Option
Self Reflection
Integrating Mind & Body:
Self Forgiveness & Your body
Finding Alignment & Reading Bodies
The Veils That Blind Us:
The Kleshas, Pinpointing Muscles, & Body Reading
Reflecting On The Kleshas & Postural Compensations
Chakras & Specializing Sequences:
Subtle Body Sequencing
Self Reflection Around The Chakras
Introduction To Specialized Practices:
Sequencing Speciality Classes
Pre Natal Modifications, Yoga Nidra, Yin, and Restorative
Practicum & Certification:
Certification Exam

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My Vinyasa Practice 300-hour Online YTT – $465

This online 300 hour yoga teacher training includes everything outlined above in the 200 hour course, but will also expand your understanding of philosophy, theory, and asanas and deeper understanding of the following principles:

Course Curriculum:

Subtle Bodies
Introduction to Ayurveda
Yoga Nidra
Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
Advanced Sequencing
Prenatal Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga
Trauma Informed Yoga
Adaptive Yoga
Business of Yoga

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My Vinyasa Practice 500-hour Online YTT – $840

My Vinyasa Practice's 500 hour yoga teacher training online is a combination of the 200 hour and 300 hour as outlined above.

Click the link to see if My Vinyasa Practice is offering a special today on 500 hour online YTT.

Takeaway: The My Vinyasa Practice reviews speak for themselves and this is an online YTT the satisfies all requirements to have a great yoga teacher training experience, and then some!

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small percentage should you decide to purchase after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

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FAQ About My Vinyasa Practice:

Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

Absolutely. Online yoga teacher training will give you a solid foundation and the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful yoga teacher or a more educated impassioned yogi! You can expect to have a great overall experience and educational materials that you get to keep for a lifetime.

Can a beginner to online yoga teacher training?

A beginner can do online yoga teacher training. Regardless of whether you are a beginner yogi or an advanced yogi you will need to commit to daily yoga practice during training as part of the curriculum. So post graduation if you were a beginner, you certainly would no longer be upon course completion!


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