Best Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 2023| Best Yoga Schools Thailand – Island Edition

Hey yogi! Great news, Thailand is fully open to all travelers and looking forward to welcoming you as a student in a yoga teacher training in Paradise! Here is a little secret about me, I have spent about 6 years in Thailand, and I am here right now living in the Northern part of the country in a city called Chiang Mai. So if you want to discover the best yoga teacher training in Thailand recommended to you by someone who actually lives in Thailand, this is for you!

In this article I will introduce you to what I consider to be the best yoga certification retreats in Thailand, and I’ll tell you why I think these yoga schools are worth your serious consideration. If you've been considering yoga teacher training abroad, this is for you.

I have been practicing yoga for about fifteen years, and I am a CYT-200 (Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hour). That said, I think I have some valuable insight to offer you on the best yoga teacher training in Thailand based on my years of living in the country and my years of practicing yoga.

Now, assuming that you don’t actually live here, my hope for you is that you have the most amazing, memorable, special, once-in-a-lifetime experience at your yoga instructor training in Thailand. Thailand is truly my favorite country on Earth.

Of course there are countless yoga certification trainer courses being conducted here in the Land of Smiles. And as with everything, some are better than others. There are many from which to choose, but I've distilled it down to just this small list because I believe that there is a training below to suit to everyone.

Life in Thailand is just as fabulous as you might expect, and I am excited for you to experience this amazing SE Asia paradise for yourself! In fact, send me confirmation of your booking via my website contact form and I will personally answer any questions you might have about Thailand to the best of my ability and help you create an incredible itinerary.

So let’s get on with it and get you over here, shall we? The world’s best 200-hr & 300-hr yoga teacher trainings are waiting for your arrival.

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Best Yoga Teacher Training Thailand – 2023

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Yoga School Name:Yoga Teacher
Certifications Offered:
Next 200-hr YTT
Start Date:
Aligned Yoga School200-hr, 300-hrJulyPhuket
All Yoga Training200-hrJulyKo Pha Ngan
Vikasa Yoga Academy200-hr, 300-hrJulyKo Samui

200-hour yoga teacher training Thailand

The yoga schools detailed in this article all offer 200-hour yoga teacher training in Thailand. Consider a 200-hr YTT to be your foundational yoga teacher training. This is where every yogi begins their yoga instructor training journey.

The Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools (also known as RYS's) outlined in this article meet Yoga Alliance standards for 200-hr yoga teacher training. To put it simply, their educational curriculums have been approved by Yoga Alliance, and they meet all RYS 200 core curriculum requirements.

See the image below that illustrates Yoga Alliance RYS 200 educational standards, including the required subjects to be covered in yoga teacher training, and the hours of study and practice for each category.

Upon graduating from any of these trainings, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (also known as a Registered Yoga Teacher) should you choose.

Yoga Alliance RYS 200 standards

Yoga Alliance RYS 200 standards infographic.

300-hour yoga teacher training Thailand

All schools mentioned in this article offer 300-hour yoga teacher training in Thailand as well. If you are already a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, you can enroll in 300-hour yoga teacher training to advance your knowledge and practice.

300 hour yoga teacher training prepares students to teach more advanced principles and techniques of yoga. And the training prepares teachers to teach with greater skill than could be expected of a RYT 200.

As you can see in the image below, many hours of a 300-hr training are made up of contact hours, non-contact hours, and elective hours. This is why 300-hour yoga teacher training gives the lead educators much more freedom than say a 200-hour, where the guidelines are more strict.

Yoga Alliance RYS 300 standards

Thailand Yoga Teacher Training 2023 Island Locations

Best Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 2023

Aligned Yoga School

What: 200hr & 300hr yoga teacher training
When: July 14-25, 2023 (one date only in 2023)
Where: Amatara Resort, Phuket Thailand
Logistics: 1 hour flight from Bangkok

The stars have aligned for you in 2023, yogi! Briohny Smyth and Dice Iide-Klein are reuniting to co-teach together in Phuket Thailand, offering both 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher training! Yes, you read that right, these two are teaching together again at Amatara Resort, no less.

This is without question the best yoga teacher training Phuket happening this year.

This once-in-a-year opportunity takes place in July of 2023 at the renowned Amatara Wellleisure Resort, which is a 5-star wellness escape and sanctuary with every room offering sea views of the gorgeous Andaman Sea.

Both Bri and Dice have been leading yoga teacher trainings around the world for over a decade, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you are familiar with one or both of them. They are sort of household names at this point!

About Bri: Bri has been developing yoga teacher trainings and online yoga content for over 15 years. Bri is known for her strong Vinyasa ladder flow sequencing and her mentorship of yoga teachers who want to take their careers to the next level. Bri is also an instructor on Alo Moves.

About Dice: Dice has been leading yoga retreats and workshops around the globe for 15 years and counting. Dice is known for his creative sequencing, and for helping his students to cultivate and realize their own innate strength. Dice is also a trainer on AppleFitnessPlus.

To study under these two is a true honor and a special opportunity and spaces are, of course, limited.

You are unquestionably in good hands as a student under Bri and Dice and the entire Aligned Yoga School team where you will learn about the foundations of a Vinyasa practice and how to sequence and teach Vinyasa-based flow classes just like Bri and Dice. 

This is a hybrid training in that some of your required educational hours will be completed online, and some of your required hours will happen in-person in Thailand. Aligned has curated an amazing online yoga teacher training, I’ve been through it myself.

You will need to complete 100 hour of online training before the Phuket in-person training begins. So it is best to enroll and get started on that sooner rather than later!

A sample of what the Aligned yoga teacher training certification syllabus includes:

Daily asana practice, inversion & arm balance study, Kirtan & mantra, meditation & pranayama, pose alignment study, sequencing, hands-on adjustments, practice teaching, branding & social media for yoga teachers, business skills for yogipreneurs.

Example daily schedule YTT 200:

  • Morning asana practice & inversion clinic (group)
  • Breakfast & relaxation
  • Sequencing lecture & workshop (group)
  • Inversion & arm balance clinic
  • Asana alignment study & hands-on adjustments (group)
  • Lunch
  • Business & personal development lectures (group)
  • Journaling & evening practice (group)
  • Dinner
YouTube video

Aligned Yoga School, Phuket takeaway:

Training includesAccommodation & 3 meals per day.
1 year access to the Aligned Yoga School online yoga teacher training. Digital manual featuring photos of Bri breaking down each asana accompanied by explanatory text, video lectures, regular live sessions, special guest workshops.
Access to online YTT1 year
Duration10 days (in-person)
Price$5,000 (private accommodation)
$4,500 (shared accommodation)
Payment plan optionsMultiple
Style of yogaHatha/Vinyasa
Yoga teacher certifications offered200-hour & 300-hour
Yoga Alliance Registered SchoolYes
DateJuly 14-25, 2023
enroll Now
Aligned Yoga School

2023 Thailand dates: July ✔️

All Yoga Training

What: 200hr yoga teacher training
When: Multiple dates – 2023 (see below)
Where: The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan Thailand (Ko Pha Ngan)
Logistics: 1 hour flight from Bangkok + 30 minute ferry
Promo: Use code THEYOGATIQUE for $200 off tuition

All Yoga Training which was founded by David Adam, began certifying yoga teachers in 2009. Their 23-day multi-style yoga teacher trainings are held at the most gorgeous locations set in Thailand and Bali.

Since their inception, All Yoga Training has certified over 2,300 yoga teachers in their signature Ashtanga focused All Yoga Training method.

Vari Morales is the lead trainer in the Koh Phangan Thailand teacher training, and he is supported by a team of three experts that specialize in anatomy, philosophy, and asana.

About Vari: Vari has been leading yoga classes and teacher trainings for over 15 years. The New York native is an E-RYT 500 who is known for his magnetic personality, warmth and charisma, and his powerful energy. Vari teaches around the world with a focus on alignment and hands-on adjustments.

For yoga teacher training Koh Phangan, this should be your number one choice!

This Thailand yoga teacher training is held at none other than The Sanctuary in Koh Phangan. The Sanctuary has become a sought out destination for everything wellness and yoga.

Picture yourself waking up with views of a private bay with deep crystal clear waters in which to swim, and a lush jungle backdrop where coconuts just might literally fall at the doorstep of your bungalow. To say this is a magical place for a yoga school to host their trainings would be an understatement.

Although All Yoga Training’s comprehensive yoga instructor course explores Rocket, Yin, and Ashtanga, the main asana teachings are from the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage. So this training is most ideal for yogis who want to learn how to lead strong Ashtanga classes and who seek a physically challenging yoga training certification experience!

As a student at All Yoga Training, you are in the best of hands and led by a team of experts who specialize in their respective subjects. You will also graduate feeling confident and ready to actually teach yoga.

Upon completion of All Yoga Training’s 200hr certification, you will be able to teach the modified primary series of Ashtanga Vinaysa, traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa (intermediate to advanced) and creative Vinyasa flow sequences for all levels.

One of the things that sets All Yoga Training apart is the limited number of spaces offered for each yoga certification course. All Yoga Yoga Training limits their yoga courses to just 20 students per training, making space for each student to receive a lot of personalized attention and have opportunities to connect with each other. So save your spot now!

A sample of what the All Yoga Training yoga teacher training certification syllabus includes:

Yoga at the source, Kriyas, Pranayama & Meditation, Ashtanga vinyasa system, The practice, Asana clinic, Starting to fly, The art of teaching & becoming a great teacher.

Example daily schedule YTT 200:

  • Morning intensive: Pranayama, meditation & asana class
  • Brunch
  • Lecture: Philosophy, Anatomy
  • Lunch break
  • Asana clinic
  • Practice
YouTube video

All Yoga Training, Koh Phangan takeaway:

Training includesWorkbooks, charts, asana catalog, sequences, cue cards, All Yoga Training yoga teacher training manual.
Duration23 days (in-person)
Price$2,950 (free accommodation for the first 10 students)
Multiple cabana options to choose from (not included in price above).
Payment plan optionsMultiple
Style of yogaAshtanga focused
Yoga teacher certifications offered200-hour
Yoga Alliance Registered SchoolYes
Dates 200-hr
Dates 300-hr
July 26th – August 17th, September 1-23
N/A in Thailand
enroll Now
All Yoga Training
Use code THEYOGATIQUE for $200 off tuition

First 10 students to book receive a free accommodation offer on all All Yoga Trainings ✔️
2023 Thailand dates: July/October ✔️

Vikasa Yoga Academy

What: 200hr & 300hr yoga teacher training
When: Multiple dates – 2023 (see below)
Where: Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui Thailand (also spelled Ko Samui)
Logistics: 1 hour flight from Bangkok
Promo: Use code YOGATIQUE100 for $100 off tuition

Vikasa Yoga Academy put it best by stating that their yoga teacher training is where passion meets paradise. The word Vikasa means evolution in Sanskrit, and students who have graduated from this acclaimed yoga teacher training institution all attest to the evolution they underwent during their yoga teacher training at Vikasa Yoga Academy in Koh Samui.

This yoga instructor course in Thailand is one of the most respected courses offered in Thailand.

Picture yourself training on the picturesque island of Koh Samui located in the Gulf of Thailand in the Vikasa Yoga Retreat sala, which is the largest overwater yoga sala in all of SE Asia! Vikasa Yoga Retreat has rooms to suit all tastes from simple bungalows to sensational sea view villas.

Vikasa was founded on 11.11.11, and their 200hr yoga teacher training is led by Vikasa’s founder, Kosta Miachin who is supported by seasoned and highly-qualified senior-level teachers. This dynamic group of yoga educators promise to take you on a journey of self-inquiry where you will learn how to tap into your intuition and stimulate your creativity.

About Kosta: Kosta’s dedication to his own evolution began in his home in Eastern Europe, and his journey of transformation has taken him to remote Himalayan ashrams, healing camps in India, to his initiation by a master monk in Thailand. Kosta is certified with Yoga 23, Sivananda Yoga, Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Andiappan Yoga and Universal Yoga. He has trained thousands of yoga students, and his concise, direct, adaptable, and authentic modern approach to yoga has made him a leader in the field.

Over the past 10+ years in business, the team at Vikasa Yoga Academy has certified over 1,000+ yoga teachers. And in doing so, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of raising the global vibration by walking side by side with all of their yoga teacher trainees on their path of transformation.

The Vikasa Yoga Method is based on classical Hatha yoga lineages with elements of Taoism and Himalayan Buddhism woven throughout the teachings. Learn to teach over 200 poses in the foundational 200h yoga teacher training.

Vikasa Yoga Academy registered with Yoga Alliance in 2012. They have over 150 reviews on both Yoga Alliance and Google with a cumulative average rating of 4.5 of 5 stars written by past yoga teacher trainees, many of whom praise Vikasa as being a life-changing experience. 

The Vikasa Yoga Academy online yoga teacher training is included in the tuition for all students training in Koh Samui.

A sample of what the Vikasa yoga teacher training certification syllabus includes:

Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Bandhas, Sequencing, Alignment, Philosophy, Anatomy, Methodology, Lifestyle.

Example daily schedule YTT 200:

  • Asana/Pranayama
  • Brunch
  • Rest, digest, personal time
  • Group dynamics/self-study
  • Theory/methodology
  • Yoga practice
  • Dinner
YouTube video

Vikasa Yoga Academy, Koh Samui takeaway:

Training includesAccommodation & 2 meals per day.
Lifetime access to the Vikasa Yoga Academy online yoga teacher training. Workbooks, charts, cue cards, asana catalog, sequences, Vikasa Yoga Method yoga teacher training manual.
Access to online YTTLifetime
Duration30 days (in-person)
Price$3,500 (not including accommodation)
Multiple cabana options to choose from, or choose to stay off-site.
Payment plan optionsMultiple
Style of yogaHatha/Vinyasa
Yoga teacher certifications offered200-hour & 300-hour
Yoga Alliance Registered SchoolYes
Dates 200-hr
Dates 300-hr
April 2-30, July 2-30, October 1-29
May 7th -June 11th, November 5th – December 10th
enroll Now
Vikasa Yoga Retreat
Use code YOGATIQUE100 for $100 off tuition

2023 Thailand dates: April/July/October ✔️

FAQ about yoga teacher training in Thailand

Where can you study yoga in Thailand?

You can study yoga at the 77 yoga schools in Thailand that are registered with Yoga Alliance. These RYS's (Registered Yoga Schools) are located throughout the country from North to South, East to West!

Can you work in Thailand as a yoga teacher?

If you fall in love with Thailand and decide to stay (like I did), you can teach yoga in Thailand as long as you obtain a proper working Visa and get a work permit to work legally in the country. It is not recommended to teach yoga in Thailand without having a work permit.

How long can you stay in Thailand as a tourist for yoga teacher training?

The length of time you are allowed in The Kingdom of Thailand will depend on what type of passport you hold. Americans, for example, can enter for 60 days with no visa required – this is called a visa exemption. A visa exemption works like this -you are granted 30 days on arrival + an option to extend your stay for another 30 days by going to an immigration office.
If you think you would like to stay longer than 60 days and you are physically located in your home country, you can likely apply for an e-visa online aka a Tourist Visa online. A Tourist Visa will allow you in Thailand for a total of 90 days – 60 days on arrival + the option to extend your stay for another 30 days by going to an immigration office. Learn about Thailand visa programs for all nationalities here.

Why is Thailand a popular choice for yoga teacher training?

Thailand has become a mecca for yoga teacher training schools partly because of the Thai hospitality that the country is famous for. Thailand is extremely safe, life is laid back, and the general cost for items like local food, transportation, and accommodation is dirt cheap compared to the West.

Aside from that, Thailand produces amazing local fruits which are obviously great for yoga teacher trainings and detox centers, and the climate is pretty dreamy – assuming you enjoy tropical weather. The lush nature of Thailand provides the perfect environment to connect with Nature and disconnect from everything else.

What you will learn in a 200-hr yoga teacher training in Thailand

All of the yoga schools detailed above are registered with Yoga Alliance. This means that their curriculum meets or exceeds the Yoga Alliance standards of required study and practical hours for designated core subjects that Yoga Alliance has deemed essential to be included in yoga teacher traininng.

Aside from the requirements outlined below, look forward to delving into topics such as pranayama, bandhas, chakras, nadis, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and much more.

Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga teacher training standards infographic.

Why becoming a yoga teacher today is a great career choice

I hope that this article about the best yoga teacher training in Thailand has inspired you to go for that yoga teacher training you've been long considering!

As well as enriching your life on both a physical and a personal level, becoming a yoga teacher in now is a great career choice. And with the popularity of online yoga courses, communities, and platforms your opportunities are limitless if you're ready to get creative and become an online yogipreneur!

The statistics below from a 2019 poll of 2,000 yogis courtesy of Eventbrite prove that more yogis than ever want to practice more (they need a yoga teacher), are new to yoga (they also need a yoga teacher), or are also practicing yoga online or using a yoga app (still need a yoga teacher). And here are even more statistics about yoga to persuade you to take the leap!

Yoga teaching career opportunities infographic shows that 65% of people want to do more yoga.
Yoga teaching career opportunities.

There are big opportunities in the yoga industry and I wish you the ultimate success.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small percentage should you decide to purchase after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!



Heather is the visionary behind The Yogatique - her passion project. Heather is CYT-200 (with Aligned Yoga), a practicing yogi of more than 15 years, a global citizen, a life optimizer, and a lifelong learner. She created The Yogatique to assist yogis in finding premium online yoga teacher trainings & classes that are affordable and accessible to all.

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