What To Expect In Online Yoga Teacher Training + 5 Things To Know About Getting Certified Online

Are you an aspiring yoga teacher who is on the fence about whether you should take yoga teacher training online or in person? Have you been Googling what to expect in yoga teacher training? I've got the answers for you.

As a CYT-200 who graduated from Briohny Smyth's Aligned online yoga teacher training, I've got some first-hand experience to share with you based on my own online yoga teacher training experience.

As you may know, 2020 exploded with online yoga teacher training courses (also referred to as online YTT’s), and becoming a RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) online is now the way to do yoga teacher training.

If you’ve been considering becoming a yoga teacher by taking an online YTT, you're about to learn five things to expect if you start your training today!

In this article, I share what to expect in yoga teacher training + why you should choose an online certification course.

I explain why becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor online makes the most sense, and how to find the yoga teacher training program that's perfect for you.

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Offers

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Certification
  • Lifetime access

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5 things to expect when you first start your online yoga teacher training

1. You'll get immediate access to your training so you can start training right away

Once you’ve enrolled in your yoga teacher training you'll be given login credentials to access the course – immediately!

The course will be split up into segments or learning modules. These modules are recorded lectures featuring the lead educators covering all of the required subjects of yoga teacher training, and more.

Each section or module ends with a quiz to test your aptitude. Don’t stress about the tests! What I loved about the online learning format was that I could zoom in, rewind, and pause. I could practice a pose over and over with the manual right there in front of me and the video to watch multiple times until I felt I had it right.

I also appreciated watching some of the yoga theory lectures multiple times. Because, frankly, some of these concepts are pretty deep and complex!

Yogi study tip – download a flashcard app to your phone, and as you’re moving through your online yoga certificate course create flashcards so that you can study yoga anatomy anywhere and everywhere!

2. You're joining a virtual & global community with your YTT peers

Most online Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools (also called RYS's) have private Facebook groups that you should join right away.

In the FB groups, you can interact with your classmates and lead educators and ask questions about yoga poses or even about the topics covered in the lessons. You can even use these groups to get study tips or to talk about yoga travel.

People would often post practice teaching videos they had uploaded to YouTube for feedback in my YTT FB group.

I've noticed that many graduates stay in these FB groups long after they've graduated and post about things like sample class sequences, questions like how to price their classes, questions about how to create classes for certain demographics, and other topics that only come up among yoga teachers. The groups are a serious goldmine for yoga teachers.

5 things to expect in online YTT: 1. You'll get immediate access to the training 2. You'll meet other trainees from around the world 3. You'll get lifetime access to the course 4. You'll have the chance to study under world-famous yogis 5. You'll learn how to create a global community and following from experts.

3. You'll get lifetime access to the course, so use it

Unlike in-person YTT where once the course is over, it's over (!), most online yoga teacher training courses offer a minimum of 12 months of access to the materials. Others offer lifetime access to course materials. This is a big perk to take advantage of.

4. You'll have the chance to study under world-famous yogis in private workshops

The opportunity to study under world-famous yogis might be one of the biggest reasons why people choose to get certified to teach yoga online.

Oftentimes, course creators collaborate with other yoga teachers and bring them in for special live workshops. Make sure to check your school's monthly calendar to see the upcoming workshops so you don't miss out.

5. You'll learn how to create a global community & following from experts who have successfully done it

Yoga teachers who have created online courses have perfected the skill of creating online global communities. Briohny Smyth, for example, is an Alo Moves instructor and an online yoga teacher training course creator with a huge Instagram following.

In the business portion of the teacher training, you'll study under yogis who have mastered creating online communities. You'll then learn how to create your own community.

Brett Larkin, a pioneer in the online yoga teacher training space, has declared that her online yoga membership platform and online YTT courses have created a seven-figure business. Yes, you read that right. You'll want to pau close attention in all business modules if you want to become a mogul!

You can expect to pay less for an online certification

In case you're not aware, online yoga teacher training is much more affordable than a traditional yoga training course. You can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by opting for an economical online yoga teacher training.

The lowest price you’ll find for generic online teacher training is about $400. A high-end training like Brett Larkin’s training, is about a $2,700 investment. And there's every price point in between.

But you don't need to worry too much about the financial investment because virtually all online yoga teacher training courses offer payment plan options with no interest or added cost to tuition.

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How long it takes to get certified online

200-hr yoga teacher training is typically completed within six weeks to about six months, whereas a 500-hour yoga teacher training online can take 6-9 months.

How long it takes to complete a 200 hr online yoga teacher training is determined by you, the student. You can complete an online yoga certification course in as little as three weeks if you have the time and dedication. But on average, it will take longer than that.

Use the table below to gauge how long you might take to complete yoga teacher training based on your availability.

Yoga teacher training completion timeline estimator

How many hours/week
you can dedicate to online YTT
How long it will take you
to complete online YTT
55hrs/week4 weeks
25-30 hrs/week8 weeks
20 hrs/week12 weeks
12-15 hrs/week3-4 months
10-12 hrs/week5 months
9-10 hrs/week6 months
6 hrs/week9 months

Levels of online yoga training

There are three types of core yoga teacher training courses: 200-hr, 300-hr, and 500-hr. Registered Yoga Teachers must also meet Continuing Education requirements to maintain their teaching credential once they are certified.

200-hour yoga teacher training is the foundational training every yoga teacher completes first before moving on to more advanced certifications. This is the most common level of yoga teacher training that yoga schools offer. Not all schools offer 300-hr & 500-hr training.

If you are already a RYT-200 you can advance your teaching credential by completing a 300-hour training. To enroll in a 300-hr YTT, you must be certified a the 200-hr level first.

Select yoga schools offer a 500-hour yoga teacher training course. For the most part, those are simply a combination of the school's 200-hr and 300-hr teacher trainings.

After you’ve completed your basic 200-hour training, you’ve met the requirements to move onto special yoga training, such as Yin, Kids, Special Needs, etc. The options are literally limitless! 

Takeaway on what to expect in yoga teacher training online

I hope that after reading this article, you have a better idea of what to expect in yoga teacher training and you are feeling confident that you can look forward to an amazing, high-quality, affordable, and flexible learning journey in online yoga teacher training and there are a million opportunities that await you on the other side of certification!

If you are ready to take that next step in life towards ultimate success as a yoga teacher, join an online YTT to begin your yoga teacher training journey today for far less than you might expect!

If you still have more questions about online YTT check out this post that answers common questions about yoga teacher training – it might surprise you!

FAQ about yoga teacher training

Can a beginner do yoga teacher training?

A beginner can do yoga teacher training, but it is advised that you are very familiar with the basic yoga poses and that you have a consistent and established yoga practice.

How intense is online yoga teacher training?

Yoga teacher training is pretty intense but in a good way! Trainings cover topics including anatomy and physiology, techniques, philosophy, history, and yogi lifestyle.

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