How to Create a Zen Yoga Space For Yin Yoga – The Essentials List

Woman sitting in meditation in Zen yoga space.
How to create a Zen yoga space

Tips To Turning Your Zen Yoga Space Into An Oasis For Yin Yoga And More

Balance and peace are key when trying to create Zen in your life or a Zen yoga space. The word ‘Zen’ is Japanese for meditation, but when we talk about Zen in yoga, we are referring to the practice of yoga without expectations for the end result. This is almost a meditation-style peaceful practice of yoga that is used a lot by people practicing and developing their mindfulness.  Let's look at some easy ways to create a Zen yoga space in your home.

Just like it is very challenging to read a book in a crowded and loud room, mindful ‘Zen’ yoga is almost impossible to do in a room full of distractions and clutter. I want to help you to create a peaceful Zen yoga space that will help you improve more than just your yoga skills, but also help you get into a peaceful headspace for your practice.

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How to create a Zen yoga space
What is the best color for a Yin yoga room
Yin yoga for the ultimate manifestation of Zen

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How to create a Zen yoga space

Yoga rooms are meant to be quiet spaces clear of clutter and distracting objects, but you don’t have to keep it as an exercise-only room. Dedicating a small area in the room for something peaceful that you love will suffice and can transform that part of the room into your sanctuary.

How to create a Zen space – your new Zen den – some ideas for some essentials that will convert any space into your oasis

1. Create a Zen corner

If your yoga space is large enough, adding a quiet sitting area or Zen corner is ideal for focusing on the present. Consider putting a Balinese style wooden low table “Altar” in this space to embellish with some of your favorite tokens from your travels. Or perhaps put other small trinkets that remind you why you are there in that space and committing time to yourself and your health. These can be things like incense, a journal, mala beads, candles, and of course a Buddha statue would make it complete.

Add a plant shelf with a purifying  ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas)or a hanging Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) which is also air purifying. And add some bamboo into the mix and a small bowl rock garden.

2. Yogi accessories – blocks, yoga mat, towel, bolster pillow and strap 

Having a well-equipped yoga space is ideal for serious yogis. We’ve found that the more we get into the practice, the more yoga props we want. To really deepen your practice, the bare essentials are well known – 2 blocks and a mat are what you will need, in the least. But if you’ve ever tried practicing without blocks, you likely wished that you had them when you’re straining in reverse triangle or revolved half-moon.

Blocks can be used to both deepen a pose or as support. In either case, blocks are beneficial. A yoga mat goes without saying and by the way, why not treat yourself to one that is high-quality and eco-friendly? When thinking back on all of the mats we’ve gone through, we wish we would have invested in something long-lasting long ago. A yoga towel is absolutely ideal, especially if you live in a tropical climate – a micro-thin towel does the trick to get a good grip. A bolster pillow – ahhhh, so often overlooked but so appreciated by the body. If you haven’t done Yin yoga, do try it out – and have a bolster on-hand for the ultimate Zen Yin experience.

3. Meditation pillow  

A mellow yoga room is the best place to meditate or practice mindfulness. A meditation pillow should be comfortable and inviting but not too big and not too small but just right. And add some extra pillows in to enjoy the space comfortably even when you’re not meditating and to draw you there.

What is the best color for a Yin yoga room

Choosing a color for a yoga room isn’t as easy as it sounds. Certain colors subconsciously trigger senses, which could be another way of distracting you from what you’re doing. Various shades of purple and light pink are popular shades for a yoga room. These are also emotionally neutral colors to use that is recommended by yoga experts all over the world. But really, whatever colors soothe you the most are the most ideal for you.

Yin yoga for the ultimate manifestation of Zen

Zen and Yin, a symbiotic relationship. Discover more about the secrets of getting the body into a Zen relaxed state by learning more about Yin yoga. Yin yoga is for anyone and everyone who wants to getting deeper into their bodies by practicing long holds of Yin yoga postures. Yin yoga is a fascinating yoga style to learn more about, and the complete opposite of Yang styles of yoga which are flow styles, such as Vinyasa, that many of us practice so much of.

Participating in yoga can improve your physical and mental health. In order to get the most out of your yoga sessions, you should take the time to set up your yoga space so that it is as calming as possible.

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