12 Best Virtual Online Yoga Membership Subscriptions + Best Online Yoga Classes 2023

At-home yoga workouts to transform your yoga practice

You're not alone if you're frequenting your favorite yoga studio less often these days, but that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on attending quality yoga classes or drop your standards. Because now, the best yoga teachers are teaching online! You can sweat it out and stretch it out like never before right there on your own living room floor by simply signing up for the best online yoga classes.

I've got all of the stats and critical need-to-know info on the best virtual yoga studios and best online yoga memberships, and I'm pretty excited to share my findings with you. If you've been looking for comprehensive reviews of the best streaming online yoga platforms and yoga websites, take a seat and keep scrolling to discover the Best Online Yoga Memberships that you need to try today.

Unlimited streaming of the best online yoga classes at your fingertips

The popularity of online yoga has skyrocketed in recent times, but actually, online yoga has been an emerging industry for a few years now as companies like Glo, Do Yoga With Me, Alo Moves, Yoga International, YogaDownload, and many others have been recruiting the world's best yoga teachers while building robust online yoga subscription platforms that host thousands of online yoga classes.

But to find the Best Online Yoga Classes requires trying and testing to uncover them! With the options for online yoga memberships now ranging in the dozens, I've created online yoga reviews to help you choose.

Beginner and advanced yogis alike may question the caliber of instruction that they can expect to find in an online yoga class. And until recently, I might have agreed that to really get a good yoga session in or to learn the basics, it would be best to go into a studio and take a class. But now, you can learn the essentials, or get a hardcore yoga workout in online with a premium online yoga subscription membership.

The kind of workout experience you can expect in online yoga classes

You can expect cinematic and highly sensorial yoga class experiences online. You can also expect to be under the guidance of some of the most experienced yoga teachers on the planet because the internet brings them right into your world!

You can practice with the best yoga instructors on your laptop, phone, tablet, and TV. You can also practice anywhere…anytime because most online yoga memberships have mobile apps, and many of them have downloadable classes, too.

Whether you're glamping or globetrotting, at your cabin on the lake, or visiting your favorite hidden beach in Thailand that doesn't have reception, you can still get your yoga fix. The only thing required is you and your yoga mat. Being able to take your yoga practice “offline” and bring your favorite yoga instructor with you wherever you go are two big advantages of signing up for an online yoga subscription.

And not to mention the fact that you can pause it, replay it, zoom in or slow it down for a virtual yoga pose tutorial whenever you please. Or even take certain classes over and over again should you like them that much – this may happen more than you might expect. And unlike YouTube yoga classes, online yoga subscriptions all offer an advertisement-free experience.

Now, let's find the best online yoga membership for you!

12 Best Online Yoga Classes To Join Now

Online yoga subscription:Monthly price:
Alo Moves$12 (w/discount)
My Vinyasa Practice$25
The Yoga Collective$11
Man Flow Yoga$30
Yoga International$20

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Learn about YogaVibes online yoga classes in this review of YogaVibes online yoga classes.
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The Yoga Collective online yoga class review. Learn about the online yoga classes this Southern California based online yoga studio offers.
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Udaya Review
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Alo Moves is home to a very impressive roster of internationally renowned yoga instructors that includes Dylan Werner, Briohny Smyth, Ashley Galvin, Patrick Beach, Emily Sferra, Carling Harps, and many others.

The filming and sound quality behind the Alo Moves productions are second to none. We've taken countless classes on Alo Moves and have yet to take one that we haven't taken more than once.

Alo Moves has really been focusing on producing series lately, and Josh Kramer's recently released series, The Limit, is the perfect series for anyone who wants to level up their strength game.

Besides yoga, Alo Moves offers barre, HIIT, meditation, skill-building, fitness, strength-building, pilates, and pretty much every other fitness class you could ever want in a fitness app.

With our special 25% off offer, it doesn't get any better. Use code THEYOGATIQUE25 for 25% off Alo Moves.

Number of Classes:2,700+
Number of Teachers:112
Monthly Cost:$12/month (normally $20)
Best For:Beginner-Advanced
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:25% off annual membership

Use code THEYOGATIQUE25 for 25% off annual membership.

Join Alo Moves for 25% off!

  • 100 new workouts added every month.
  • 2,700+ existing online yoga & fitness classes.
  • Train with the world's best yoga instructors & fitness trainers at home!

Use code THEYOGATIQUE25 on Alo Moves below.

MyYogaWorks may not be a new name to you, having long established themselves as one of the premium online yoga membership options for years now. For $29/month you can practice with the world’s best yoga teachers in the comfort of your own home and get access to 30 LIVE yoga classes every single day.

MyYogaWorks offers Vinyasa, Yin, Pilates, Restorative, and many more different workout and yoga styles that will satisfy all of your fitness needs in one place! And they have really created an excellent online class experience. The classes are consistently good, and the website itself is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The filming quality is also high-level and the instructors are all top-notch.

You won't find any other online yoga platform that offers this many LIVE classes like MyYogaWorks does. If you like variety, sign up for their 14 day free trial and try out some of their LIVE classes for yourself!

Number of Classes:1,700+
Number of Teachers:50+
Monthly Cost:$19-$29
Best For:All levels
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:60% off all-access membership

Use code ACCESSYOURBEST for 60% off the all-access membership.

YogaDownload is one of the internet's go-to resources for pilates, fitness classes, online yoga, meditation, and more. YogaDownload offers unlimited yoga classes at an unbeatable price, which has kept this industry pioneer at the top of the lists of premium online yoga studios year after year.

The beginners' area on YogaDownload is a gold mine with their expansive beginner section for beginner yogis, and if you're a more advanced yoga practitioner who thrives on yoga challenges, YogaDownload has plenty to keep your competitive self engaged with yoga. And with the LIVE yoga class option, you will simply never run out of fresh flows by joining YogaDownload.

Number of Classes:1,600+
Number of Teachers:104
Monthly Cost:$12-$18
Best For:Beginners
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:N/A

YA is a one-stop shop for everything yoga, including online yoga classes. Besides the fact that YA is creating premium at-home workout experiences, what I love about YA is their awesome plant a tree program. For every 3 yoga classes their members complete, a food-bearing tree is planted in Africa by Trees for the Future – how amazing is that?! 

This mission-driven platform offers hundreds of meditation, fitness, and vinyasa flow classes, on-demand and live led by experienced, high-energy, and highly-qualified instructors. With over 50 teachers to choose from including Bizzie Gold of Buti Yoga, and Daniel Scott, there is no shortage of fun and dynamic flows to jump into.

Members can also join programs that take care of all of the decision-making when it comes to choosing classes! Members can also jump into the live online yoga classes that are offered at least twice a week live, and also available for replay.

The annual membership with YA is super affordable at just $79 (40% less than paying monthly) and being that YA allows for free unlimited downloads via their app, this is a great choice for an affordable online yoga membership subscription.

Number of Classes:300+
Number of Teachers:104
Monthly Cost:$10
Best For:Beginners-Intermediate
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:N/A

My Vinyasa Practice

If you’ve been researching the best online yoga classes and online yoga teacher training certification courses you may have come across My Vinyasa Practice. This hybrid yoga studio offers it all, yoga courses and classes – online and in-person. 

My Vinyasa Practice is one of the most popular online YTT’s that aspiring yoga teachers turn to for their 200hr, 300hr, and 500hr teaching certifications (learn more about their online teacher trainings) and recently, MVP has branched out to offer daily online yoga classes led by their expert and experienced yoga instructors. 

While My Vinyasa Practice may not have amassed a thousand class catalog at this point, they do have a few hundred classes available to you now, and they are steadily adding new yoga and meditation classes every day in a range of styles. On a Monday, for example, you might expect to see a Yin, Meditation, Kundalini, and Vinyasa class all available for you to join live. On the schedule throughout the week MVP also offers some styles that are harder to find online like Chair Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

What we especially appreciate about MVP is the quality and consistency of the instructors. It’s a small crew, and you can count on them being highly qualified! We also like that most of the flows are 60 minutes whereas some other online yoga platforms are moving more towards 30 minute classes.

Number of Classes:300+
Number of Teachers:10
Monthly Cost:$24.99/month
Best For:Yoga & meditation
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:No
The Yogatique Promo:N/A

Omstars is like the Netflix of yoga. With over 3,000 classes to choose from and a LIVE class option, an Omstars yoga membership will keep you healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Omstars was founded by Kino MacGregor who is one of the most recognizable names in yoga. The Omstars network has been busy building an all-encompassing and powerful platform that includes workshops on topics such as anatomy and physiology, and trauma.

Omstars also hosts challenges and yoga drills as well as wellness series on essential oils, raw foods, vegetarian eating, and more. For Ashtanga yoga practitioners there’s really no other better online yoga studio to turn to than Omstars having been found by Ashtanga legend, Kino, herself.

With our special 44-day free trial offer you've got nothing to lose and strength to gain by joining Omstars. Use code Yogatique for our special 44 day free trial.

Number of Classes:500+
Number of Teachers:147
Monthly Cost:$14.95/month
Best For:Ashtanga
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:No
The Yogatique Promo:44 day free trial

Use code Yogatique for special 44-day free trial.

YogaVibes brings the best online yoga studios right into your house on one platform. Unlike other online yoga memberships, YogaVibes hosts a multitude of brick-and-mortar yoga studios that each offer classes in one central online location – YogaVibes.

Currently, YogaVibes has partnerships with 7 yoga studios that are located throughout the United States. What we love about this unique concept is the variety of classes that are available on YogaVibes because each of the yoga studios, and all of their teachers are so different.

Besides taking yoga classes, you can also join a number of intensives on everything from the principles of alignment to therapeutic yoga.

Take advantage of our special offer of 50% off discount to discover if you vibe with YogaVibes. Use code theyogatique for 50% off.

Number of Classes:2,000+
Number of Teachers:94
Monthly Cost:$9.97/month or $15/month
Best For:Intermediate
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:50% off first 12 months

Use code theyogatique for 50% off.

The Yoga Collective online yoga class review. Learn about the online yoga classes this Southern California based online yoga studio offers.

The Yoga Collective

The Yoga Collective embodies the Westcoast Vinyasa style. We love the intense and sweaty flows that we’ve come to expect when stepping onto our mats under the guidance of any of the world-class yoga instructors teaching on The Yoga Collective.

These two Southern California-based sister studios offer it all when it comes to an online yoga subscription. This includes, online yoga teacher training, and LIVE online yoga classes, too.

The Yoga Collective truly is a boutique yoga studio gone digital. And to top it off, we have a special offer for you for The Yoga Collective – 25% off annual or monthly membership. For just $11.25/month you can take unlimited premium yoga classes – that is a deal that is too good to pass up.

Use code Yogatique2020 for 25% off.

Number of Classes:950+
Number of Teachers:37
Monthly Cost:$11.25/month (with our discount)
Best For:Intermediate – Advanced
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:25% off annual or monthly membership

Use code Yogatique2020 for 25% off.

Udaya brings a cinematic yoga experience right into your home. Practicing on Udaya is an overall sensory experience with their flawlessly executed production paired with inspiring music as the backdrop to class.

We believe that an engaging yoga class is key to keeping us on the mat – without it, it’s just too easy to let the mind and body wander.

Udaya has been around for nearly a decade, consistently pumping out 5 quality yoga classes led by their world-class instructors each week for their members to join.

We have a special 3-month free trial offer for you to Udaya. Just click the link below to visit Udaya and you will be taken directly to the free 3-month trial offer signup page.

Number of Classes:1,600+
Number of Teachers:108
Monthly Cost:$18.99/month
Best For:Intermediate
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:No
The Yogatique Promo:3 months free membership

Just click the link below to visit Udaya and you will be taken to the free 3 month trial offer signup page.

Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga is for those yogis who are interested in strength-based yoga without the spirituality!

MFY's classes are taught by MFY founder, Dean, and Dean's ability to explain poses and break postures down in ways that even the most novice yogi can understand make Man Flow Yoga a great place for even the most inflexible of men to begin their yoga journey.

MFY is a very bespoke type of online yoga subscription that especially appeals to men, but is really for anyone. This is a great yoga membership to join if you want quick 30 minute classes that are simple, beginner-friendly, and focused on building strength and core muscle stability.

Get 20% off any subscription membership plan on Man Flow Yoga by using code theyogatique.

Number of Classes:380+
Number of Teachers:1
Monthly Cost:$29.97
Best For:Beginners
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:20% off any subscription membership

Use code theyogatique on the checkout screen for 20% off any Man Flow Yoga subscription membership.

As mentioned in the intro, Do Yoga With Me is the perfect launch place for those who are new to the practice. Do Yoga With Me doesn't have some of the frills such as a mobile app or live classes but it makes up for that in their quality of online classes and a highly experienced roster of teachers.

DoYogaWithMe is not a glitz and glam kind of online yoga subscription platform, it has that earthy, organic, rooted and authentic kind of vibe. And at $10/month, the price can't be beat. In 2020 DYWM also launched online yoga teacher training – for aspiring teachers, we highly recommend considering DoYogaWithMe's online yoga teacher training.

Number of Classes:700+
Number of Teachers:28
Monthly Cost:$10
Best For:Beginners
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:No
The Yogatique Promo:N/A

Yoga International is without question one of the most established and well-known online yoga subscriptions in existence.

Yoga International is a great place to learn the basics and beyond. They've created a great user interface, recruited some of the best yoga instructors, and they offer downloadable yoga classes and a massive treasure trove of online yoga workouts that tops 1,900 classes and counting!

If you're looking for a legit online yoga membership, Yoga International is absolutely worth exploring. Besides being able to improve your physical practice, there are also plenty of learning opportunities about Ayurveda, personal transformation, and yoga therapy found in their massive library of articles.

Yoga International also recently launched their online yoga teacher training led by Rocky Heron and Noah Mazé, get all the details of that program in our deep dive.

We've got an entire 30 day free trial to Yoga International to offer you. Just click the link below to visit Yoga International and you will be taken to the extended 30 day free trial offer signup page.

Number of Classes:1,700+
Number of Teachers:500+
Monthly Cost:$19.99
Best For:Beginner – Advanced
Downloadable Classes to Flow On the Go:Yes
The Yogatique Promo:30 day extended free trial

Just click the link below to visit Yoga International and you will be taken to the extended 30 day free trial offer signup page.

What is the best online yoga subscription for beginners?

We'll get to more of that below, but Do Yoga With Me is a great resource for beginner yogis who want to learn yoga online. Do You Yoga is also a great resource, but DYWM has a good selection of yoga videos for beginners that is pretty hard to top. They have created great yoga video pose tutorials and they have an extensive yoga glossary.

For beginner yogis who are building the foundation of their practice at home, it is important to observe your teachers and tune in to yourself. Typically I would recommend that a beginner enrolls in an entire beginners course or beginners yoga series and sticks with online yoga classes for beginners for a bit. Beginners' yoga courses might even just focus on one or two postures during each class until all of the foundational poses have been explained, demonstrated, and practiced. And that's ok, you'll get there!

I recommend giving yourself time to go through the process of learning yoga basics and practicing the postures that are new to you over and over again between classes before moving on to flow classes.

You'll want to really focus on and absorb all of the cues from your instructors when you're learning. ‘Tuck this', ‘engage that', ‘lengthen out', are examples of normal cues and regularly used vocabulary in a yoga class. By taking the cues and tuning in to your body, you can make subtle changes in your yoga poses that make all of the difference.

Where to find free yoga videos

Again, honorable mentions for free yoga videos go to Do Yoga With Me. YogaDownload also offers free yoga videos and free online yoga classes for beginners as well. Why not check them both out and give them both a go? They are free, after all.

Who offers LIVE online yoga classes?

Actually, I've got an entire post dedicated to LIVE online yoga classes for you. If you're looking for LIVE yoga classes online, check that post out to discover the best streaming yoga subscriptions with LIVE class options. In summary – Omstars, The Yoga Collective, Glo, YogaVibes, and YogaDownload are all offering LIVE stream yoga classes.

Where to take online yoga courses

Most all online yoga subscriptions offer courses. They may call them ‘series', ‘programs', ‘shows', etc, but ultimately, they are all online yoga courses. Courses are typically included with your membership unless they are advanced courses, in which case they may have a cost associated with them.

Courses are an ideal way to level up your skill level or help you have more structure in your yoga practice by establishing a daily yoga habit and committing to joining a course. However, some online yoga studios are more course-oriented than others – Alo Moves, for example, is consistently producing new series for their members to join.

The best online yoga subscriptions are convenient and cost-effective

Ok, so the convenience of online yoga classes mentioned above is one thing, but the price is another. You can become a member of a premium online yoga membership studio and be led by the world's best yoga teachers for the same cost as 1 drop-in yoga class.

And here's another tip that you might not be aware of – all online yoga memberships offer unlimited access, and this includes free unlimited download access. Does that mean you can keep these classes on your hard drive forever? No. But what you can do is download them onto the yoga subscription's app for you to access (until you cancel your membership – then you can no longer access those downloaded classes, either of course).

At the high-end of the spectrum an online yoga subscription will cost you $35/month. At the low-end, you'll be paying $11/month and there's every price point in between.

Yep, for $35/month, at max, you can totally overdose on yoga, should you like! A morning flow and evening flow followed by an evening meditation every single day are all possible for an entire month for the same cost of 1 drop-in in-studio yoga class.

Now, it is true that you can find free yoga online on YouTube, but you will not find the same quality and variety of instructors or the vast class variety on YouTube, and that is just a fact. Paid online yoga subscription memberships are organized, consistent, and very high quality. 

What is the best online yoga class?

The answer to this is very subjective. Premium online yoga studios will have something for everyone. Some yoga subscriptions may be better resources for beginners than others, while some might be more Vinyasa focused and therefore not as ideal for a Yin yoga lover.

Honestly, the best way to discover the Best Online Yoga Class for you is to take advantage of the free trial offer that each of the yoga subscriptions below offers. Give them a test run, so to speak. And by doing this, you can actually rack up some months of free yoga classes if you take advantage of the trial periods methodically (just don't forget to cancel)! You will likely find that some online experiences resonate with you more than others. This is why it's great to have options.

Can you do online yoga for free?

Yes, you can do online yoga for free. Some online studios (see below) do offer free yoga classes online, but they may only give you access to certain classes and not the entire website for free. Because the prices of premium online yoga studio memberships are very reasonable, we recommend just splurging on your favorite one. Treat yourself! Skip that extra latte a week and treat your body to some movement instead.

Discover online yoga teacher training

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, you can now become a certified yoga teacher online! Online yoga teacher training is the new normal, and it is highly possible that you can study under your favorite yoga instructor now without needing to travel to Bali or India. Online YTT programs have become very advanced in recent years, and you can now even take specialized YTT courses online like Yin. Discover more about our picks for the top online TTC's and low-cost teacher training if yoga teacher training is calling you.

Is yoga teacher training on your radar?

Online Yoga Teacher Training Offers

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Accreditation
  • Lifetime access

Click below to discover the best Yoga Alliance certified online YTT's to join now!

Takeaway: For $10-$20/month you can learn yoga online and practice with the best yoga instructors in the world from your living room or your lake house. Online yoga memberships give you access to unlimited premium yoga videos and at-home yoga workouts that will deepen your existing yoga practice or help you learn yoga if you are new to the practice.

Yoga is a practice where the body and breath are flowing together in synchronicity while the mind observes. It is a deeply personal movement and an expression of oneself that has no place for comparison. Don't forget that your fullest expression of a pose, is just perfectWe hope that this article has helped you find your flow!

Two more honorable mentions not listed but worth exploring are TINT Yoga and Yoga Anytime.

Basic to intermediate yoga pose guide

If you are brand new to yoga, these poses below will be ones you will likely soon master with your own expression by repetition! As well as getting acquainted with the poses below, we encourage you to look at Yoga Journal's pose guide, and most importantly, listen to your body.

Basic yoga pose guide for online yoga classes.
Basic-Intermediate yoga pose guide.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!



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