Alo Yoga’s Must-Have Hoodies – The Alo Sweatshirts You Need This Season

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Alo Yoga's hottest women's hoodie and sweatshirt looks

Hey babes. Shopping for the perfect hoodie or cozy cute sweatshirt? Alo’s got you. Let's take a look at the hottest looks from this trendy yoga apparel brand that you can easily go from the studio to the street in the same ensemble. Let's look at Alo Yoga's need now sweatshirts and hoodies being that there's no denying that Winter is approaching us again.

Alo – Air, Land, Ocean

Alo, which stands for Air, Land, Ocean has committed to remaining sweatshop free as well as upholding sustainable environmental production practices which is a huge reason to support the Alo Yoga brand in particular. Watch the video above to learn more about their commitment to the environment and their people.

In fact, the brand has earned a globally-accredited platinum certification from WRAP, an independent watchdog company which verifies that the Alo production facilities operate in ethical ways.

Alo Yoga has become so wildly popular because of the quality and craftsmanship behind every product, and because they are an environmentally aware brand that is committed to ethical practices.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Haley Baldwin have all been seen wearing Alo sporting Alo Yoga pants and tops. They're all about this boutique athleisure wear line that is committed to creating flattering, long-lasting items using honorable manufacturing processes.

Alo is also a trend setter when it comes to releasing new seasonal colors and looks. They love to keep us on our toes waiting for their next new weekly “drop” that drops you guessed it…every week! Alo Yoga's form flattering fit and signature fabrics simply can't be beat.

Alo Yoga's other essential yoga items

Did you know that Alo Yoga is not just about apparel and jewelry? It is also the company behind the best online platform on the planet, Alo Moves. Get whipped into shape in no time flat with their massive selection of online yoga videos, barre classes, HIIT and other at-home fitness workouts.

Seriously, if you want a sleek physique check Alo Moves out, and get our exclusive 25% off offer. And if you're going to get serious about yoga, you'll need a serious yoga mat to match. Obviously Alo Yoga is making high quality sustainably produced and ethically manufactured yoga mats too. They've got their famed Warrior mat and their Chakra mat, which is one of the best yoga mats with a non-slip grip.

Let's shop Alo Yoga’s hottest hoodies of this year, shall we?

Hoodie culture is like couture these days and if you’re not in the know about it, you need to be. Every designer is making hoodies and everyone is wearing them. Pretty much every fashion line has gone into creating apparel that we like to refer to as “sweat chic”. But Alo Yoga is doing it especially well. Kendall Jenner rocking the collection is a sure sign that wearing a sweatshirt is definitely sexy. 

To be honest, we don’t love all of Alo’s sweatshirts, only most of them. Some of the Alo Yoga jumpers just aren’t our jam so we’re not featuring the whole collection, only our faves.

Alo Yoga crop-tops, slouchy sleeves, boyfriends and more

Alo Yoga Protection Hoodie

Alo Yoga Chill Pullover Sweatshirt

Alo Yoga Bae Hoodie

Alo Yoga Double Take Pullover Sweatshirt
Alo Yoga Muse Sweatshirt
Alo Yoga Cropped Warm Up Pullover Sweatshirt

What do you think? Do you need one of those or what?! Take a peek and check them out to see all of the latest colors and style variations.

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