Essential Yin Yoga Props and How To Use Them

Yin yoga props. The props needed for Yin yoga.
Essential props for Yin yoga

How to use yoga props in Yin yoga to support your practice

Unlike “Yang” forms of yoga such as Vinyasa, a Yin yoga class might include a menagerie of yoga props to assist the body in melting into Yin postures. One of the key points of Yin yoga is to find that edge where the body is relaxed but still working, and linger there. It is suggested to be about 80% deep into a posture in Yin yoga as to really work into the facia and tissues without putting too much strain on them to cause injury, of course. Yin yoga props help to achieve the body getting into that sweet spot of intense stretching without the straining. A Yin yoga class will inevitably incorporate a number of props into the practice. Let's look at the various ways that Yin yoga uses props.

Many newcomers to the Yin practice might think that because Yin yoga is not a flowing style of yoga that it is more meditative. And while any style of yoga could be linked to meditation or even considered moving meditation, Yin yoga can actually be quite challenging. Holding yoga poses for several minutes can really challenge the mind and the body, and that's where props come in! To alleviate the challenge for the body, anyways. To learn more about the basics of Yin yoga, we have several articles that dive into various aspects of the Yin practice.

The purpose of yoga props in Yin yoga

Yin Yoga has a great informational section that elaborates on the proper uses of yoga props in Yin yoga, where they also describe their purposes.

Increase stress in desired areas
Decrease stress in desired areas
To create length and space
To make certain postures accessible 
To provide support: when the bones feel supported the muscles can release

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How to use props in Yin yoga & Yin yoga props list

Mexican Blanket
Blankets can be used to add warmth and comfortability.  Blankets can go under the knees or add extra padding anywhere that’s needed or even be folded up in a cylinder-like shape to be used similarly to the way a bolster would be used.

Yoga Blocks
In Yin yoga blocks can be used as support to help the muscles release tension to get deeper into a posture, like a seated forward fold with blocks under the knees.

Yoga Bolster
Bolsters can be used in a variety of ways to support the bones such as placing a bolster under the chest in a wide legged straddle or placing the leg over a bolster in a lying supine twist position where 1 leg is extended on top of the bolster pillow and crossing over the body.

Yoga Cushion
Cushions can be used to help relax into half pigeon pose by placing the cushion out in front, under the chest to fold down over.

Sandbags can be used to add weight, an example of this could be adding a sandbag onto each thigh in butterfly pose to assist in the opening of the hips.

Yin yoga props

How to use yoga props – beyond Yin yoga

You can get quite creative with yoga props and in fact, you can substitute many regular household items for a yoga prop, too.

Yoga blocks can be used to increase the stress in upward facing dog by placing the blocks under the hands to create more space between the hips and the floor. Blocks can also be used in assisting with wheel pose by putting them under the hands and making the floor closer.

A bolster can be placed under the frontal hip point area to assist in bow pose and can also be very useful in pigeon pose to relieve pressure from the bent leg hip.

Yoga wedges are ideal for those who slip, even if they have a non-slip mat. There will be no hand slippage on a cork wedge!

A yoga wheel is also very versatile and can be used under the thoracic spin area or, if you’re feeling daring you can balance on top of a yoga wheel in a squat position with the feet facing outwards.

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