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Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – A Yoga Mat Like No Other

Alo Yoga's best selling Warrior Mat is an absolute necessity to take your yoga practice to the next level. The thickness, grip, and quality of the famous Alo Yoga Warrior Mat will have you rooted and grounded, flowing, and flying. Discover what makes this mat a must below!

If you're like us, over the years you've perhaps collectively spent hundreds of dollars on yoga mats that needed to replaced all too often. Well, that trend stops now with the investment in an Alo Yoga Warrior Mat. Save your money and the environment with your Alo yoga mat purchase!

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – what makes this mat better than the rest

Materials that last
Dual-sided non-slip grip
4.2mm thick padding for cushiony comfort
Ethically manufactured, sustainably produced
Custom color collection like no other – currently offered in 9 colors
2 sizes to suit every body
Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – Black Matte

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – Pink Tie Dye

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – Black Camo

Materials that last

The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat is made with an all-natural rubber bottom and an antimicrobial bacteria-resistant polyurethane leather top. According to Leafscore's article all about toxins found in yoga mats, all-natural rubber mats are especially known for their great grip. Hence the unbreakable bond you'll feel with your Alo Yoga Warrior Mat! Alo's best selling mat is also PVC free, formaldehyde-free, and non-toxic (whew)!

Dual-sided non-slip grip

The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat will have you holding that peak pose like a pro and staying rooted and strong in your warrior 2 longer than ever. The secret? Alo's dual-sided non-slip grip. If you've attended an Alo Moves online yoga class, then you've witnessed this magic mat in action as all of the Alo Moves yoga instructors use the Warrior Mat, too. Even in a hot yoga class, you'll be sticking those poses like a pro on this professional yoga mat.

4.2mm thick padding for cushiony comfort

Cushiony comfort is a must for those long 90-minute yoga classes we love. We've all experienced that moment when we're in low lunge, camel pose, or the like, and our knees feel like they're directly on the floor. Give your knees and your whole body a break with this generously padded 4.2mm yoga mat. The standard yoga mat on the market is 3.3mm thick, so Alo invites you to spend more time on your mat with an extra millimeter of plushness.

Ethically manufactured, sustainably produced

As well as creating long-lasting, fashionable, and functional yoga mats and apparel, Alo Yoga is an ethical company. The Alo Yoga brand truly cares about their global workforce and maintains high standards pertaining to controlling the negative impact their production processes may have on the environment. Alo Yoga is 100% sweatshop free, certified by Wrap, the #1 independent watchdog company.

Custom color collection like no other

Express yourself and connect with your originality! The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat collection is currently available in: Black Matte, Jungle (jungle green), Smoky Quartz (rose pink), White, Eclipse (midnight blue), Black Camo, Powder Pink, Tie Dye Pink & Dove Gray (foggy gray).

2 sizes to suit every body

The Alo Yoga Warrior mat is available in two sizes – standard and long. Standard: 6.2ft x 2.2 ft x 4.2mm & Long: 7ft x 2.2ft . 4.2mm.

Cost of Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

The Warrior Mat series typically cost between $100-$130 dependent upon limited edition color and size. But, here's a little secret – if you sign up for the Alo newsletter, you will get an instant 10% off. And, Alo offers installment payments on all of their products!

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