Akasha Yoga Academy Review – At 50% Off, This Online Yoga Teacher Training Is One You Need In On

Akasha Yoga Academy, What Makes This Online Yoga Instructor Certification Course So Life Changing

Empower yourself and unveil your born teaching potential with Akasha Yoga Academy’s 200 hour online yoga teacher training certification course. In this yoga teacher training online you will have the opportunity to come to understand your body and movement better than ever before! Learn special yoga teaching techniques that will set you apart and make you stand out and shine as a yoga teacher! Master the art of teaching the asana practice and tap into your inner wisdom on this in-depth online YTT journey. Read on and get to know the details about this special online yoga teacher training opportunity in this comprehensive Akasha Yoga Academy review.

Spoiler alert…this training is currently being offered at 50% off!

The Yogatique Critique: Akasha Yoga Academy Online Yoga Teacher Training Review

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Who are the creators of Akasha Yoga Academy
Akasha yoga teacher training, a unique educational experience
What style of yoga is taught in the Akasha Yoga Academy 200 hour online yoga training
Does Akasha Yoga Academy offer a Yoga Alliance certification
The cost to become a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 online with Akasha Yoga Academy
Akasha Yoga Academy reviews
Akasha Yoga Academy online yoga teacher training curriculum outline

Akasha Yoga Academy online yoga instructor course features:

Cost:$1750 Sale – 50% off
Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes
Teaching Certification:200 hour
Style of Yoga:Hatha
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:Yes
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:Lifetime

Who are the creators of Akasha Yoga Academy

There's no doubt that the three individuals you are about to be introduced to have created one of the best online yoga teacher training courses in existence right now. Under the guidance of Akasha Yoga Academy founders Kirsten and Burkhard who are supported by Deveda, a veteran teacher of yoga, pranayama, and meditation for over 15 years in India, you are studying under master yoga teachers at Akasha Yoga Academy. All three of your guides on this deep yoga learning journey are at minimum qualified Yoga Alliance RYT-500 teachers (Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher – 500 hour). That means that they’ve each at least completed a Yoga Alliance approved 500 hour yoga teacher training.

Both Kirsten and Burkhard have over 5,000 hours of intensive teaching experience, and Deveda is a 35 year practitioner of yoga and hails from India, the birthplace of yoga. Kristen and Burkhard have devoted thousands of hours studying and learning various styles of yoga including hatha, kundalini, ashtanga and vinyasa. And the duo have also extensively studied pranayama, alignment, sanskrit, meditation and the yoga sutras. 

Akasha Yoga Academy’s new online yoga teacher training opportunity

To learn yoga theory and the yogic way of life from such an incredible, insightful, and experienced team is not an everyday opportunity, until now! Akasha Yoga Academy began accepting students in their online yoga school in 2020 and the reviews speak for themselves. To date, Akasha Yoga Academy has certified over 600 yoga teachers through their programs, creating a long list of Akasha Yoga Academy ambassadors and instructors that reside and teach world-wide. 

Akasha Yoga Academy teacher training, a unique educational experience

The goal of Akasha Yoga Academy is to close the gap of separation that our modern day cultures have evolved into. To cultivate and foster the idea of community and unity. The master yoga teachers at this yoga school have put their heart and soul into this yoga institute in hopes to help unify humankind.

What style of yoga is taught in the Akasha Yoga Academy 200 hour online yoga training

The predominant style of yoga focused on in Akasha Yoga Academy’s YTT 200 online course is breath-based hatha, of which the instructors draw most of their teaching wisdom from the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

Who is Krishnamacharya

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya is widely regarded as the father of modern day yoga and the architect of Vinyasa yoga. He was an influential Indian yoga teacher who lived to be 100 years old and trained some of the most well-known yogis such as BNS Iyenger, whom Akasha Yoga Academy has a direct relationship with. Krishnamacharya’s approach is a multi-faceted approach to wellness. An approach that includes the asana component, the spiritual component, and the ayurvedic component.

The teachers at Akasha Yoga Academy took an all encompassing approach when curating this course. This course goes far beyond the physical aspect of yoga.

Expect a full immersion experience while earning your yoga certification online

Even though this training is online you can look forward to the feeling of attending a full immersion style yoga teacher training. This immersive experience is created by the strong online community that Akasha Yoga Academy has built, the one on one coaching calls that are offered to all students, and the live classes that all yoga teacher trainees are invited to attend. This is truly an online learning experience like no other.

The rich and meaningful curriculum personally developed by the academy deeply explores yoga anatomy and yoga alignment while also focusing on helping you to develop the teaching skillset and teaching methods that will enable you to go on to become a successful and sought after yoga teacher.

Does Akasha Yoga Academy offer a Yoga Alliance certification

Yes, attending Akasha Yoga Academy affords you the option to register with Yoga Alliance upon course completion. Akasha Yoga Academy's curriculum has been approved by Yoga Alliance, and upon completion of this virtual yoga teacher training you will have the option to register with Yoga Alliance should you choose.

Currently Yoga Alliance has extended their provision to allow graduates of online RYS (Registered Yoga Schools) until December 31, 2021 to register with YA upon program completion. However, this date could quite likely be extended again or indefinitely. Meaning that even if you complete this online yoga instructor training after December 31, 2021 you would still be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) if the extension is once again extended past December 31, 2021. Read more about the Yoga Alliance provision.

The cost to become a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 online with Akasha Yoga Academy

At $850USD this is one of the more affordable accredited online yoga teacher training certification courses. And, you have the option to pay in full or to select their 3 month payment plan.

Akasha Yoga Academy reviews

The reviews of Akasha Yoga Academy by former yoga teacher training students speak for themselves. With testimonials like “Literally the best month of my life! The journey of self-discovery was unbelievable!” and “The Teacher Training is amazing….with how much love and authenticity you get prepared to be a yoga teacher, just AWESOME and not describable in words.” 

With an average rating of 4.8 of 5 stars on Yoga Alliance, this YTT is worth serious consideration. Marry that with 50 4.9 Google reviews and countless reviews from other verified and reputable review sources, and there is no room left for doubt as to the greatness of their online yoga courses! 

And if you’ve yet to be convinced, the Akasha Yoga Academy Instagram gives you a sneak peek into the academy with insightful images and videos of everyone on the team.

Akasha Yoga Academy online yoga teacher training format

This course is completely self-paced, but it also offers a couple of structured learning path options should you like structure. 

Students can choose a 4 week accelerated course learning path, a 12 week medium paced learning path, or a completely self-paced learning path. Regardless of the path you choose you’ve got daily Zoom calls at your disposal and lifetime access to course materials. 

Upon enrollment you will receive a 700 page training manual, (talk about comprehensive) and you will also gain access to the learning management system which holds 200 pre-recorded video modules. And then there are the live Q&A sessions, Zoom calls, and mentoring sessions to assist you in your learning journey.

Akasha Yoga Academy RYT 200 online – $1750 (sale)

Akasha Yoga Academy online yoga teacher training curriculum outline:


60 hour of Asana
20 hours of Pranayama
15 hour of Meditation


40 hours of yoga anatomy & posture study
50 hour of lectures on applied philosophy & history
Teaching technique & instructor skills

Teaching Methodology:

Personally supervised practicum assignments 
Guided prep, video recording & one-on-one feedback
Marketing, networking & how to get started

Personal Guidance and Fun:

Various interactive elements such as daily live Q&As
Community forums, private Facebook group & chats
Bhajan chanting & more

Akasha Yoga Academy’s online yoga teacher training curriculum inclusions:

Practice and Theory:

Asanas & alignment training, cleansing breathwork, heart meditation, practical philosophy, art of living, chakras

Anatomy and Posture:

Advanced asanas & pranayama, bandha, applied Yoga anatomy, teaching skills, adjustment training & posture study

Yoga Physiology: 

Scripture Study: Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, purification, Yogic diet, sequencing, teaching of own 60-minute Yoga class

Practicum and How To Get Started As A Yoga Teacher:

History of Yoga, self practice, own teaching of a 90-minute Yoga class, marketing & networking

Your course materials are awaiting you as soon as you enroll! Join Akasha Yoga Academy's online yoga teacher training today for 50% off and begin your yoga teacher training journey.

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