The 3 Best 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses You Can Do Today

Three 300 HR Advanced Online YTT's Accepting Students Now

So you’ve already completed your 200 hour yoga teacher training and you’re still curious and wanting to learn more and wondering what’s next? Well, what’s next in your yoga teacher training journey is a 300 hour online yoga teacher training certification course, which is exactly what this post is about! If you’ve been searching to find out more information on the best and most authentic and unique 300 hour online yoga teacher trainings then read on to discover the world’s best 300 hr online YTT’s developed by textbook authors, world-famous yogis, and established in-person yoga teacher training schools.

A 300 hour yoga teacher training goes beyond the surface. Advanced 300 hour YTT (yoga teacher training) courses are for the student who is curious, dedicated, and committed. There are many yoga schools that offer 200 hour yoga teacher training, which you will be required to have completed as a prerequisite for a 300 hour program, and there are a few schools offering advanced 300 hr RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification courses too.

To enroll in a 300 hr yoga teacher training you must first be certified at the 200 hr level. Once you have completed your 300 hour certification course, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 500 (assuming all certification courses you have attended are Yoga Alliance affiliated – more info on that below).

In this article, we’ll explore the best 300 hour online yoga teacher training certification courses and we’ll take a look at the course requirements as designated by Yoga Alliance, and the differences between 200-hr RYT and 300-hr RYT certifications. 

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of choosing the perfect yoga teacher training certification course, this is for you!

3 Best 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses You Can Join Now

Course Name:Yoga Teaching Certification Offered:
Aligned Yoga with Briohny SmythRYT 300
Mark Stephens YogaRYT 300
Yoga Farm IthacaRYT 300

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How much does a 300 hour yoga teacher training cost?
How do I become a 300 hour yoga instructor?
Some options for 300 hour online yoga teacher trainings in India
What do you learn in a 300 hour yoga training?
Yoga Alliance 300 hr RYS standards
What does RYT 300 mean?

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How much does a 300 hour yoga teacher training cost?

300 hour yoga teacher training is pricier than a 200 hr TTC (teacher training course), there’s no doubt about it. So what are a few of the deciding factors that seem to determine the price of the course? A big influence on the course cost is the reputation, popularity, and prominence of the yoga teacher whose course it is. It costs more to study under experienced instructors, educators, and facilitators which comes as no surprise!

An experienced yoga teacher has more to add to the course based on…well, their experience! Yoga teachers and educators who have been running global yoga retreats for years or who have authored books or who have been certifying teachers for years, such as the educators you’ll be introduced to below, have a rich base of knowledge and scenarios to draw upon to create unique and authentic 300 hour yoga trainings. And all of that comes with a price tag, but it's worth it!

How do I become a 300 hour yoga instructor?

To become a 300 hour yoga instructor you need to complete both a 300-hr and a 200-hr YTT certification program. A 300 hour yoga teacher training certification course builds upon the knowledge you learned in a 200 hour YTT, so that is why you first need to have learned the core teachings included in a 200 hour teacher training.

Some options for 300 hour online yoga teacher training in India

The question of online yoga teacher trainings from yoga schools based in India comes up often. For students based in India, or for students who would like to study under Indian teachers, Siddhi Yoga International has been running in-person yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh India for many years, and they offer a 300 hour online yoga teacher training program.

What do you learn in a 300 hour yoga training?

A 300 hour training is much more customized than a 200 hour certification course. This is in part because the trainee has already learned the fundamentals of the practice and teaching in their previous course. So schools that are offering 300 hr programs can really tailor their trainings to focus on what they as educators value. 

That said, Yoga Alliance has created educational standards that RYS’s (registered yoga schools) that are running advanced yoga teacher training programs, see below for the breakdown of YA (Yoga Alliance) requirements for RYS 300 courses.

When you read the 300-hr course descriptions below you will get an idea of how customized they really are, it’s really interesting! This is where personal choice comes in and where you’ll want to decide on what you value and want to dive deeper into in your studies.

Yoga Alliance 300 hr RYS standards

Image courtesy of Yoga Alliance
Area of Study:Required Learning Hours:
Techniques, Training and Practice50 hours
Teaching Methodology5 hours
Anatomy and Physiology 15 hours
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers30 hours
Practicum30 hours
Remaining Contact Hours and Elective Hours80 of the 270 Contact Hours are assigned to specific Educational Categories. The remaining 190 Contact Hours are distributed amongst the Educational Categories based on the training’s focus.

What does RYT 300 mean?

The title of RYT 300 means that the yoga teacher has successfully completed a 300 hour yoga teacher training from a school that is registered with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance uses the acronym RYT for regisered yoga teachers and RYS for registered yoga schools for teachers and schools that are adhering to their teacher and training guidelines.

All of the schools below are registered with Yoga Alliance, so upon course completion you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 300 and as a RYT 500 (200hr training+300 hr training = 500 hrs of training). Learn the differences between RYT 200, RYT 300, and RYT 500 here.

3 Best 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses To Join Today

1. Aligned Yoga with Briohny Smyth

The internationally known, and wildly successful yogi and entrepreneur, Briohny Smyth, is now offering 300 hour online yoga teacher training at the yoga teacher training academy she founded, Aligned Yoga, and this course is a life-altering educational opportunity. Read about my experience with Aligned Yoga for my insight on her style.

Bri’s teaching style is captivating and informative, motivating and fun. Her career in yoga spans over a decade in the industry where she has become somewhat of a household name. You may remember her from the Equinox commercials, or you may practice with her on Alo Moves where she teaches Vinyasa flow-based classes. For building proper alignment and strength, there’s really no one better to turn to. Bri has also been leading yoga retreats globally for about a decade, too.

Why choose Aligned Yoga's 300 hour online YTT:

Besides Bri’s refined teaching methodology and her very clear style of communication which translates to deep knowledge absorption by her students, another component to Bri’s course that is really special is your opportunity to learn how to build a community from a master at just that! The business aspect of yoga is one area where some trainings fall short, but not this one. Bri has built a brand around her name and she’s got one of the largest social media followings of any yogi on the planet. What that equates to is reach. In this digital era especially, learning how to build a community is essential. Bri has become very successful at teaching online and launching her online yoga school as well, so there’s just so much to learn from her in terms of digital entrepreneurship.

The Aligned Yoga 300 hour online yoga teacher training online is completely self-paced and you’ve got 1 year to move through it. Oh, and a fun little perk is that by becoming a student of Aligned Yoga you get a free 1-year membership to Alo Moves too! Through this course, you will study creative sequencing for different levels, go deeper into theories on meditation, pranayama, and contemplation, learn how to build a career in the yoga and wellness space, and more.

Bri’s online community of students is one that is very engaged and interactive. The Facebook group is alive with Q&A and sharing, and inside the learning platform itself, Bri is personally answering every question that arises from her students who are moving through the modules.

Take a look at the Aligned Yoga website and signup for the free day with Aligned Yoga to get a first-hand feel of what a day in the life of an Aligned student is like!


  • Yoga teaching certification offered: 300 hour RYT
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: Yes
  • Self-paced learning.
  • Course material includes written materials, video lectures, live sessions, and a 1-year free subscription to Alo Moves.
  • Personalized mentorship with Bri available as an add on.
  • Payment installment option available.

Get started on the course whenever you're ready upon enrollment.

2. Mark Stephens Yoga

5 times best-selling author and yoga textbook creator, Mark Stephens, has entered into the online yoga space, and his 300 hour online yoga teacher training certification is truly one of the most distinguished and extraordinary online YTT courses you can opt for. 

Mark has been leading yoga teacher trainings around the world for 20 years, and now with the launch of his online advanced yoga teacher training, you don’t have to travel around the world to study under him! You can now study under this highly esteemed international trainer at your own pace in your own space – online.

Mark’s published books include: The Art of Sequencing, Teaching Yoga, Yoga Adjustments, Yoga Therapy, and Yoga for Better Sleep. Mark has been practicing yoga since 1991, he’s a Certified Yoga Therapist with a background in academia. In 1997 Mark founded Yoga Inside Foundation, bringing therapeutic yoga classes to poorer inner cities, prisons, and treatment centers throughout the United States. Following that, Mark founded the L.A. Yoga Center and Santa Cruz Yoga.

Why choose Mark Stephens Yoga 300 hour online YTT:

This yoga teacher training program created by and facilitated by Mark focuses on what he calls the five essential elements of teaching yoga. This includes: practical anatomy & physiology, ancient roots and modern philosophies, refined teaching of Asana, pranayama & meditation, creative sequencing, and specialized teaching.

In this course Mark shares his extensive knowledge of yoga history, philosophy, physiology, anatomy, Eastern and Western theories on consciousness, and many other topics that he has studied at a very deep level.

This 300 hour yoga teacher training online is meant to be completed over an 8 month period and it has a definitive start date of January 8, 2022. Even though this is a completely self-paced program, every other week you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Mark and your peers on Zoom for Q&A.

Browse around on Mark’s website and take a look at the free 1 hour video where his enthusiasm and expertise are very evident! This video offers a good idea of what the lecture portions of the training are like. There is also a free info session that you can register for, too.

This opportunity only happens once a year, and you’ve got a bit of time to decide if it’s right for you. But then the opportunity won’t present itself again until 2023!


  • Yoga teaching certification offered: 300 hour RYT
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: Yes
  • Self-paced learning.
  • Course material includes printable workbook, 67 page anatomy workbook, 100 page Asana workbook, 38 page sequencing workbook, video lectures, live group sessions.
  • Payment installment option available.

This course begins on January 11, 2022. Enroll now to save your spot, space is limited.

3. Yoga Farm Ithaca

What I love about Yoga Farm Ithaca is the authenticity in everything they create, do, and stand for. This yoga Farm Ithaca 300 hour online training is live, deep, and interactive. Yoga Farm Ithaca’s 300 hour online yoga teacher training program is called Luminous Warrior and it combines elements from Hatha, Vinyasa, QiGong, Breathwork, and ‘Effortless Meditation’. The idea is to dive into those concepts and really learn to master and embody them throughout the duration of the course.

Christopher Grant RYT500 and Daniela RYT500 who are two of the lead educators and directors of Yoga Farm Ithaca lead you through this 300 hr online yoga training certification, each bringing 20+ years of teaching experience to the training.

Why choose Yoga Farm Ithaca's 300 hour online YTT:

Using the Yoga Farm Ithaca’s signature Awareness Keys Curriculum, this advanced teacher training course will focus on developing, aligning, and strengthening your head, heart, and core centers of energy.

By following the Awareness Keys Curriculum you will be going on a journey deep into self-growth and self-improvement. The intention of the Awareness Keys Curriculum is to help yoga teacher trainees tap into how to better respond and act in every situation and moment in life, on and off the mat. By being able to better embody the feelings of calm, clear, centered, and open as a teacher, which will transcend into your teaching style and you will be able to have a meaningful impact on your students. Yes, this is deep!

Yoga Farm Ithaca’s advanced 300 hour yoga certification course is held over a 4 month period, and although it is optimized to be a live online YTT, all classes are recorded and available for replay. To wrap the session, students will design a teaching project to present in order to become certified at the 300 hour level.

With a further look at Yoga Farm Ithaca on their website, you are bound to be intrigued by their master teachers and the beautiful course they have created.


  • Yoga teaching certification offered: 300 hour
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: Yes
  • Move through the course over a 3 month period with a tight knit class.
  • Course material includes videos, reading, workbooks, handouts, and lectures.
  • Payment installment options available.

This course begins on February 20, 2022. Enroll now to save your spot, space is limited.

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