Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Farm Ithaca’s 4 Amazing 200hr And 300hr Online YTT’S

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Yoga Farm Ithaca is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and popular yoga teacher training schools having over 400 5-star reviews on Yoga Alliance and operating very successful yoga teacher training courses for years. What sets Yoga Farm Ithaca apart is authenticity, and the heart and soul that is poured into everything that they do and create.

The educators at Yoga Farm Ithaca are committed to creating unique and memorable teacher training experiences that do more than just prepare their graduates for a career teaching yoga.

Their courses have the power to literally change the lens through which their students see life forever. Through a new, or clearer, lens of love and acceptance, Yoga Farm Ithaca graduates complete their course ready and radiate their vibrant energy and newfound knowledge out into the world.

Sounds fantastic, right?!

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About Yoga Farm Ithaca

Yoga Farm Ithaca is one of the most trusted, trauma-informed online yoga schools in the world. I feel the magnetic energy of this teaching team flowing out from my screen.

Christopher Grant RYT-500, Daniela Hess RYT-500, and Jeannie O’Neill E-RYT 500, are the lead educators and directors of Yoga Farm Ithaca, and they personally teach the live online classes as well. Throughout their courses, they share their unique wisdom from their 20+ years as yogis and educators.

Most of Yoga Farm Ithaca’s online YTT’s are not self-paced like some other online yoga teacher trainings. Aside from their self-paced 200hr, their teacher training courses are cohorts and are highly interactive.

Yoga Farm Ithaca has been able to create a very intimate online environment in their cohorts. This is facilitated by offering “office hours” where students can connect and have Q&A time with the educators and by having “cue rehearsals” where students can practice cueing with each other on Zoom.

Yoga Alliance certification with Yoga Farm Ithaca

Yoga Farm Ithaca registered with Yoga Alliance in 2017.

With over 400 5-star reviews on Yoga Alliance, Yoga Farm Ithaca’s online YTT has become wildly popular and highly regarded.

Siddhi Yoga's syllabus has been approved by the Yoga Alliance (see details of the syllabus below). This means that all required yoga teacher training subjects and teaching methods are covered, and the entire program meets Yoga Alliance standards.

Yoga Farm Ithaca is a RYS (Registered Yoga School) with Yoga Alliance since 2017. Thus, you are eligible to register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance upon successful completion of any Yoga Farm Ithaca core YTT program.

How much does Yoga Farm Ithaca yoga teacher training cost?

Yoga Farm Ithaca's core 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher trainings start at $899 and go up to $1997, depending on the certification.

The 200-hr self-paced online yoga teacher training is the most affordable of the core yoga teacher trainings offered by Yoga Alliance.

Meet the Yoga Farm Ithaca instructors & directors

So, who are these great educators that I speak of?

The lead educators at Yoga Farm Ithaca are Christopher Grant, RYT500, Daniela Hess Grant, RYT500, and Jeannie O’Neill, E-RYT 500. They personally teach the live online classes, each of them sharing their unique wisdom from their 20+ years as yogis and teachers.

There’s no way that you won’t find yourself connecting with this crew! And there are several videos you can take a look at on their website to feel their relatability for yourself!

Christopher Grant Yoga Farm Ithaca
Jeannie O'neill Yoga Farm Ithaca
Daniela Hess Grant

Is Yoga Farm Ithaca legit?

Yoga Farm Ithaca is one of the most highly-rated online yoga teacher trainings on Yoga Alliance. Their Google and Facebook reviews also confirm that this yoga school is certainly legit.

Their curriculum is taught at Yoga Farm, in area schools, online, and in organizations and businesses in the surrounding New York region.

Is Yoga Farm Ithaca worth it?

Based on the glowing reviews, past attendees would unanimously say that Yoga Farm is worth it. You'd be hard-pressed to find a review made by a student who didn't love every second of their transformational training.

There are several paths of 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Alliance approved online yoga teacher training that you can embark upon with Yoga Farm Ithaca. They have been rapidly expanding on their offerings.

Yoga Farm Ithaca online yoga teacher training course features:

Cost:$899-$2997 (depending on certification)
Monthly payment plan option:Yes
Teaching certification:200 hour, 300 hour
Style of yoga:Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini
Lifetime access to course material:No
Live online access to faculty:Yes
Maximum time allowance to complete program:1 year

Yoga Farm Ithaca course costs:

200 hour Radiant Warrior online yoga teacher training$899
200 hour Kundalini online yoga teacher training$899
300 hour Luminous Warrior online yoga teacher training$2997
300 hour Spiritual Warrior online yoga teacher training$2997

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Yoga Farm Ithaca payment plan options:

Pay in full
Pay over 9 months
Pay over 5 months

Yoga Farm Ithaca school ratings:

Yoga Alliance Overall School Rating4.89/5
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter Score9.5/10
Google Reviews5/5

The Yogatique Critique: Yoga Farm Ithaca Teacher Training Review

Radiant Warrior

200-hr Certification

Learn how to teach Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and mindfulness in this 200 hour yoga teacher training.

This course is the most typical/foundational type of yoga teacher training that Yoga Farm Ithaca offers. Meaning it closely follows the outlines that a typical 200 hour Hatha/Vinyasa yoga teacher training follows but, of course, with a special and deeply personal touch.

This is an ideal yoga teacher training for anyone who wants a great in-depth and thorough well-rounded teacher training course that will provide a great base for further education, personal enrichment, or to begin a career as a yoga teacher.

This is now a self-paced training.

200-hour training syllabus includes

Yoga humanities
Yoga of awareness
Yoga teaching methods
Anatomy & physiology
Breathwork & meditation
Mindfulness & teaching in school
Yoga history & philosophy
Trauma informed yoga
Business of yoga
How to teach yoga online
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Radiant Warrior 200-hr

Yoga Alliance certified ✔️
Start course immediately upon enrollment ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️

Kundalini Warrior

200-hr Certification

Tap into your inner wisdom and insight in this yoga teacher training program led by Daniela Hess RYT 500 and Jeannie O’Neill E-RYT 500. This unique teacher training course focuses on feminine energy and healing energies.

The principles of Kundalini yoga date back to the 6th century and are backed by modern science and anatomical knowledge. This training focuses on Kriya yoga, Laya yoga, and Naad yoga and also includes teachings of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.

This Kundalini YTT is different from other types of Kundalini teacher trainings that focus on Bahjan. Yoga Farm Ithaca promotes a more accessible and inclusive way that encourages students to find their own voice. This course is modernized, trauma-informed Kundalini yoga methodology. 

Check the link to find out when the next Kundalini Warrior teacher training starts.

200-hour training syllabus includes

Yoga humanities
Yoga of awareness
Asana historical context: Two Wings, Four Types, Eight Limbs
Asana sequencing for a Kundalini class
Anatomical and alignment principles and contraindications 
Meditation and mantra
Teaching meditation and mantra
Pranayama and subtle body: Sequencing, lineages, and historical context
Business of yoga
How to teach yoga online
Practice teaching
enroll Now
Kundalini Warrior – 200hr

Yoga Alliance certified ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️
Start course immediately upon enrollment ✔️

Luminous Warrior

300-hr Certification

This Yoga Farm Ithaca 300 hour online training combines elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, QiGong, Breathwork, and ‘Effortless Meditation. The idea is to learn to master and embody those elements by diving deeply into those concepts throughout the course.

This advanced teacher training course will focus on developing, aligning, and strengthening your head, heart, and core centers of energy using Yoga Farm Ithaca’s signature Awareness Keys Curriculum.

The Awareness Keys Curriculum will take you on a deep journey into self-growth and self-improvement. Learning from the Awareness Keys Curriculum will help you tap into how to better respond and act in every situation and moment in life, on and off the mat. Learn how to better embody the feelings of clarity, calm, centeredness, and openness as a teacher.

Check the link to find out when the next Luminous Warrior teacher training starts.

300-hour training syllabus includes

Luminous warrior foundations
Ayurvedic psychology
Subtle energy and the 3 centers
12 awareness keys curriculum
Linking poses with movements and flows
Guiding meditation in classes and workshops
Course curriculum design
Referral marketing
Harnessing the laws of abundance, success, and collaboration for your business
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Luminous Warrior – 300hr

Yoga Alliance certified ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️

Spiritual Warrior

300-hr Certification

Dive into advanced Kundalini yoga principles with a combination of breath practice, meditation, energetic movement, mantra, and the physical asana practice in this advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training.

This teacher training is taught by five female educators who have created the course by weaving together the wisdom of the Lunar cycles, Enneagram, Ayurveda, and Kundalini yoga. Look forward to harnessing deeper connections, personal transformation, and more awareness in this interactive and powerful YTT.

By studying the Enneagram personality types you will experience personal and spiritual growth, understand how to develop successful relationships both professionally and personally, and further develop your leadership skills.

By studying Ayurveda, you will better understand whole-body wellness and how to nourish yourself and your students from the inside out.

Check the link to find out when the next Spiritual Warrior teacher training starts.

300-hour training syllabus includes

Subtle anatomy & energy bodies
Laya yoga & Kriya yoga
Ayurveda as it applied to yoga
Sacred space & ritual
Moon cycles & hormone balance
Meditation & mantra
Ethics of a yoga teacher
Yoga history & philosophy
Yoga & entrepreneurship
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Spiritual Warrior – 300hr

Yoga Alliance certified ✔️
Rich, interactive, engaging format ✔️
Lifetime access to course materials ✔️

Where you are qualified to teach with a Yoga Farm Ithaca certification

You will be qualified to teach yoga anywhere after completing this yoga teacher training. This includes yoga studios, teaching on YouTube, creating your own paid yoga membership platform, or creating your own yoga app. You will be qualified and certified to do it all!

In fact, there's really never been a better time to become an entrepreneur in the yoga space. The options of what you can do with a yoga teaching certificate are limitless with the rise in popularity of online yoga platforms like Glo, Alo Moves, and private membership communities, which many yogipreneurs launch after completing yoga teacher training.

Why you should become a certified yoga teacher today

If you're still on the fence about yoga teacher training, read about one of our writer's yoga teacher training experience to learn what life during yoga teacher training is really like!

As a yoga teacher, you have the opportunity to change lives and make an impact. And as icing on the cake, yoga teaching as a profession has a very bright future ahead with the popularity of online yoga classes and courses. Business opportunities and money-making opportunities for yoga teachers are plentiful in the yoga industry.

Takeaway on Yoga Farm Ithaca review

Besides having tips, tidbits, and tricks to share with you from their thousands of hours teaching yoga, this team also has a strong background in business.

To have successful leaders in business as your guides in your teacher training journey is a huge benefit to choosing their trainings.

You simply can't go wrong choosing any one of their teacher training courses!

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!


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