Can Anyone Do Yoga Teacher Training And Is It Worth It?

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Questions To Consider Before Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training

So you’re contemplating enrolling in yoga teacher training but you don’t know if it’s really for you? I had the same curiosity before beginning online yoga teacher training myself. In this article I’ll get into answering some common questions about yoga teacher training like can anyone do yoga teacher training and is yoga teacher training worth it? What materials are included with yoga teacher training and how much time should be dedicated to YTT, and more. If you’re on the fence about yoga teacher training this post will hopefully help you to make a definitive decision about whether taking that step to becoming a certified yoga teacher is right for you. 

If you’ve got a couple of minutes and a desire to make a definitive decision about becoming a certified yoga teacher then this post is for you!

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What makes a good yoga teacher training?
How long should you practice yoga before becoming a teacher?
Can anyone do yoga teacher training?
What materials are included with yoga teacher training?
How much time should be dedicated to yoga teacher training?
Is yoga teacher training worth it?

What makes a good yoga teacher training?

First and foremost, the teachers leading the course are a critical component in what differentiates a great yoga teacher training from a mediocre one. This may seem obvious, however these days it is important to have some familiarity with the instructors of the course you choose to ensure that they are well qualified and experienced

Perhaps equally important is the connection you personally feel with the instructors, even when doing an online yoga teacher training.

Here are some ideas for questions to ask yourself to qualify the course instructors:
Do you love their teaching style? 
Do you want to learn to cue like they cue?
Do you want to teach the same style of yoga that they teach?
Do you feel that their background adds value to your training?

Just as we can feel a connection with some of our favorite yogis on Instagram, this too can be felt in an online training. I was shocked at how personal my online yoga teacher training course with Briohny Smyth felt from the moment I pressed play! Briohny's Aligned Yoga School offers highly engaging 200 hour and 300 hour online yoga teacher training courses.

Read about my yoga teacher training experience with Bri at Aligned Yoga

As well as vetting the instructors, you’ll also want to look at the program itself. 

Things to consider:
How long has the school been in existence? 
If it’s an online yoga teacher training, does the school also have a physical location and if so, how long have they been conducting in-person teacher trainings?
Really you want to ask yourself does this yoga teacher training speak to me? Is it calling me?

How long should you practice yoga before becoming a teacher?

There is no defined right answer to this question, but ideally, you have a strong, dedicated, and passionate yoga practice well established before embarking upon your yoga teacher training journey.

It will be helpful to be very familiar with the foundational yoga postures so that rather than just learning the poses, or asanas, for the first time you are more in the stage of refining your poses and nearly ready to teach students how to do the same.

Does this mean that you should be a practicing yogi for years? No. Rather, it means that you are very committed to your practice now, and you envision a consistent and evolving yoga practice for years to come in your life.

You are curious to learn more about the lineages of yoga and the yogic way of life.

Discover the top 10 online yoga teacher training certification courses to join now.

Can anyone do yoga teacher training?

Yes, anyone can do yoga teacher training! Yoga is for all genders, sizes, orientations, and nationalities. And in fact, the more diverse the world is with qualified yoga teachers, the more yoga can impact all walks of life. The asana practice of yoga is not for any one body type, it is for all body types. If the passion is there, pursue it.

And yoga teacher training is also perfectly appropriate even if you have no desire to teach yoga.

Yoga teacher training can also be just an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

What materials are included with yoga teacher training?

This is a good facet to look at when comparing yoga teacher training courses. At a minimum, you’ll want to ensure that any course you are considering includes a manual – this can be a digital or physical manual. 

A pose guide manual is optimal with images of each posture and perhaps some tips on how to cue them.

How much time should be dedicated to yoga teacher training?

A yoga teacher training typically takes about 3-4 months to complete. Unless it’s an intensive destination type YTT in which case it could be a 2-3 week training that requires a full-time commitment during those weeks.

An online yoga teacher training works best for many people because you are able to study as time permits in your life. For online yoga teacher training courses, the minimum time frame allowance to complete the course is never less than 6 months, with most courses offering 1 year to lifetime access to the materials.

If you’re working full-time or even part-time, have kids at home, are attending school or even training for an Iron Man, an online yoga teacher training certification course might be the more suitable option for you.

Is yoga teacher training worth it?

If you’re curious to better understand your body and spirit then yoga teacher training could be exactly what you need in your life. Yoga teacher training is more progressive and accessible now more than ever. 

Online learning has brought the world’s best yoga teachers to your laptop! If you’ve been experiencing the calling to enrich your life and explore your mind, body, and spirit more deeply then the time is now!

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