5 Awesome Facts About The Alo Company You Don’t Know But Should

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Alo Moves has taken center stage in the online yoga world and online fitness app arena. The Alo Yoga company has upped the ante and raised the barre (pun intended) for how to create a subscription-based yoga platform that people use, love, and get real results from, and all at a very reasonable cost. As an 8 year plus Alo Moves member myself, I'm going to share some things with you that you may not know about the exemplary Alo Yoga brand.

Did you know that behind all of the awesome advertising and celebrity ambassadors, the Alo Yoga company is a mission-driven brand with mindfulness leading the decision-making process in everything from new product development to yoga video production?

Well, it’s true, the Alo Yoga brand, which owns Alo Moves, is committed to sustainability, ethical practices, and creating a work environment where their employees all around the globe are supported.

How does Alo succeed at being an ethical corporation? By hiring third parties to oversee the exact processes where many other big companies fail at ethicality.

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Alo Yoga Ethics

WRAP is the independent watchdog company that Alo uses to ensure ethical practices at their manufacturing facilities. So what exactly does that mean? That means that the Alo employees who are working on the production lines are working in sweatshop-free environments, and WRAP oversees this. This means that Alo meets WRAP’s expectations on what they consider to be fair pay, standard working hours and clean, safe working conditions.

Alo Yoga's Environmental Protection Pledge

Alo’s headquarters in Los Angeles is completely solar-powered, and there are many other initiatives they’ve taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and their employees such as their recycling program and solar power stations on-site for electric cars.

ALO stands for Air, Land, Ocean…

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Alo Yoga's Education Initiative

At Alo, they believe that mindfulness practices and yoga can begin at any age. Alo Gives is an awesome program that provides free online yoga videos for kids! The concept is for these quick and simple mindfulness and yoga videos to be introduced into classrooms so that kids can begin developing skills such as breathing and being in the present at a very young age.

5 things you don't know about the Alo company but should

1. Alo Moves is not just yoga.

Alo Moves also offers:
Personal development
Sound baths
Yoga nidra 
Yoga pose skill building 
Yoga teacher resources

2. Alo Moves is great for beginners.

Alo offers several series and online yoga classes specifically for beginner yogis. Alo Moves has also created a very comprehensive video series featuring Sri Dharma Mittra that includes video tutorials that define and demonstrate 36 yoga postures. This is a great beginners resource!

3. Alo Moves has an app available for both iOS & Android devices where you can download classes.

Using the app you can download your favorite workouts and take them anywhere and everywhere – even where you don’t have internet.

4. Alo Yoga offers community events held online and at locations all around the United States.

Flow with your favorite Alo instructors online or in-person at an Alo Yoga community event! You just need to take a look at the upcoming calendar, find an event near you, and RSVP in advance, and then you can join one of Alo's fun events led by wellness experts from all over the world!


5. Alo Yoga is owned by two best friends.

Alo Yoga was founded by Danny Harris & Marco DeGeorge in 2007 and Harris and DeGeorge are the Alo brand owners.

So that's a wrap on 5 things about Alo Yoga that you didn't know but do now!

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