Fresh Drops From Alo Yoga – Alo’s Cozy Must-Have Jackets

Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket

Alo Yoga Sherpa & Puffer collections – the 2021 season

A Sherpa jacket or a Puffer jacket is kind of a must this season, don’t you think? These faux-fur and recycled material over-sized cozy jackets by Alo Yoga aren't new, but that doesn't mean that it's too late for you to get in on the trend! We've got the scoop on all of the color and style options for the 2021 Alo Yoga Sherpa and Alo Yoga Puffer jacket collections for you right here.

All of the celebs are into Alo Yoga

So you may have noticed celebrities like Kendall Jenner rocking Alo gear lately. Taylor Swift, Hayley Baldwin and Gigi Hadid have also been spotted in Alo Yoga leggings. Why? Because the cut and fit this brand crafts makes you look and feel fantastic! Alo has put the time and research in to create form flattering, high-quality apparel that have become a must-have for all of the hottest stars and models.

Alo Yoga – an eco-friendly brand

Another reason Alo Yoga is so popular is because Alo Yoga is an eco-friendly brand that puts the environment and their employees first. Alo, which stands for Air, Land, Earth has committed to sustainable practice and being sweat-shop free. The brand has earned a globally-accredited platinum certification from WRAP, an independent watchdog company which verifies that their production facilities operate in ethical ways. And, Alo's L.A. locations and flagship headquarters are powered by solar power! So cool.

Alo's other offerings

Alo Yoga does not just produce apparel and yoga mats, this brand offers everything you need to live your best yogi lifestyle! To perfect your asana practice look no further than Alo Moves – Alo's online yoga platform (formally known as Cody App) which hosts thousands of premium online yoga, barre, fitness, HIIT and other classes. Their online yoga classes are seriously second to none. Besides apparel, classes, and gear, Alo has also gone into jewelry, making some of the most gorgeous mala necklaces and bracelets ever. And again, remaining true to their ethos – their precious gemstone collection is handmade in Tibet.

Let's look at Alo Yoga's hottest jackets

Alo Yoga Sherpa Jackets

A Sherpa jacket will have you feeling hot and looking cool! This signature Winter jacket by Alo Yoga are sported by the hottest celebs and social media influencers. Why? Because they are kind of to. die. for. Don't you think?!

There are seven styles of this plush overcoat to wrap yourself up in – yes seven!

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Alo Yoga Puffer Jackets

Cocoon yourself inside of a Puffer jacket and never feel cold this Winter! Alo Yoga Puffer jackets are perfect to go from the slopes to the streets with their sleek look and ultra-warm and weather-ready recycled DWR ripstop material.

There are currently three different style options available in this eco-friendly, recycled-material coat.

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