Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Teacher Training Review – Everything You Need to Know

Santosha Yoga Institute review

Santosha Yoga Institute online yoga teacher training review – an RYT 200 online YTT experience not to miss

Updated April 29, 2021

If you've been dreaming of attending Santosha Yoga Institute's yoga teacher training for years but didn't have the resources or the time to travel halfway around the world, 2021 is your year to make your dream a reality! You can now attend the Santosha Yoga Institute's lauded yoga teacher training program online by enrolling in their newly launched Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour online yoga teacher training! Jump into this Santosha Yoga Institute online yoga teacher training review to discover all of the details about this exciting new opportunity to earn your RYT 200 online with Santosha Yoga Institute.

Become a yoga instructor online with Santosha Yoga Institute

Santosha Yoga Institute has been a favored and well-known yoga teacher training school for over 12 years. Offering in-person destination yoga teacher training certifications in exotic locations such as Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Costa Rica have made Santosha Yoga Institute one of the most sought after YTT’s to attend as well as one of the most recognized yoga teacher training certifications to hold. As a graduate of Santosha Yoga Institute, your teaching opportunities will be global and limitless! After graduating from this vinyasa yoga teacher training online you will be highly employable when you embark upon your new career as a yoga teacher.

Santosha has been running this 200 hr online RYT online course for some time now just like Brett Larkin and YogaRenew, two other pioneers in the online yoga teacher training space. So you can be assured that you're in experienced hands and under great guidance by joining this training. There is no question that this Australian born yoga school has created one of the best yoga teacher trainings online imaginable.

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You can do yoga teacher training online with Santosha Yoga Institute

In 2020 Santosha Yoga Institute adapted their extolled in-person yoga teacher training program into an online learning format, making their distinguished YTT available all over the world and available from the comfort of your own home! In 2020 with the announcement of Yoga Alliance's COVID provision, many online yoga instructor courses were granted automatic inclusion in Yoga Alliance's list of approved yoga schools including Santosha Yoga Institute. That said, it is not required to attend a Yoga Alliance affiliated training to teach yoga online or in person. However, after attending a Yoga Alliance approved online teacher training like this one, you have the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance after graduation, should you choose.

The Yogatique Critique: Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Teacher Training Review

Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Instructor Course Features:

Cost:$2273 sale – 50% off
Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes, 4 month
payment option
Teaching Certification:200 hour
Style of Yoga:Vinyasa flow
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:Yes
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:Lifetime

200 hour online yoga teacher training with Santosha Yoga Institute – is it legit?

Santosha’s 200 RYT online is more than just a training and it is legit. This training is an experience and an unforgettable journey that will instill in you the required skills and knowledge you need to become a successful yoga teacher. From in-depth posture labs and extensive training on pranayama, meditation, asana, and more, as an alumni of this course, you will be more than prepared to step into your role as a teacher, leader, and mentor.

Who are the Santosha Yoga teachers

Having been certifying yoga instructors since 2008, the Santosha Yoga Institute course instructors are truly experts at what they do. Learn under their master team of highly qualified yoga teachers, physiotherapists, anatomy experts, yoga therapists, and philosophers. Santosha's founder, Sunny, has been teaching for over 22 years. Over the years Sunny has trained in Ashtanga , Vinyasa, Vini, Yoga Therapy, Pre and Post Natal, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yin, Children’s Yoga, Restorative Yoga and  Meditation. Sunny is supported by a team of highly qualified yoga teachers and educators that will illuminate and enhance your yoga teacher training experience

Santosha Yoga Institute review – what sets this online yoga training apart

This interactive online training event is not your typical online yoga instructor training – Santosha Yoga Institute’s program is running in 3 different time zones and offers students the opportunity to be in regular contact with the teachers for mentoring and Q&A sessions. This interactive program is not an unorganized educational experience like so many online YTT’s are. When choosing which program to attend and complete your yoga certification online we recommend going with an established and long-running program such as this one. It is currently harder than ever to verify the credibility of the random yoga teacher training programs that are popping up all over the internet. Invest in yourself by attending a thoughtfully procured program that was created with your success in mind. Under the direction of Santosha Yoga Institute’s teaching faculty, you have a team of teachers that are committed to your success and truly care.

LIVE 200 hour yoga teacher training online

As stated, this LIVE online yoga teacher certification course is running in three different time zones to ensure that there are as many opportunities as possible for students to attend all of the required classes and bonus classes, too – regardless of location. All classes are also recorded, so should you not be able to attend the course classes or bonus classes you can attend the sessions whenever it suits you. The flexible class schedule that Santosha has created of running the course in three time zones as well as recording them makes Santosha Yoga Institute an ideal option for anyone with a set schedule or other life commitments that make set schedules challenging. If you are looking for other live trainings to consider, Awakening Yoga Academy also runs more of a live style online TT versus other schools that are more self-paced.

Signup and dive into this online YTT – one of the best online yoga certifications

Upon signing up for Santosha Yoga Institute’s yoga certification course you can get started right away! Dive into the course modules and proprietary Santosha Yoga teacher training manuals before live classes start and begin your yoga teacher training journey! Transition into learning mode and get into your flow with guided meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra, and kirtan modules and begin your inner journey with life-changing yoga philosophy videos immediately upon signing up.

Cost of Santosha online yoga teacher training

This course is normally priced at $2,990 AUD, but it is currently 50% off! There are two ways for you to pay for your training – pay in full or pay over 4 month period.

The benefits of choosing Santosha Yoga Institute over all others

Santosha Yoga Institute offers students bonus perks not offered anywhere else! Besides the course topics outlined below, as a student, you are also invited to attend 12.5 hour of LIVE bonus classes per week running in 3 different time zones. These extra free optional classes go deeper into asana, pranayama, meditation, posture clinics, breath awareness, meditation, and philosophy. As if you needed any more reasons, here are 5 reasons to join an online YTT, and some of the stats about the lucrative opportunities for yoga teachers might shock you!

You're also invited to attend an additional online yoga teacher training course for free. These include enrolling in your choice of: Yin Yoga, Kids + Teens, Pre Natal or Meditation.

Santosha Yoga Institute RYT 200 online – $2990 (sale)

Santosha Yoga Institute Online Yoga Teacher Traininig Review

For students who wish to attend full-time, this online YTT 200 hour course is completed over 24 days of in-depth study with 2 days off every 5 days. For students with a less flexible schedule, course materials are available to you for a lifetime to finish. Immediately upon enrollment you have access to: 9 foundational teaching videos, breath and movement manual, anatomy manual, yoga teacher training manual, vinyasa krama manual, 4 part yoga philosophy course.

Core concepts covered in the 200 hour Santosha Yoga Institute online yoga teacher training:

Overview of anatomy and the body taught by master teacher, physiotherapist & yoga therapist.
Yoga Postures:
Learn how to effectively teach, modify, and adjust yoga postures.
Discover the ancient wisdom behind the practice.
Principles of Teaching Yoga and Sequencing:
Learn the principles required to become a powerful and effective yoga teacher.
Therapeutic Application of Yoga:
Santosha Yoga Institute goes beyond the standard YTT education and teaches you about yoga for asthma, mental wellbeing, trauma-informed yoga, yoga
for aging, and more.
Learn meditation techniques from to simple to incorporate into your classes.
Yoga Business:
Learn how to build your own community and successful career as a yoga teacher.
Yoga Nidra:
Learn how to incorporate this deeply healing practice into your classes.
Learn simple chants and mantras to share and enjoy with your students.

Save your spot in Santosha Yoga Institute's 200 hour online yoga teacher training today and save! Santosha's online yoga teacher training courses begin every 45 days, but you get access to all materials immediately upon enrollment. Visit Santosha below to discover the next class start date.

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FAQ about Santosha Yoga Institute:

Can you become a yoga teacher online?

Yes, you can become a yoga teacher online. The recent years have a seen a rise in the availability of online yoga teacher training programs with 2020 becoming the year that online YTT became more mainstream than in-person yoga teacher training. Prior to 2020 there were only a couple of online yoga schools, but since Yoga Alliance announced their COVID provision to recognize online yoga teacher training as a Yoga Alliance approved method of satisfying the teaching course requirements, there are now countless options to earn your yoga certification online. Read our reviews and choose the online yoga certification program that suits you!

Is online yoga teacher training legit?

Yes, online yoga teacher training is definitely legit. The mainstream method of yoga teacher training is moving to an online format, just like many other college programs are. The sophistication of technology makes it so yoga teachers can create highly engaging online yoga training courses, and in fact – by attending online YTT you actually have the opportunity to absorb the materials more, having longer access to them! Learn the details of the best online yoga certification courses for 2021 on our website.

Can a beginner do yoga teacher training?

Yes, it is possible for a beginner to do yoga teacher training. The most important attributes for someone who is pursuing the path of becoming a yoga teacher are passion and dedication. If you've got that, then the rest will come. If you're considering yoga teacher training we've analyzed the best yoga teacher trainings for 2021 for you to begin your research.


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