8 Great Yoga Podcasts To Download, Subscribe To & Follow In 2024

It may come as a surprise to many of you that yoga podcasts are actually a thing! Before online yoga classes became popular and podcasts were the hottest trend, some yoga teachers and studios got in on a new way to reach the world and began to “cast” their yoga classes. I'm a bit of a podcast junkie, I listen to multiple podcasts every week, and in this article, I'm sharing the best yoga podcasts you should subscribe to now.

Yes, you can practice yoga and learn about yoga whether you're a student or a teacher on podcasts.

Whether you're a studio owner seeking business advice, a student seeking to learn more about yoga posture, a teacher curious about sequencing breakdowns, or an aspiring yoga teacher seeking tips for joining a yoga teacher training, there's undoubtedly an episode for you.

You will learn about some of the best yoga podcasts to tune into, whether you want to practice yoga or study yoga.

So, let's not waste any time on getting to the best yoga podcasts you should be listening to and downloading now.

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8 Best Yoga Podcasts To Download Now (In my opinion)

1. Brett Larkin Uplifted
2. Yoga With Adam
3. Flow With Me Yoga
4. Nathan Johnson Yoga
5. Quietmind Yoga
6. The Yoga Project
7. Classic Flow Yoga
8. Mark Stephens – Yoga Room

1. Brett Larkin Uplifted podcast

The Uplifted podcast has over 2 million downloads and 500+ 5 star reviews! The host of this yoga podcast is the fabulous Brett Larkin, yoga teacher trainer, healer, entrepreneur, award-winning YouTube channel creator, online yoga school founder, and business mogul.

Brett took some time away from her podcast to develop her online yoga teacher training courses in recent years, but she's back podcasting now, and the episodes are just as fascinating as ever!

Rather than focusing on the asana (or movement) aspect of yoga, the Uplifted podcast is more about yoga philosophy and becoming a heart-centered leader in or outside of the yoga community.

You can look forward to episodes on topics like the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Mantra and Deities, Kundalini, Awakening Shakti, Manifestation, The Chakra System, Yoga in the modern world, and more.

I am a member of Brett's private Uplifted community, and I think she is an amazing educator. She is an expert on yoga history. Brett's way of teaching yoga philosophy to the modern world offers you ways you can easily incorporate the ethical teachings of yoga into your life.

2. Yoga with Adam podcast

With well over 100 episodes, even if you take a sabbatical to a far-off land, Adam’s got you covered for yoga podcast classes for a long time!

Adam’s verbal cueing of poses is precise, which is imperative if you’ve only got voice cues to go off of. Adam’s flows are dynamic, and his passion for his craft of teaching and his deep knowledge of the practice, movement, and the body are all evident in his delivery, technique, and sequencing.

3. Flow With Me Yoga podcast

This podcast with yoga teacher Natalia Emery Hastings offers three different types of Vinyasa yoga classes – Classic Flow, Gentle Flow and Power Flow. Even though Natalia's voice might be very soothing, she will make guide you through challenging creative sequences that will keep you coming back for more.

This podcast includes more challenging and creative transitions, so having a very strong yoga foundation is a must. For yogis who are up for some fun you can look forward to Mandala style flows and other flows that encourage freedom in movement.

4. Nathan Johnson Yoga podcast

If you’re on vacation to rest your mind, but not your body, this is the digital yoga podcast for you! With decades of yoga teaching behind him, Nathan Johnson sprinkles in classic Hatha flows, guided meditations, and Vinyasa flows into his podcast offerings.

Nathan offers both mixed-level and basic-level classes, so there's something for everyone here. His classes are physically challenging, dynamic, creative, and fun, with just the right amount of spirituality.

5. Quietmind Yoga podcast

Jeremy Devens teaching style on his Quietmind Yoga podcast brings you into the present moment. His specialties are Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Gentle, with each class being one hour of insightful instruction by Jeremy himself.

Listening to Jeremy as he guides you through a one-hour practice will have you feeling relaxed regardless of how hard your body might be working. This is a good podcast to check out if you like variety as Jeremy keeps the podcast very diverse in its offerings to focus on different styles and parts of the body.

6. The Yoga Project podcast

By joining a Yoga Project podcast, you will actually feel like you are in a live yoga class with husband and wife teaching team, Stacy and Dave.

This duo leads invigorating yoga practices, each bringing their decades of experience into the class to guide you in purposeful and intentional movement.

I love the challenging classes that these two offer, with a strong focus on awareness and anatomically correct alignment.

7. Classic Flow podcast

Classic Flow yoga podcasts will seduce your aural audio senses and bring you into a state of total bliss with the teacher's seductive Australian accent set to eclectic l live music.

Feel yourself drop into strength and softness as you are guided through these delicious classes. You might just float off of your mat after this awakening all-over body experience.

Give it a go for something a little different than the norm.

8. Mark Stephens Yoga – Yoga Room podcast

Renowned yoga teacher, speaker, and author Mark Stephens launched his podcast Yoga Room in 2022 and it's not one to be missed. This podcast is not an asana focused podcast – in fact, there are no yoga flows to be found here.

Mark's intention with this podcast is to bring more awareness to topics such as science, philosophy, history, myth, and more by inviting experts onto his podcast to share insightful conversations.

To hear Mark's take on these topics, and more, is truly a gift for the mind and spirit!

How I discovered my favorite yoga podcasts

In 2013, I began extensively traveling Thailand, Bali, and the Philippines. Stable internet wasn't always a given, and this is when I really came to appreciate podcasts. I would download my yoga classes and episodes to my device to listen to them, even if and when the internet wasn't available to me. Mind you, this was 2013—the internet was different in rural locations back then!

In many places in the world, streaming an online yoga class was and maybe still is simply impossible. The internet speed just doesn’t cut it, and LIVE online classes, forget it.

So, if you’re not a super-star trip planner, you could find yourself on the terrace of the perfect secluded jungle hut to practice, with no way to actually practice. Unless you have a strong self-practice and can lead your own flows, which not everyone can do.

But if you download a few yoga podcasts, you are set no matter where you are in the world. You can play your favorite yoga podcasts anywhere and anytime, which is very convenient.

Yoga podcasts vs online yoga classes

A yoga podcast can be downloaded much faster than a yoga video because the file size is much smaller. And you don’t need a super-fast connection to download a podcast. It takes mere minutes for a 60-minute podcast class to download.

And although I don't like to live without my favorite online yoga classes downloaded to my phone, I have certainly had my moments of frustration when running out of storage space and realizing that some of my favorite yoga apps are taking up a lot of storage space, as in multiple gigabytes. So annoying!

Besides having some great yoga podcast options downloaded, I also, of course, recommend online yoga classes like Alo Moves. Online yoga classes can obviously provide visuals that a podcast cannot. Take a look at The Yoga Collective, Glo, and YogaDownload if you're looking for great options for streaming online yoga classes.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small commission should you decide to make a purchase or signup after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!



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