DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training Review – Our Deep Dive into DYWM

DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training Review – A Chance to Learn From the Best

Do you want to be challenged in your yoga teacher training journey and graduate with a yoga teaching certificate from one of the most critically acclaimed and thoughtfully curated online yoga teaching training programs? Do you want to dive deep into the study of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and the asanas and learn from a highly skilled and experienced group of yoga teachers? Are you a person who is committed to excellence and you are on a path of self-development that is meaningful and purpose-driven? Do you want to make a healthy difference in people's lives? If you are shaking your head yes to all of this then this DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training review is for you!

Earn Your Yoga Certification Online With DoYogaWithMe

You may be familiar with DoYogaWithMe – one of the biggest names in online yoga. Well now, the world-class DoYogaWithMe teaching faculty has created a unique and world-class online yoga training course that you just must get in on if you're an aspiring yoga teacher or even a yoga enthusiast who wants to take your practice to the next level.

Discover all of the best online yoga certification programs!

DoYogaWithMe’s online yoga teacher certification program is an advanced and extensive vinyasa and hatha style yoga teacher training course that you can complete completely online! Yes, you can fulfill their Basic 200-hour or the Advanced 250-hour yoga teaching requirements all online with DoYogaWithMe.

Why become a yoga instructor online vs in-person training?

In 2020 online yoga teacher training programs were launched by many of the most renowned yoga teachers and yoga studios making online yoga teacher training the new standard for earning a yoga teaching credential. Prior to 2020, Brett Larkin and YogaRenew were essentially the only two options for online yoga training. But now, with online YTT popularity, it is no longer required of you to travel to an exotic far-off land for an in-person YTT retreat, take weeks away from work, family, or other commitments and spend thousands of dollars to pursue your yoga teaching ambitions. Just like other professions, you can now fulfill the course requirements to become a yoga instructor online and for a fraction of what it used to cost. Unsure about pursuing yoga teaching as a career? Check out our top 5 reasons why becoming a yoga teacher could be more lucrative than you ever thought!

There are countless reasons why enrolling in yoga school online is comprable and perhaps even better than in-person training. The cost, the flexibility of the classes, the go at your own pace learning style, the ability to watch the course classes as many times as necessary until you've got it down, the flexible payment plans, the ability to study under world-class yoga teachers – to just name a few. Speaking of world-class teachers, Yoga International's online yoga teacher training led by Rocky Heron and Noah Maze, and Awakening Yoga Academy, founded by Patrick Beach and Carling Harps are two examples of other online YTT's that have famous yogis leading the course.

Even though the DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training program was 2-years in the making and took countless hours and resources to create, it is one of the most affordable online yoga instructor trainings from a known yoga school that exists. Many other popular online yoga schools will cost double or triple the price.

The Yogatique Critique: DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training Review

DoYogaWithMe Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Features:

Monthly Payment Plan Option:Yes, 6 month
payment option
Teaching Certification:200 hours or
Style of Yoga:Vinyasa & Hatha
Lifetime Access to Course Materials:No
Live Online Access to Faculty:Yes
Maximum Time Allowance to Complete Program:18 months

DoYogaWthMe Online Yoga Teacher Training Review – All of the Details You Need to Know

How was the DoYogaWithMe online yoga instructor training created?

As mentioned, the DoYogaWithMe course was crafted over a 2-year time period. What does that tell you? That tells you that this program is thorough, in-depth, and well constructed. This is not a course that was thrown together and put on the internet with the hope to turn and burn as many students as possible. This is not a course where you may be under the guidance of a fresh yoga teacher who doesn't have years of real world practical in class teaching experience. This is not a course that you may find yourself in that is all haphazardly presented fly by the seat of your pants Zoom kind of classes with no modules or materials to study. Another fantastic and thoughtfully produced yoga teacher training online is Santosha Yoga Institute's training. It is also definitely worth looking into.

This is a course that was designed by Rachel Scott of DoYogaWithMe, who holds a masters degree in online education and who has also taught 4,000+ in-person RYT yoga teacher training. The learning modules and overall flow of the curriculum was constructed with meticulous attention to detail and with the intention of creating an exceptional online learning experience.

How to attend the DoYogaWithMe Yoga online instructor training:

Although it is totally possible to begin your DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training program immediately, DoYogaWithMe recommends that students join a cohort to move through the educational curriculum together with. By joining a cohort you are more easily able to study with others, stay on pace with the coursework and connect and network with other soon to be yoga instructors. And besides all of that, the DoYogaWithMe faculty is able to designate more one-on-one time to cohorts. By joining a cohort you will have opportunities to: attend two free livestream classes per month taught by the DoYogaWithMe faculty, and attend monthly meetings with your cohort and DoYogaWithMe teachers. Cohorts are an ideal way to move through the course with accountability partners while growing your yoga community.

DoYogaWithMe 200 hour Basic certification -$1,150

DoYogaWithMe in-depth online YTT review

About the DoYogaWithMe “basic” 200-hour online yoga teacher training curriculum:

After having been in the creation phase for two years it's no surprise that the DoYogaWithMe online YTT is a very well procured syllabus.

The DoYogaWithMe “basic” 200-hour curriculum is a robust 200-hour teaching program. Upon graduating from the DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training program you will be able to safely and effectively lead students online or in-person through yoga classes that are infused with your newly acquired deep understanding of yoga as a whole, your knowledge about the history of the practice, your intuitive understanding of the body and the mechanics of movement, your intelligent sequencing of the asanas, and more. This program graduates skilled attendees who have a great foundation to build a successful career as a yoga teacher upon graduation.

There is more than one course option for DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training, but in this DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training review we are focusing on the “basic” 200-hour DoYogaWithMe certification. The 250-hour “advanced” certification includes an in-person retreat at no added cost to the course. However, with current times in-person retreats are not currently feasible for many and a 200-hour certification is the first level of three of the most widely recognized certifications that are recognized globally which are: 200-hour, 300-hour and 500-hour certifications.

DoYogaWithMe “basic” 200 hour online teacher training curriculum:

Principles of Teaching
Language of Anatomy
Anatomy of Bones and Joints, Muscles & Tissues, Hips, Core, Shoulders, Knee, Nervous System, Spine
Ethics of Yoga
Business of Yoga
Overview of Yoga History
Anatomy of Breathing
How to Lead a Guided Meditation
Introduction to the Chakras

3 course curriculum for the “basic” 200-hour certification:

Level 1 (Online, self-paced): 80 hours
Level 2 (Online, self-paced): 80 hours
Level 3 (Online, livestream): 40 hours

Understanding the DYWM 200 hour “basic” online yoga training:

How much time does it take to complete the DoYogaWithMe online yoga teacher training course:
The DoYogaWithMe online teacher training is designed to be a six-week course.

The required time commitment for DoYogaWithMe online YTT:
5-7 hours/week including your yoga practice

How long do I have access to the course materials:
As a student you will have access to course materials 18 months.

Do I have access to the DoYogaWithMe teaching faculty:
One question that comes up often among students when in the research phase of choosing an online yoga teacher training program is about the accessibility to faculty at the various online programs they are looking into. The DoYogaWithMe program allows for ample opportunity to connect with faculty to ask questions. And as well as being able to attend the monthly faculty meeting with your cohorts and attend the two livestream classes specifically for teacher trainees twice/month, the program itself makes it easy to submit questions through the course's Q&A, and you can also email the faculty directly. The level 3 livestream portion of the program also includes faculty for the entire duration of that level of the training process.

What is required to graduate from the DoYogaWithMe course: 
After completing level 1 and level 2:
You must pass the DoYogaWithMe online written exam with an 85% to pass (multiple attempts are ok)
You will need to submit a video with you teaching to demonstrate the abilities, skills, and knowledge you have learned.
Participate in a 1-hour coaching call with a DYWM faculty member to review your work.
Next, attend level 3:
Level 3 builds upon everything you have learned in levels 1 and 2 but it's now time to develop your practical yoga teaching skills. Through practice teaching sessions, learning how to intelligently sequence flow sequences, asana labs, and more you will develop your own unique style and voice as a yoga teacher.

Successful completion of the above outlined 3 levels will earn you the DoYogaWithMe Basic 200-hour yoga teacher certification which is the minimum certification required to begin teaching yoga online or in person! Congrats, you are a certified DoYogaWithMe yoga teacher!

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