YogaDownload Review – Read To Get Free Beginners Yoga Program!

YogaDownload Review

YogaDownload Review – Unlimited Online Yoga for $10/month!

YogaDownload is a contemporary online yoga studio for a contemporary world. YogaDownload's presentation is slick, and their online yoga classes are sensational, and with over 1,600 yoga classes at your fingertips for just $10/month, Yoga Download is a bargain! Read our YogaDownload review to learn all of the deets about their awesome online yoga classes including ample free online yoga classes, too.

If you've been curious to learn about the cost of YogaDownload or what makes YogaDownload one fo the best yoga websites out right now, keep reading!

The Yogatique Critique: YogaDownload Review

YogaDownload Features:

Monthly Cost of YogaDownload:$10 to $18
Quarterly &
Biannual Cost:
Quarterly: $40
Biannual: $70
Free Trial:Yes, 14 days
Mobile App:Yes
Downloadable Classes:Yes
LIVE Online Yoga Classes:Yes
Number of Online Yoga Classes:1,600+

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YogaDownload pros and cons
YogaDownload – Dedicated to Quality Online Yoga Classes

The YogaDownload App
LIVE online yoga classes on YogaDownload
YogaDownload review: site overview
Is YogaDownload free?

YogaDownload Pros and Cons

  • Live online yoga classes
  • Great beginners area
  • Downloadable classes
  • New classes added weekly
  • 25 different yoga styles to practice
  • Mobile app
  • Teachers are often adjusting rather than demonstrating
  • Some videos don't have live cueing and instead are recorded
YogaDownload review. Learn about free online yoga programs and at home yoga series for beginners on YogaDownload.
Click here to join Yoga Download's 7-day Chakra Flow Series with Dana Damara for free with any unlimited online yoga membership subscription and align your spine and your mind!

Keep reading to learn more about why YogaDownload is an unbeatable choice for online yoga at only $10/month for unlimited classes!

Two women doing high lunge yoga pose in online yoga class on YogaDownload.
Add any online yoga class to your wish list, favorites list, or calendar on YogaDownload to keep yourself organized. Whether you want to stream the class or download it, you've got options!

YogaDownload – dedicated to quality online yoga classes

Inspirational Yoga Quote and Online Yoga Class Reviews

YogaDownload has dedicated themselves mostly to yoga, and in doing so they've expanded upon their online yoga niche offerings to include everything from detailed pose guides to an expansive collection of packages and programs to guide you into becoming an advanced yogi.

While constructing this YogaDownload review we found that YogaDownload offers so many free yoga classes it's almost unbelievable! Their free yoga pose guide offers detailed free yoga videos and printable instructions for all of the basic core yoga poses, making YogaDownload an absolute goldmine for beginner and experienced yogis alike. A solid foundation of the principles of alignment are key to building a safe yoga practice, so for beginner yogis, YogaDownload is a fantastic place to start building your practice by starting with the vast selection of beginner classes on YogaDownload.

The YogaDownload App

YogaDownload does offer an app to download your favorite classes on, or flow on the go. We always recommend joining an online yoga studio that's gone mobile because with this you can truly take your practice wherever life takes you.

LIVE online yoga classes on YogaDownload

Joining Omstars and YogaVibes, in 2020 YogaDownload began offering LIVE online yoga classes. This is an awesome addition for anyone who likes to keep their yoga practice fresh by joining a new flow everyday.

Learn about YogaDownload's online yoga classes for beginners in this in-depth YogaDownload review.
YogaDownload review beginner yoga classes.


YogaDownload Review: Site Overview

Align & Flow, Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Barre, Beginner Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Fusion Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kids Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Post Natal Yoga, Power Yoga, Pranayama, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Classes en Español, Yoga with Weights

5-12 Minutes

Beginner, Advanced        Beginner & Up,   Intermediate, Advanced   Intermediate, All Levels

Click here to discover YogaDownload with a free 14-day trial

YogaDownload online yoga website offers hundred of yoga classes.
With so many great filter options on YogaDownload, you’ll find your perfect at home yoga flow in no time!

Our YogaDownload review uncovered over 1600 online yoga classes and counting on this robust online yoga website. Add that to their unlimited streaming options, online yoga classes that you get to keep forever, with new classes added every week, all for under $10 per month solidifies YogaDownload as being one of the best online yoga studios to join right now.

Is YogaDownload free?

YogaDownload is not free but they do have a few different membership levels to suit any budget. Different YogaDownload membership levels offer different types of access to their online yoga classes. Pay $18/month and get the option of unlimited yoga class downloads, or choose the standard monthly membership for $12 and get 2 downloads per month. But even better yet, pay 1-year upfront for $120 paid up-front which works out to just $10 per month and get unlimited downloads and the lowest monthly average subscription rate!

Woman teaching advanced online yoga classes on YogaDownload online yoga website.
Learn how to handstand on YogaDownload's advanced online yoga classes! We love the in-depth video descriptions that accompany every online yoga class on YogaDownload. This is great for beginner yogis to discover what the class will entail before pressing play.

Having been around since 2006, YogaDownload is one of the most trusted websites for online yoga classes. With over 1,000 Trusted Pilot reviews to their name and 83% of those being in the excellent category, if you’re on the fence about YogaDownload, just read some more YogaDownload reviews for yourself.

YogaDownload Review Ana Forrest. Join an online yoga class series with Ana Forest on YogaDownload.
Join Ana Forrest on YogaDownload

And if you’re into packages and challenges to have your weekly or monthly yoga classes pre-planned for you, YogaDownload has plenty of that, too! Yoga for Runners Package, Rise and Shine Yoga, among others are all at your fingertips with YogaDownload. And with over 40 different yoga styles from which to choose you’re sure to discover more about yoga than you ever imagined.

Takeaway: With YogaDownload you can create a yoga practice that works for you wherever you are and on your own time. Don’t hesitate to try this established online yoga studio with over 98 teachers from which to choose!

YogaDownload is a great online yoga platform for beginner yogis with online yoga classes and series made for beginner yogis.
Beginner yogis can build a great yoga foundation on YogaDownload.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small percentage should you decide to purchase after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

Not convinced that YogaDownload is the one for you or feeling like something entirely different like a yoga podcast? Then take a look around check out our write-ups about yoga on Gaia and Southern California based yoga studio, The Yoga Collective. 

Basic Yoga Pose Guide

If you are brand new to yoga, these poses below will be ones you will likely soon master by repetition! As well as getting acquainted to the poses below, we encourage you to look at Yoga Journal's pose guide, and most importantly, listen to your body!

Basic yoga pose guide for online yoga classes.
Basic-Intermediate yoga pose guide

FAQ about YogaDownload

Is free?

No, is not free however, the monthly membership fee to access YogaDownload is only $10-$18/month depending on which membership level you choose. Also, YogaDownload offers a lot of free beginners series and packages with their $18/month membership. So for just $18/month you get access to unlimited online yoga classes AND a lot of free series!

What is the cost of YogaDownload?

YogaDownload costs between $10-$18/month depending on which membership level you decide to signup for. AT $18/month you get unlimited access to online yoga classes and unlimited downloads, so this is the best deal! Besides unlimited classes and downloads, YogaDownload offers a plethora of beginner series and other targeted series with their $18/month membership. Learn more here and join today!

Where can I find YogaDownload reviews?

For the best, most thorough, and most comprehensive YogaDownload review, you've found it here! Take advantage of the opportunity of joining a series on YogaDownload for free here on The Yogatique!

8 Total Score
The Yogatique Critique - Yoga Download

Know that you're in good hands when signing up with Yoga Download! As one of the online yoga studio that pioneered the online yoga trend, Yoga Download knows how to create well-executed online yoga classes to give your body what it needs.

Easy Navigation
Class Variety
Regular Updates
Overall Value
  • Downloadable online yoga classes to be yours forever.
  • Great interface on website and mobile app.
  • Tons of features to keep workouts organized and easy to find again.
  • 2 min preview video for every class.
  • No free trial.
  • Too many membership options.
  • Voice over teaching on some classes.
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