Yoga Anytime Review – Simple Solution for Online Yoga Classes

YogaAnytime review. A great online yoga platform for beginners.

YogaAnytime Review – A Simple Platform for Online Yoga Classes

Yoga Anytime is your virtual home for online yoga classes, meditation, and self-exploration. Find out about Yoga Anytime's awesome membership offerings in this comprehensive Yoga Anytime review.

With literally thousands of videos at your fingertips on an ultra user-friendly platform, it's easy to see why thousands of people are committed to Yoga Anytime for their daily yoga fix as their go-to online yoga studio making YogaAnytime one of the best yoga websites to join today.

The Yogatique Critique: Yoga Anytime Review

Yoga Anytime Features:

Monthly Cost:$18
Annual or
Biannual Cost:
Annual: $144
Biannual: N/A
Free Trial:Yes, 15 days
Mobile App:No
Downloadable Classes:No
LIVE Online Yoga Classes:No
Number of Online Yoga Classes:2,600+

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YogaAnytime pros and cons
YogaAnytime, an intuitive and affordable yoga website
The ins and outs of the YogaAnytime website
Yoga Anytime Review: site overview
More need to know info about YogaAnytime

YogaAnytime Pros and Cons

  • Easy site navigation, get all of the info you need about a class in one quick snapshot to easily determine if you're interested.
  • Endless options, over 2,600 classes and 90 teachers to choose from.
  • Great for beginners, great beginners area to help you learn the basics via still photos, written definitions of poses, and beginner videos.
  • Clean and consistent, no distractions so you can stay in the zone.
  • Unique classes to try, with classes such as chanting, subtle realm, and tantra you're sure to find something new to try.
  • Join a show for a guided yoga journey.
  • No downloadable content.
  • Super advanced yogis may not be challenged, the fewest amount of classes lie in the level 2 and 3 categories, so super-advanced yogis might not find a plethora of challenging classes from which to choose.
  • No mobile app.

YogaAnytime, an intuitive and affordable yoga website

Yoga Anytime’s intuitive site allows their members to spend more time on the mat. And ease of use can’t be overstated as an important factor to consider when choosing an online yoga studio – spend more time practicing and less time searching for your perfect practice! Two other great online studio options that have aced organization are Alo Moves and Yoga International. If you're a busy person with a busy life than any of those three platforms would compliment your lifestyle well.

Woman demonstrating reverse warrior yoga pose while teaching an online yoga class on YogaAnytime.
Yoga Anytime's quick class overview tells you everything you need to know and you can even ‘like', ‘queue' or add it to your own personally created yoga ‘playlist'.
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The ins and outs of the YogaAnytime website

Read our inspirational yoga quotes and online yoga class review of YogaAnytime on The Yogatique.

YogaAnytime presents a collection of online yoga classes that numbers in the thousands, and with over ninety teachers from around the globe from which to choose from, this online yoga studio has enough variety to keep any yogi busy for a long time to come. Comparably, Do Yoga With Me has a great roster of teachers if you like a lot of variety and options.

Whether you are looking to perfect a certain pose or dive deep more deeply into self-study, Yoga Anytime has got you covered. Watch a video tutorial about that mystical pose that's been evading perfection or sign up for a “show”  which gives you a full season of classes of the same yoga style. After completing a “show” with Yoga Anytime you're sure to feel more depth and connection with yourself and your yoga practice.

Online yoga videos for strength offered on YogaAnytime
Find your class for the day based on what your body desires on Yoga Anytime.

Take a look at our list of all of the best yoga websites and best online yoga classes to try today!

Yoga Anytime Review: Site Overview

Acro, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Chair, Chanting, Freedom Style, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Meditation, Pranayama, Restorative & Yin, Subtle Realm, Tantra, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra

<10 mins, 10-20 mins, 20-40 mins, 40-60 mins, 60-90 mins

1, 1-2, 2, 2-3, 3

More need to know info about YogaAnytime

While reviewing Yoga Anytime we loved watching the Q&A videos with each of the teachers which gave us insight into them, their background, and role that yoga plays in their lives. The Q&A and class preview videos are a good way to quickly gauge whether or notyou find yourself connecting with the teaching method and material.  Unfortunately, these video teacher bios are only available to view once you've signed up as a paying member.

One thing that could be lacking a little bit with YogaAnytime is creativity. Yoga Anytime is more of a traditional online yoga website versus a more modern and progressive platform. For you creative types who like music and variety, TINT Yoga and Udaya could be options to explore that might be more fulfilling. Although neither of them offer LIVE classes, they do have a more theatrical feel with music and creative flow.

YogaAnytime Review. Beginner yogis can learn yoga online with YogaAnytime's beginner yoga classes and beginner online yoga flows.
With such a great beginner area, Yoga Anytime is a great place to build your foundation.

Yoga Anytime takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect online yoga classes by suggesting classes for you based on your answers to a series of question to help you achieve your goals. This is a great feature if decision making isn't your thing! Let Yoga Anytime do the decision making for you.

Takeaway: All in all we think Yoga Anytime is a great source for online yoga without the frills. Their easy to navigate website that is solely dedicated to the teaching of yoga by a dynamic range of teachers is an online yoga site that meets everyone’s yoga needs.

Want to check out some other online yoga classes before committing to Yoga Anytime? Man Flow Yoga and Do You Yoga are two other great options to look into as well.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands we write about may offer us a small percentage should you decide to purchase after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

6.5 Total Score

By joining YogaAnytime you will be inspired to gain deep fundamental knowledge of yoga poses with their sole and soul purpose being teaching the craft of yoga. For beginner yogis, YogaAnytime is a great option and place to build a good foundation which will be critical to advancing your practice.

  • Easy user interface
  • Wide variety of classes
  • Extensive beginner class offerings
  • Advanced yogis may not find the intensity they're looking for
  • No downloadable classes
  • No mobile app
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